The 'Professional Holy Grail' In Astrology That Shows How Long It'll Take You To Be Successful

If you feel like you're not reaching your goals at the same pace as everyone else, your midheaven may have the clues to your unique timeline.

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In astrology, the Midheaven provides clues as to what career paths come most naturally to you. Knowing your Midheaven sign strengths can put you one step ahead on the road to success, but according to astrology Sarah Moody, it can also be useful in providing clarity on how long it might take you to reach the success you seek.

"In a world of capitalism where we all feel we need to move at the same speed, I think it's really beneficial and healthy to know what the pace you should actually be moving at is," Moody explained in a TikTok video. 




Because each zodiac sign is imbued with different qualities, Moody theorized that we can't all expect to get where we're going all at the same time. As she noted in the video, "an Aries midheaven," a sign known for its impulsive and quick nature, "is going to move entirely different from a Taurus midheaven," as Taurus is known for being slow-moving and obstinate. Understanding this aspect of the midheaven can inspire us not to rush or compare our journey with others.


Your path to success and the pace at which you'll get there, according to your midheaven sign

Aries midheaven

Fearless and determined Aries midheaven natives need to embrace the spotlight. As Moody expressed in her video, those with this midheaven sign are "meant to be leaders, they're meant to be bosses and CEOs and set their own pace." As the sign that represents the beginning of the zodiac, the Aries midheaven has the unique opportunity to move at their own pace, which is often quickened once they find "that one niche."

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Taurus midheaven

“You are someone destined for success, as you are Taurus which rules finance, money, and all that stuff," Moody assured. "But you move slow, you move like a sloth because every step you take is quality over quantity and if you fall into quantity over quality it delays your process,” she added. Therefore, those with a Taurus midheaven need to learn how to go at a pace that will help them build the stamina and momentum to continue to achieve and pursue their heart’s desire.

The Taurus midheaven needs to feel enamored by what they do so they can give it their all, so it can be "a very hard placement to have because you see other people moving at different speeds around you and it makes you question yourself easily," Moody explained. "But with this long-awaited success, you actually get the privilege of knowing what you're gifted at earlier on," she added. 


Gemini midheaven

"Gemini midheavens move at a very fast pace," Moody said, adding that they need to maintain interest in something to continue to give their all. As Moody explained, "they like to juggle their professional path." As a mutable sign, they need to experience something new every once in a while to keep that energy flowing as "bopping around keeps them from being burnt out," Moody said. However, they should pursue something that they truly want and that holds their interest because once they lose interest, it is rare for Gemini placements to return.

Cancer midheaven

Cancer midheaven excels when their nurturing qualities are being put to use," Moody said. "Because of their abilities to feel what other people need, they make excellent teachers, social workers, psychologists, nannies, chefs, anything that is in that Cancer bracket.”

The sweet Cancer midheaven is a placement that needs to be aware of their emotions and learn how to navigate them. The placement will usually have their emotions on display, so those with this midheaven need to be protective of who they engage with, learn how to be diplomatic and, as Moody explained, put their nurturing qualities to use because channeling the love and care into their field can make them shine and stand out. As long as they're being of service to others, the Cancer midheaven will never feel burnt out.



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Leo midheaven

The Leo midheaven "cannot work at an office for a 9-to-5 and feel content with that," Moody expained. Those with fire Midheavens need to learn to be there for themselves, to take action and to be ferocious when claiming their way to the top. Accepting who you are and embracing those unique qualities will have the native elevating and thriving as the years go by.

Those with the midheaven in Leo must be expressing themselves. When they're not, that's when they start feeling "held back," Moody said. "This is when you have that time to sit and compare yourself to others."

Virgo midheaven

As Moody pointed out, structure is crucial for the Virgo midheaven. Staying ready and prepared is essential for the Virgo midheaven because it allows them to maintain the control they desire.

"You are meant to climb (the ladder) step by step," Moody explained. "That structure is your pace. You do like that 9-to-5, you do like seeing things as they come at you and you like to be prepared."


This placement pushes the natives to go above and beyond and to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

Libra midheaven

This is one of the best midheavens to have for networking. Libra midheaven is diplomatic, a strategist and can play the long game.

"You guys are experts. You guys are gurus when it comes to one-on-one relationships," Moody explained. "You can manifest by embodying who you want to be," which means that this sign is able to manifest their dream career at a quicker pace than most other midheavens. They can charm and make people rely on them, and as a cardinal sign, they are usually hard-working and perfectionists, which makes them great people to work with.



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Scorpio midheaven

“If Scorpio midheaven wants to be successful, they want to lean into taking risks," Moody said, adding that those with the midheaven in Scorpio often experience "a lot of rebirths within your career."

As a fixed placement, those with this midheaven have to become more comfortable with changes, especially when they come unexpectedly. They must be open to taking on new experiences and challenges as well, "even if they look provocative," Moody said. 

Sagittarius midheaven

"This is a very abundant midheaven to have," according to Moody, and those with this placement "are extremely lucky when it comes to expanding an enterprise."

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius will indeed have many "expansive" qualities, as Moody explained. They must work at their own pace as a business owner or CEO to see the most success. The Sagittarius midheaven excels because of how well and quickly they can adapt. Since they are a mutable placement, it also gives them an extra edge because they can even revolutionize or lead within their respective industry since they may research and find great ways to evolve and stay ahead.


Capricorn midheaven

The Capricorn midheaven is rarely complacent and wants to expand and get to the summit if possible. The Saturn-ruled midheaven knows how to be patient and take it easy. They will rarely rush and are extremely observant and do best when they can move at a strategic pace. Capricorn midheaven is reliable, hard-working and usually has a reputation for being the star in the workplace. They like to be number one, even if they will not showcase it. However, their work and output usually speak volumes for them.

Aquarius midheaven

Having an Aquarius midheaven can feel like a gift because the individual has the compassion as well as the vision to help others in their field advance. As Moody expressed, they work great in groups but they can also become leaders. After all, this midheaven is ruled by Saturn, which can give the natives the discipline, direction, and purpose they need to achieve what they dream of.

"They always wanna feel like they're on a mission to sort of serve the people," Moody explained, but at the same time, "they really want to feel different than other people," so they make it a point to move at an unorthodox pace.

Pisces midheaven

"They are meant to just be aligned with love in this lifetime," Moody said, meaning "a professional path is not even in their frame of mind because they’re just so in tune with art and the divine guidance of the universe." 


The Pisces midheaven enjoys helping others and putting others first because they are naturally benevolent. Despite not calculating success the same way others do, this Jupiter-ruled midheaven is a placement that comes with a lot of potential. Pisces can make great teachers in professions that they are passionate about and have excelled in. They can also build wonderful networks and leave their mark in artistic fields like the music industry, film, or others. The workplace with Pisces midheavens feels relaxing and motivational because they can bring a lot of peace and care to the work they do and others will feel this vibe as well.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.