The Zodiac Match That Leads To Emotional Turmoil, According To Astrology

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In astrology, synastry involves comparing two charts for compatibility.

There are many birth chart placements that affect compatibility that can cause many different reactions; some positive, some negative, and some that may make the connection seem ‘karmic’ in some way.

In astrology, the moon represents our emotions and inner world; what we need to feel safe, our home and early life with family.

Black Moon Lilith is not a planet, but a point in your chart where the moon’s orbit is the farthest from the Earth. Through Lilith, we learn to identify our deepest wounds and sources of anger, hurt, rejection and outrage and powerlessness learning to finally accept our own darkness. 

So what happens when Lilith shows up in synastry between two people, in particular the Moon? This will partly depend on how well the Moon individual has handled and worked with their Lilith wounds and fears.

Moon conjunct Lilith synastry

Relationships can be powerful mirrors that often reflect previously unknown depths within both parties for better or worse. Moon-Lilith combinations can represent meetings of the soul that can represent a total undermining of our emotional comfort level, plunging yourself or your partner into emotional chaos.

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It is likely there will be an intense, wild and frequently obsessive energy between the two people.

At the same time, this aspect can turn love into hate and back again, and represent everything one or both parties do not want to have to deal with. A Lilith connection can be the ultimate love-hate relationship.

Wherever Lilith touches another person’s chart, you can expect your deepest fears to be revealed.

If, for example, you have a fear of abandonment, this issue will arise in some way, or there will be something about the other person that brings out that insecurity. Since the Moon relates to ‘what makes us feel secure,’ a Lilith connection could actually make one or both parties feel insecure and they could find themselves reliving past memories of previous relationships where this was experienced.

A Lilith connection is not for everyone unless you are willing to explore the darker recesses of your mind and psyche and come to terms with who you really are as Lilith typically relates to parts of the psyche where you have felt victimized, taken advantage of or ashamed of. At the same time, you may be forced to decide if you want to deal with the darker aspects of your partner.

This combination can relate to a deep connection that can bring up feelings of love along with other emotions that aren’t connected to love at all. The Moon person may have their old Lilith wounds ‘triggered’ bringing up deeply rooted memories of being powerless or subjugated to the whims or desires of others.

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Lilith aspects can bring up issues related to sexuality, sexual energies and subjects that may be considered taboo by society.

A Lilith-Moon relationship is not going to necessarily be about settling down and having a family, although this is not impossible. It will be a spicy and erotic relationship that embodies the primal feelings of passion, which can be profoundly transformational. Love and attraction can take a plunge into the unknown where the outcome is never certain.

The more both parties are willing to work toward their own emotional healing and well-being the greater the connection can ultimately become. If this is the case, an emotionally liberating relationship can follow.

The Moon person in this case can help the Lilith individual improve their emotional expression and feel more secure. The Moon will be able to tap into and deal with their deeper emotional wounds. It is likely he or she will be intuitive enough to do this without becoming overbearing or making the Lilith person feel suffocated.

A Lilith-Moon aspect will take us to both extreme emotional highs as well as plunging to the lowest of emotional depths at times. Moon conjunct Lilith can reveal both strengths and weaknesses we did not know we had.

While a Lilith relationship can have some uncomfortable moments, by facing them, we can overcome issues that prevent us from being our truest and most authentic self.

While Lilith is about societal taboos, sex, and our darkest feelings, she is also about empowering and overcoming our greatest fears. In this respect, while a Moon-Lilith relationship may bring out great angst and insecurities, the end result is deep soul growth.

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