What He's Like As A Husband, Based On His Jupiter Sign

In astrology, a man's Jupiter sign often represents his dominant traits as a husband.

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In astrology, a man's Jupiter sign often represents what kind of husband he will be (along with his Saturn sign). In a woman's chart, Jupiter represents the life partner she will be attracted to the most. On the other hand, traditionally in a woman's chart, her Moon sign represents what kind of wife she will be while a man's Moon sign represents the woman he'll ultimately choose to marry.

What he's like as a husband, based on his Jupiter sign

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Jupiter in Aries husband

If the guy you like has an Aries Jupiter, he's not shy about his feelings and cannot hold himself back from adventures. He may have poor impulse control, but he's a real sweetheart who cannot hold grudges or stay angry for too long. Jupiter in Aries men tend to have a child-like personality and have luck on their side. But as a husband, they are not very helpful around the house. Mainly because they tend to forget their chores or get distracted by TV, video games, etc. very easily.

Jupiter in Taurus husband

A Jupiter in Taurus man knows what he likes and does not like. And when he comes across new experiences, he's good at deciding whether he likes something and will do it again or if he will politely refuse if asked to try a second time. Taurus Jupiter men love wine and fine dining. And as a husband, they love to spoil their partner with gifts and jewels. They are good with their finances and usually have no problem accumulating resources and real estate... unless they have negative afflictions in their birth chart.


Jupiter in Gemini husband

Jupiter in Gemini men have no problem letting their spouse take the lead. They can be called a “metropolitan man.” They do not like conflicts and love sharing their knowledge with anyone and everyone. As a husband, a Gemini Jupiter man is the most likely to help you in the kitchen and around the house. He'll feel more like a best friend than a spouse most of the time. But regardless of what narrow-minded people might think, a Gemini Jupiter man is not “weak.”

Jupiter in Cancer husband

If the guy you like has Jupiter in Cancer, he's the perfect husband material. This man loves taking care of his family and home and is always generous with the people close to him. He's the type to openly discuss having kids one day and how to raise them. And he's likely to spoil his children with lots of affection and give them whatever they ask for.

Jupiter in Leo husband

Jupiter in Leo men love the spotlight. But they love it even more when people thank them profusely for their help or the good things they bestowed upon them. Ignoring this man is the same as waving a red flag in front of a bull in a ring. He'll ignore you as if you don't exist, unless you make it up to him. As a husband, a Leo Jupiter man is jealous and possessive. They are the most prone to pick a trophy wife.

Jupiter in Virgo husband

Whether you like a Jupiter in Virgo man as a husband or not depends on your personality. Earth signs will love his practical nature and critical eye for details. But fire signs will think he's one annoying wart that needs to be ridden from the world. This guy is the definition of nitpicky. As a husband, he will require extra care regarding the food he eats. Otherwise, be prepared to nurse him back to health on a regular basis because of chronic bowel problems.


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Jupiter in Libra husband

Jupiter in Libra men can give a woman a run for her money with the size of their closet. Clothes, shoes, perfumes, watches, this man is very fashion-conscious. But some Libra Jupiter men don't appear to be so on the surface because of their economic status. But you'll find him constantly critiquing the clothes and fashion sense of other men, including celebrities. He's also the most likely of all the zodiac men to know what happened at the Met Gala. As a husband, a Libra Jupiter man is prone to fighting with his partner. And he'll only pick a spouse who looks good beside him and furthers his status in the eyes of his peers.

Jupiter in Scorpio husband

Jupiter is widely considered to be debilitated in Capricorn, but a Scorpio Jupiter actually tends to exhibit debilitation more than a Capricorn Jupiter. This man can switch from being generous one day to extremely miserly the next. He often feels misunderstood by others, but it's mainly because the things he finds fascinating don't fascinate others. Interestingly, a Jupiter in Scorpio man will benefit the most from whomever he marries. But his spouse may face bad luck and experience the opposite. He's also the type to desire total devotion and attention at all times but will never express it out loud because he knows it will turn off people immediately. But he holds grudges when his partner doesn't fulfill this unspoken desire.

Jupiter in Sagittarius husband

A Jupiter in Sagittarius man comes off more like a teacher than a husband in a romantic relationship. And the partners don't even have to have an age difference for this to be evident! But he's very even-tempered and jolly. People like hanging out with Sagittarius Jupiter men. As a husband, you may need to remind the Sagittarius Jupiter man of his chores from time to time, but he'll do his part in the house without argument. He's the type who loves traveling and doesn't mind who accompanies him. He'll be just as cheerful with his spouse and kids as with his friends or colleagues.


Jupiter in Capricorn husband

Jupiter in Capricorn men are blessed by luck in the area of career. The harder they work, the more their luck shines. And while this can make this man an absentee husband most of the time, you'll never be in lack if you marry him. Capricorn Jupiter men are not extravagant and don't like to shower gifts on people unless it's absolutely necessary or part of a ritual or custom.

Jupiter in Aquarius husband

If the guy you like has Jupiter in Aquarius, he'll be an aloof husband who may be prone to getting lost in his thoughts or sitting in silence for hours on end without feeling the need to fill the air with small talk. Introverts will love having this man as a husband. But extroverts tend to take his aloofness personally and get offended. An Aquarius Jupiter man is very friendly, though. But sometimes you may wonder if he got married just because his parents asked him to and if he would even notice if you took a month-long vacation with your best friends and were not around.

Jupiter in Pisces husband

Jupiter in Pisces men are the most romantic of them all. And since Jupiter and Neptune are the dual rulers of Pisces, they are also blessed with good luck. As a husband, Pisces Jupiter men tend to be forgetful and are not very good at sticking to a schedule. They aren't afraid of showing their emotions though and have a lot of empathy for their partner's pain and distress.  


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