The Dog Breed That Fits Your Zodiac Sign's Personality Best

Which dog is your zodiac sign's fur-ever soulmate, according to astrology?

Last updated on May 08, 2024

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Many people can't imagine life without a pet dog. People love their pets so much that they feel lonely without one, and a dog is like a furry soulmate. And just as each zodiac sign has its own unique personality, so do dogs — and when it comes to these differing personalities, each zodiac sign is very similar to a certain dog breed.

Whatever your disposition is, there's a dog breed out there (or maybe more than one) that fits your zodiac sign's personality best. And because of this, that breed of dog is probably the best dog for you to get, too, based on astrology — because everyone loves when their dog is similar to them, right?!


The dog breed that fits your zodiac sign's personality best

Aries: German Shepherd

At first glance, German Shepherds can be really intimidating, but in reality, they're as adorable as any other dog. You might also seem intimidating to strangers, but once people get to know you, they realize that you're just full of love. German Shepherds are also crazy confident and courageous, which matches your own adventurous, outgoing nature almost perfectly.


But even when you're tapping into your adventurous spirit (which can lead to impulsiveness at times), you still try to stay steady and consistent in your choices, just like your furry friend. Your smarts and loyalty to the people you care about most make you an awesome friend — and person in general —  which is exactly what the German Shepherd is admired for, too.

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Taurus: Basset Hound

Taurus, you and the Basset Hound are almost exactly alike in personality — and not only because you both have large, kind eyes. Like the Basset Hound, you are always charming and endearing — pretty much everyone who meets you can't help but immediately like you. When you're not charming the pants off of everyone, you're very patient and low-key. You'd be happy just chilling at home all night without any set plans any day of the week.

But even though you and Basset Hounds are known for being some of the most chill creatures in the world, you both can also be stubborn at times. You like the things you like and if someone wants you to get out of bed or go out, you're not going to be super excited about it if it wasn't your idea. Luckily that doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it's almost impossible to change your mind.


Gemini: French Bulldog

Like your furry friend twin the French Bulldog, Gemini, you are full of energy and playfulness. If someone wants to go out and do something fun, you are always the first one to join them — it doesn't even matter what their plans are, you are IN. Also, like the French Bulldog, you are adaptable to any situation, which means that even if plans change or you have to wait until the last minute to know what the moves are, you're still happy to be included.

If this playful quality isn't enough to get people to love you, your looks will certainly do the trick. Your personality is inherently sweet, yes, but your looks are irresistible, too. Like French Bulldogs, you probably have an adorable face that just makes people want to stare at you — and you probably know just how cute you are because of your observant personality that seems to know everything that's going on at all times.

Cancer: Chihuahua

Cancer, you have a lot of emotions going on at one time inside that brain of yours, much like the beloved Chihuahua. If you have ever seen a Chihuahua before, then you know just how energetic they can be (and adorable, of course).

But even under all of that energy, you and Chihuahuas are both known for being charming, loyal, and loving — three qualities you hope everyone sees in you because you work so hard to cultivate a stunning personality.


One thing that really makes Chihuahuas unlike any other dogs is that their personalities are so complex. While, like you, they can be very graceful and dignified at times, they can also be super sassy. And anyone who knows you well enough knows that you can be really sassy, too. But that definitely doesn't take away from your overall personality, either. Your sassiness, just like your charming personality, is what makes you, you and a Chihuahua a Chihuahua.

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Leo: Golden Retriever

If any zodiac sign can be best friend material, it would definitely be you, Leo. And just like the Golden Retriever, that is known as "man's best friend," you are universally loved by everyone. The two of you are naturally friendly and endearing, making it nearly impossible for people to not like you. Maybe it's the open, happy face or the way your tail wags whenever you meet someone new (just kidding), but you're like a big ball of love.

Like the Golden Retriever, you're also very intelligent. Whether it's in a professional situation or a personal one, you're always using your brain to solve problems and learn something new. When you're in this thinking mode, your serious side can come out full force, but you still have a silly side that comes out when people least expect it. You and Golden Retrievers are full of surprises, which only adds to your amazing personality.


Virgo: Dalmation

If any zodiac sign's personality could be a near duplicate of a dog's, it would be you, Virgo. Your personality embodies the Dalmatian's personality perfectly for a lot of reasons, but most significantly because you're both reserved and dignified above all else. Dalmatians are crazy smart and are amazingly good at reading situations and behaving, which is something you are a pro at, too.

