What The Planets Ruling Your 'Big 3' Zodiac Signs Reveal About Your Core Personality Traits

An astrologer breaks down the influential energy of your 'big 3' planets.

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When astrologers talk about the 'Big 3', they are referring to the sun, moon and rising signs in the natal chart, which are considered the three most important astrology placements. While people typically talk about their big three signs, the planets that rule these signs have an enormous impact on your life.

What the planets ruling your 'Big 3' zodiac signs reveal about your core personality traits

"In order to understand a sign more deeply, look at the planet that rules it," astrologer Zoe Cardiff explained in a TikTok video. "I thin we should start doing that with the big three."




The sun (rules Leo)

The sun is our vitality and the core of who we really are, which is sometimes different than the way we come across in the world or how others view us. It represents both the ego and the higher self, which includes the soul purpose. Its placement can in many ways show us what our purpose is by where it is placed in the chart.


For example, if the sun is placed in the 10th house you will identify with your career and feel at home when you are pursuing your true career, focus or purpose. It always represents the father and can show us the type of man he was, for better or worse.

The sun plays a major role if one of the 'Big 3' is in the sign Leo. The sun is at home in Leo, exalted in Aries (which means it functions well), debilitated in Aquarius and its fall is in Libra (which means it doesn’t function as well in the last two signs).

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The moon (rules Cancer)

The moon represents our emotions and emotional lives. It is representative of the early childhood conditions and the type of mother we had or have. The moon is about the personal inner self and feelings, intuition and instincts as well as the ability to relate to others, especially on an emotional level. The moon is a luminary that is sometimes contrasted to the sun, or the female versus the male principal. The moon also represents all the women in our lives.




The moon is at home in Cancer where it operates well. It is comfortable in Taurus and does not function as well in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

Mercury (rules Gemini and Virgo)

Mercury is the planet associated with communication and thinking. It represents our powers of reason and intellect. It is what gives us the urge to express ourselves and comprehend situations. It represents both the conscious and rational mind.



The sign Mercury is in shows us how we communicate and think. Mercury can be retrograde about 25% of the time. Retrograde Mercury in the birth chart does not mean the individual is not as smart as others, but it may make a person more introverted and sometimes it can be harder for them to express themselves. They are generally, however, deep thinkers and do well when transiting Mercury turns retrograde.


Mercury is comfortable in Gemini and Virgo and is not as comfortable in Sagittarius or Pisces.

Venus (rules Taurus and Libra)

Venus in the chart shows our love nature, what (as well as who) we are attracted to and what we value the most. It speaks of our passions, pleasures and how we socialize, attract and relate to others. It is considered the planet of beauty and love in addition to values, so those with Venus in the Big 3 are often very attractive.

Venus is at home in Libra and Taurus and is not as comfortable in Scorpio, Aries or Virgo.

Mars (rules Aries and Scorpio)

Astrologers call Mars ‘The God of War’ because it is involved in not only war or war-like situations but also personal anger and upset. Mars represents our physical vitality and competition. It is also associated with the libido and sex and shows how we assert ourselves and often who we are attracted to sexually. Mars rules men, especially in the charts of women, and can show the type of man she is attracted to.




If any of your Big 3 are in Aries or Scorpio, you probably don’t let grass grow under your feet, are competitive and go after what you want in life.

Mars works well in Scorpio, Capricorn and Aries and is not as comfortable in Libra or Cancer. 

Jupiter (rules Sagittarius and Pisces)

Jupiter is the planet of gain, expansion and wisdom. Where it falls in the natal chart indicates where our luck may be found. If Jupiter is one of your big three planets it signifies potential opportunities, prosperity and knowledge, a love of Justice and big ideas.




While Jupiter signifies gain and luck, it can also go overboard, resulting in overdoing something or pushing one’s luck too far. Overall though, it is quite positive and leans toward ninth house activities of education, travel, knowledge and fairness.

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Uranus (rules Aquarius)

Uranus in the Big 3 symbolizes the rebel or person who is determined to do things their own way and marches to the beat of their own drum. It symbolizes brilliance in some instances, technology and innovation. If this sign rules one of your Big 3 you are probably independent and have a love for freedom. You will be unhappy in circumstances that are overly structured or tedious as you are a big thinker and doer in life. You may at times rebel just for the sake of rebelling and not stick to the norms. Shock value could appeal to you.


If you have Aquarius or Scorpio in your Big 3 it is a comfortable energy in these signs but not so much in Taurus or Leo.

Neptune (rules Pisces)

Neptune symbolizes spirituality and creativity and it is responsible for our deepest thoughts and feelings, sometimes feelings that lie buried in our subconscious. Neptune reveals our psychic feelings and many of those born with a heavy Neptune influence are psychic or very spiritual. Neptune is connected to the oceans and those things that are unseen and, in some cases, mystical. It also rules compassion and unconditional love. The opposite side of Neptune can be connected with addictions, lies and deception, too much self-sacrifice or even the seedier side of life.

Neptune is comfortable in Pisces and Aquarius and more uncomfortable in Virgo and Libra.

Pluto (rules Scorpio)

Pluto is the planet of transformation, destruction and renewal. It is associated with sex, power, control and intensity. Pluto is never satisfied with anything superficial and likes to dig beneath the surface of just about everything. It has the power to transform negative to positive and vice versa, and anyone with a significant Pluto Big 3 placement needs to focus on the positive side of this most powerful of planets. It is the natural ruler of the 8th house which concerns other people’s money, sex, death and rebirth.


Ultimately, this planet is about finding your own power, but not at the expense of others. If this is one of your significant planets you may be destined for power at some point. Pluto responds well to the signs of Scorpio and Leo, but not as well in Taurus or Aquarius.

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