What Your Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign Says About Your Personality

Understanding ourselves more deeply means understanding the world around us.

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Celtic animal astrology is the symbology of different animal totems that give deeper insight — not just into who we are, but also into our divine purpose in this life.

The Celts held a strong connection to nature and the world around them. Originally from present-day Ireland, they not only celebrated lunar cycles but also looked for similarities between the earth and themselves. They studied the correlation between their behaviors and those of animals to gain more insight and meaning into their purpose and path. 


The seasons of the Celtic animal zodiac, also known as the Celtic zodiac signs, originated from the Celtic tree astrology seasons, which are similar in nature to the Western astrology that many practice.

The Celts celebrated and worshiped the world around them, including trees and animals, both real and supernatural. While the astrology calendar we use today has twelve zodiac signs, the Celtic astrology calendar has thirteen, representing the number of lunar cycles within a year's time.

In this deeply connected society, they believed that trees and animals weren’t just a sacred part of life, but faeries and spirits that inhabited the world; everything was done to appease these mystical beings. Through this creation, we are able to celebrate and gain insight into the mysticism of our personality and behaviors, allowing us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and those we share our lives with.


What your Celtic animal zodiac sign says about your personality

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Stag (December 24 - January 20)

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The Stag zodiac sign is the first on the Celtic zodiac wheel. Stags are revered in Celtic folklore and are believed to be vessels of strong magic and considered to be symbols of strength, leadership, and power. Individuals with the Stag zodiac sign are patient, responsible, and steadfast, and are natural leaders. They tend to be more reserved in their behavior, but once they become close friends with someone, their adventurous and playful side comes to the fore.

Cat (January 21 - February 17)

celtic animal zodiac sign catAhmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and grappict.com / Canva

The Cat, or Feline, zodiac sign imbues its natives with intuition, curiosity, and self-reliance. Cats in Celtic folklore are both revered and feared. They are believed to be shape-shifters and to have the ability to communicate with the otherworld. They are also commonly associated with witchcraft. Individuals with the Cat zodiac sign love learning about new things but do not like to be bothered or have people pry into their business. They are also very quick-witted and intelligent.


Snake (February 18 - March 17)

celtic animal zodiac sign snakePhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and sketchify / Canva

The Snake zodiac sign imbues its natives with wisdom, compassion, and patience. Snakes in Celtic folklore are associated with water and healing. They were also carved into sacred torcs and worn around the neck to bring eternal life and the power of the earth to the wearer. Individuals with the Snake zodiac sign are mysterious and reserved with coiled/hidden power. They are very good at seizing opportunities that come their way.

Fox (March 18 - April 14)

celtic animal zodiac sign foxPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and sketchify / Canva


The Fox zodiac sign imbues its natives with intelligence, charm, and beauty. Foxes in Celtic folklore are tricksters and notorious for their cunning. Individuals who have this zodiac sign are naturally adventurous, energetic, and have a good sense of humor. They also love to socialize, but can sometimes exhibit naive overconfidence. Fox zodiac signs also exhibit sexual playfulness.

Bull (April 15 - May 12)

celtic animal zodiac sign bullPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and sketchify / Canva

The Bull zodiac sign imbues its natives with patience, strength, and loyalty. Bulls in Celtic folklore are symbols of wealth and societal power. They are also immortalized in the Elder Futhark rune, Uruz. Individuals with the Bull zodiac sign are naturally talented but slow-moving. They are loveable and kind, but can quickly lose their temper if this disposition is wrongly assumed to be a weakness. They can be stubborn about their ways and don't feel the need to impress anyone. They are quite honest and humble in this regard.


Seahorse (May 13 - June 9)

celtic animal zodiac sign seahorsePhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and pixabay / Canva

The Seahorse zodiac sign imbues its natives with imagination, compassion, and adaptability. Sea horses in Celtic folklore were commonly associated with sea gods and were also considered dragons of the deep. Individuals who have this zodiac sign are certain about what they want but don't go around sharing their goals and ambitions with everyone. They are also highly intelligent and observant.

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Wren (June 10 - July 7)

celtic animal zodiac sign wrenPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and Vintage Illustrations / Canva

The Wren zodiac sign imbues its natives with beauty, passion, and charm. Wrens in Celtic folklore were considered mystical birds and were commonly associated with druids. They were considered to be cunning and industrious but were also a symbol of hope, joy, and renewal. Individuals with the Wren zodiac sign are affable and friendly, but they tend to be shy or introverted. They can also be distracted easily and can be timid about approaching new situations.

Horse (July 8 - August 4)

celtic animal zodiac sign horsePhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and sketchify / Canva


The Horse zodiac sign imbues its native with power, drive, and passion. Horses in Celtic folklore were either noble steeds and companions of warriors or were kelpies who dragged unsuspecting victims to the bottom of a lake or ocean as a meal. Individuals with the Horse zodiac sign are naturally charismatic and strong and can be very stubborn about their ideas and ideals. They are also loyal and possess an untamed beauty to them.

Salmon (August 5 - September 1)

celtic animal zodiac sign salmonPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and patrimonio / Canva

The Salmon zodiac sign imbues its natives with intuition, good humor, and wealth. Salmon in Celtic folklore is associated with abundance and the gathering of knowledge. They are also a symbol of wisdom. Individuals with the Salmon zodiac sign are friendly and inquisitive, but they tend to get distracted easily. They love to dream about the future and are fun-loving.


Swan (September 2 - September 29)

celtic animal zodiac sign swanPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and pixabay / Canva

The Swan zodiac sign imbues its natives with beauty, loyalty, and strength. Swans in Celtic folklore are a symbol of light and purity and are often associated with divinity and the gods. Individuals who have this zodiac sign are mature but playful, wise but not exacting, and calm but not pushovers. They are multifaceted beings who challenge people to not just look at the surface but also understand the context of interactions and situations. They prefer to have a small inner circle.

Butterfly (September 30 - October 27)

celtic animal zodiac sign butterflyPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and Spring and Easter / Canva


The Butterfly zodiac sign imbues its natives with a joyful spirit, good social skills, and empathy. Butterflies in Celtic folklore were considered to be spirits of the departed and represent the human soul. They are also a symbol of transformation and rebirth. Individuals with the Butterfly zodiac sign are excellent listeners and are kind. They do not like to be restricted though and delight in having good conversational skills.

Wolf (October 28 - November 24)

celtic animal zodiac sign wolfPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and pixabay / Canva


The Wolf zodiac sign imbues its natives with passion, loyalty, and ambition. Wolves in Celtic folklore were associated with the moon and were symbols of intuition, wisdom, and the hunt. Individuals who have this zodiac sign are excellent team players and believe in honor and pride. They can be fearless or courageous. They are also very particular about their ways, routines, and social circle.

Hawk (November 25 - December 23)

celtic animal zodiac sign hawkPhoto: Ahmed Maghraby, javi.ruiz and pixabay / Canva

The Hawk zodiac sign imbues its natives with power, insight, and ambition. Hawks in Celtic folklore were considered messengers of the spirit world and could either bring good fortune or warn against folly. Individuals who have this zodiac sign are very observant and intuitive, and they can act swiftly with precision. They are goal-oriented but also know how to relax and allow their intuition to guide them to the right destination.


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