Similar to Dalmatians, you are also very loyal. Whenever you find your tribe — the people you know you can trust and the ones who really feel like your family — you stick with them through thick or thin.

That said, you can also be very outgoing when you're in comfortable situations and, like the Dalmatian, you try to stay as athletic and healthy as possible.

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Libra: Samoyed

It's hard not to do a double take when you a see a Samoyed, Libra, but the same could be said about you, too. You, like your fluffy little friend, are absolutely beautiful, with kind eyes, gorgeous hair (or fur) and a confident stance that demands people see you for the beauty that you are. But all of this gorgeousness is anything but intimidating because you, like the Samoyed, are known for your friendly, gentle attitude toward everyone you meet. Because of your friendliness, the only thing you care about when you're out with friends or meeting new people is having fun. 

You're an easy person to please thanks to your adaptability because you just want to chill out and enjoy whatever it is you're doing. And even though you sometimes embarrass yourself (just like Samoyeds do), you still do it with a gracefulness that some people can only wish they had. Not only is the Samoyed your personality twin, it's probably also the best dog for you to own as a pet.

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Scorpio: Pug

Not only are you mischievous and roguish yourself, Scorpio, but I'm betting that if you had to choose your own dog breed twin, you'd probably demand these qualities above everything else. Luckily for you, the Pug is the dog that most closely matches your personality and it's also the dog that is one of the most mischievous and curious breeds out there.


But just because Pugs like to be tricky at times, they are also very charming and adored by all — I mean, just look at them and you'll agree! And just like them, you are also incredibly charismatic, turning on that charm of yours whenever you meet someone new. The two of you might be a handful sometimes, but you're also both loved by all, so it evens out.

Sagittarius: Labrador Retriever

The dog breed that most closely matches your personality, Sagittarius, is also the dog breed you would choose to join you on all of your crazy adventures: the Labrador Retriever. Both of you are active and high-spirited, which means that no matter where life takes you, you do it all with a smile and an attitude that says, "let's do this!"

In addition to your outgoing attitude that not only makes everyone want to meet you but makes you want to meet everyone, too, you're also crazy friendly. You could be talking to someone for less than five minutes and already consider them a good friend by the time you leave. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you really do love everyone you meet or that you simply love meeting new people, but you (and Labrador Retrievers) are the kind of person everyone can see having in their life.

Capricorn: Yorkshire Terrier

Don't let the small size of the Yorkshire Terrier throw you off, Capricorn — big things come in small packages, after all. Yorkies may be small, but they are certainly mighty creatures (much like you). Like you, they are feisty, brave and tenacious, always looking for the next challenge and doing whatever they can to get what they want.


And just like Yorkshire Terriers, you take pride in looking good no matter where you are or what you're doing. As long as you look good and feel good, you know that you can conquer the entire world. Both you and the Yorkie like to use your feistiness to keep people who can't keep up with you out of the way, and while you can both be bossy at times, you're also very affectionate and loving... with the right people, that is.

Aquarius: Greyhound

A lot of dogs seem to have the same, or very similar, personality traits, but there are a few exceptions like the Greyhound — just like a lot of zodiac signs are very similar to each other, but no one is quite like you, Aquarius. Both you and the Greyhound are unique and independent and are known for not needing a lot of attention to be happy. As long as you can find companionable people to hang out with, you're content.

Greyhounds have been known for being noble and gentle for as long as they've been around, and you can relate. You might not see yourself as noble necessarily, but others see you as someone who sticks to what you believe in and tries to do the right thing. As for being gentle, you're not someone who goes looking for trouble but rather lets life take you wherever feels right.

Pisces: Maltese

Pisces, you love being known as the adorable zodiac sign that people just want to spend time with because you're so cute and approachable. And the dog that fits your personality almost perfectly, the Maltese, can relate. Like you, the Maltese are playful and affectionate, but still very gentle — just like you are. You love spending time with the people you love, but even though you have a friendly energy, it's not all over the place or too much to handle. 


You like charming other people through your friendliness and you're the kind of person who would do anything for your friends and family. Both you and the Maltese are intentional about your actions, too; you would rather be known as the person who works hard to always be kind and sweet, rather than surprise people with your rare moments of affection.

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