The Special Significance Of Succedent Houses In Astrology

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There are three main house classifications in astrology, each of which help us transform and empower the next chapters in our chart. Each specific classification (either Angular, Cadent or Succedent) is responsible for the foundation of a certain area of life.

Meaning of Succedent houses in astrology

The Succedent houses (ruled by Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) teach us how to look more within and be more appreciative of the community we build around us. While the cardinal houses set the stage for the main plot lines in our lives, succedent houses can add more themes and topics to uncover our place in the world. Through these houses we learn about our ego, what makes us fearless, and the connection to society and self-love.

The Succedent houses represent the fixed modality, meaning it can be hard for natives with fixed signs to do things spontaneously or welcome a process of change. Planets in these houses can add a lot of benefits since they will push us to value what we have much more and work even harder for it. We could learn a lot about sharing our resources and building with romantic partners to create stronger relationships in the long run. Transits through these houses can also serve as a wake-up call to let go of things that are not serving us and to be more attentive to our needs.

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2nd house

The journey through the Succedent houses begins with the second house, following the intricate themes of the first house where we learn about our identity but still need time to uncover our best qualities. After learning about who we are through the first, this house continues to build on what brings us safety and security. It is a house where our relationship with material wants and needs may be evaluated, especially with natal planets in this house or aspecting it. 

The lessons here determine how we share with others and how we give our energy to them because the themes of the eighth house are echoed here as well. The second house can become the blueprint for topics in the seventh because we learn how to compromise and work together through relationships. Our lessons and journey through this House will teach us how to prepare for what we seek in relationships that will help us evolve and not settle for the ones that set us back. 

5th house

An intriguing position in our chart because it brings us more optimistic energy that will help us learn to bring out the qualities from the first and third. Here we dip our toes into becoming more comfortable with the spotlight. This is the area of our chart that helps us find our direction and pursue what brings us happiness. It is also a house of creativity and dreaming. When we learn to take center stage, we will be more confident with our self-expression.

The fifth is an essential house that can help us be successful in matters of the seventh and even the 10th. It is where the love of self is developed so that the partners we meet will not take advantage of us. It is also where we will discover and expound on the leadership qualities that will enable us to achieve success in matters of the 10th.

Children are also seen through this house. The lessons from the fourth house are incorporated here and can impact how we may be as parents

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8th house

Mysteries and dreams are linked to this house and it is where we find our other sources of strength. The eighth is where we become braver and more comfortable with tackling challenges. We learn to pick our battles and learn to forgive. Because traditionally this is the house ruled by Scorpio, we could focus on holding onto grudges and not releasing them, especially with many natal planets or a transit occurring in this House. But the eighth is where we close one of many chapters to have a more evolved mindset when we tune into matters of the ninth.

Developing our insight and power comes with this position as well. To receive the blessings and enlightenment from the ninth, we have to make peace with the past and look ahead. Lots of courage comes with this placement and fulfillment when we know what empowers us. The lessons here also allow us to begin our journey of growth and perseverance that will aid us when transits occur in our ninth house.

11th house

The Succedent journey concludes in the 11th house, one with which we learn to make valuable connections with our friends, family, neighbors, and community.

This is a house that also inspires us and we receive recognition and accolades through this house. The 11th is where we find ourselves and we put on our real selves out to the world. We may also see the efforts and praises for our hard work. Here is where ambitions developed in the fifth will continue to flourish and where dreams continue to expand as we uncover the 12th house. 

The 11th house is also the second house of career and learning. The efforts of the 10th are experienced here because we have already established our presence in the realm of career. This is where our medals are displayed, the glories we have received, and the connection to the community continues to thrive as we solidify our paths to greatness.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.