How To Determine Your Place & Purpose In This World Using Astrology

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Astrology can help us determine our purpose and place in the world. There are many approaches to do so, but karmic astrologer Diana Sab shared on Instagram one way of looking at this question that is practiced by some astrologers. Sab's theory is to look at the last personal planet the moon had a conjunction with at birth, or what some call the planet behind your moon.

How to determine your place and purpose in this world using astrology

According to some astrologers, when you locate the personal planet in question, this will give you a hint about your place in the world.

"The Moon symbolized the past, the most intimate aspects of your karmic baggage, the subconscious mind which is closest to your conscious mind," Sab wrote on Instagram. Therefore, Sab suggested, "the last energy she touched, the last planet she had a conjunction with while you were in your mother's womb, represents the most active energy inside you."

This planet is supposed to represent an affinity that remains with us from past lives and serves as a natural power or talent to use in this life. In addition, it represents an element you trained for in another life and the key toward raising your level of consciousness as well as the energetic imprint of your aura.

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"The moment you add that planet's energy in your work, you become aligned with a force that started its motion lifetimes ago," Sab explained. "It's like riding a wave which you created in the past. All you have to do it jump on it and let it carry you. You've trained that planet before, use its talents now."

To identify the planet behind your moon, or the last conjunction the moon made to a personal planet, look clockwise (right) for the next personal planet from the moon in your birth chart. If the moon is in conjunction with a personal planet, look at their degrees. If the moon has a higher degree, that’s your planet. If the moon has a lower degree continue clockwise for the next personal planet. To be able to find your planet, you must have your exact time of birth.

The sun

The sun represents your core being. If this is the planet behind your moon, you have strong leadership abilities and willpower and are here as a light to guide others.

The moon

The moon represents women, emotional matters and family. You are here to express and work with these matters.

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Mercury is a master of information and your purpose is to learn, educate, communicate and inform.


Venus is the master of love and creativity, suggesting you were born to create a life of joy, harmony and ease.


Mars is a dynamic planet and is considered 'the warrior.' Mars is not afraid of a fight, or to take risks or compete and lead a dynamic life.


Jupiter is here to make correct decisions, gather and gain wisdom to share with others, heal and be a beacon of justice.


Saturn is meant to be a master of discipline, authority and an old soul who remembers the past lessons.

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