The Weekly Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign June 10 - 16, 2024

The Moon in Virgo provides structure to this Gemini season's extravagance.

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The week begins with the Moon in Leo on June 10th, 2024, channeling the Gemini season energy with its radiance and optimism. On the 12th, we get serious with the Moon in Virgo, reminding us that we need structure when we have too many ideas. While this Gemini season has been inspirational, the Moon in Virgo can bring us back to focus, allowing us to take action. Mars is also officially in Taurus (giving Earth signs something to look forward to), making it even easier to get things done over the next several days.


On Friday the 14th, the Moon in Libra has us gearing up for the weekend, bringing cardinal energy to the mix. The week can make us feel jovial and appreciative of our family, friends, and connections. 

See how these transits impact your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs.


Weekly horoscope for June 10 - 16, 2024


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The week ahead will help you to learn about your friendships. Optimism flourishes with the Moon in Leo, helping you connect with your community and friends. Opening up to people you trust comes easier during this time. Planning takes priority when the Moon enters Virgo later in the week. Reconciliations may be prominent once the Moon enters Libra.

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If you desire to make interior decor decisions, the Moon in Leo provides plenty of opportunities to do something exciting to make you feel much more engaged at home. The Moon in Virgo brings romantic energy that will allow you to open your heart to love and romance. Similar themes continue during the Moon in Libra.

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This is a week of recovery after the New Moon in your sign. The Moon in Leo carries the themes from the Gemini Moon transit, allowing you to socialize and discover new things to explore. The impact of the Virgo Moon will empower you to feel more connected with your communication style before the Moon in Libra brings fun, optimism, and excitement. The Venusian transit can feel pleasant, especially with Venus in your sign.

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Getting things in order is your theme for Gemini season until the Sun enters your sign. There is a lot of focus on healing with the Moon in Leo, adding some periods of reflection from the past. The Moon in Virgo adds grounding and happiness as you share your ideas with friends and family. Finally, the Libra Moon reminds you to incorporate self-care.

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It can feel like a triumphant week with the Moon in your sign, making you reach for the top. Your goals are prioritized, and you feel energized to achieve them, especially with Mars at the highest point in your chart, making you more diligent and disciplined. The Moon in Virgo brings structure to your routines as you get a dose of practicality that will benefit your imminent success.

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Resting may be optimal when the Moon enters Leo. Mars in Taurus energizes Earth signs, making you feel more protected, confident, and tactical. All eyes will be on you when the Moon enters your sign, giving you momentum and excitement as it connects with Mars. Venus' energy will help you rekindle the self-love needed for your journey.

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The Moon in Leo will help you find your voice and courage as the energy helps add more components to the New Moon's message. The Moon in Virgo lets you focus, plan, and be open to needed changes. Although you may trust your process, it's always important to do some revisions. When the Moon enters your sign, tapping into the energy for the week feels accessible and achievable due to your ability to multitask.

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With the Leo Moon at the highest point in your chart, it can feel like the messages are more prominent and apparent this month, your reminder that you are a star. While Gemini season continues to transform you, now is your moment to rediscover and celebrate yourself. The Moon in Virgo adds more rejoicing energy to boost your ego as you socialize and potentially make new connections this season.

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As we all recover from the New Moon in Gemini's impact, you will see how your relationship house continues to be activated. The Leo Moon shifts your focus on growth and expansion, but you will also prioritize your learning, during a short period where you may discover and fall for something new and engaging to study and research. The Moon in Virgo and Libra will have you on top. Celebrate each and every single victory!

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The Moon in Leo may feel tense as it unlocks one of the hidden parts of your chart, allowing you to feel strengthened when battling past memories. Your armor is fortified during this time. The pleasant Moon in Virgo makes you more open to new experiences and meeting new mentors. When the Moon enters Libra, you will want to consider your growth and potential as you reflect on how to continue trailblazing.

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The week begins with the Moon in Leo fueling your relationship house. You feel alive, prepared, and enthused by the potential this can bring as you experience relationships flourishing for this brief transit. The Moon in Virgo can be a period of calm and reflection, while the Moon in Libra aligns you with your purpose, goals, and potential.

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Conversations about work and friendships may be tied to the Moon in Leo. When the Moon enters Virgo, it can spark many discussions about friendships and romantic partners. This is a time when you may be open to making compromises and listening to your partner. The Moon in Libra will enable you to look into the past to build on your future.

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