6 Most Powerful Crystals For Leo Energy

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Leos are not everyone’s cup of tea, but the ones who love them can’t get enough of them — so the best crystals for Leo will refuel their energy when needed.

Crystals can be used to heal things about ourselves that can be detrimental to our physical and mental health or enhance things we want to improve.

Every zodiac sign has different crystals that will work best for them based on their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.

When it comes to Leo, there are very specific personality traits that certain crystals can be used for.

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Leos are irresistible and know exactly what to say and do to get their way.

Leos have a “king of the jungle” status, making their jobs as leaders much easier and there seems to be no sign more loyal than Leos.

Leos can be dramatic, but because of this, they tend to take the initiative in the most difficult situations, wanting them to get solved as soon as possible.

Their overwhelming passion and intelligence make them easy to love.

Leos are fire signs along with Aries and Sagittarius, meaning they love to light a fire in the ones that they love.

If you do not have enough passion for a goal you want to achieve, your fire sign companions will have enough of it for you. They will push you to be the best version of yourself, even when you may not know that version exists.

They have bursts of enthusiasm, which sometimes causes them to make impulsive decisions.

These impulsive decisions sometimes hurt them, but because of their stellar intellect and problem-solving skills, they are able to cure their heartache with ease.

Fire signs rely heavily on their gut instinct and intuition. They have a sixth sense that tells them what decisions they should make and when they follow that instinct, it leads them to incredible places.

When fire signs are brought together, there is a mutual sense of understanding and inspiration. Their only problems come from their desire to be dominant.

Being around one another can be helpful for their need for dominance. It is good to take a break from being the one in charge and to sit back and let someone else take the lead.

Leo's inability and unwillingness to change comes from them being a fixed sign, which can be both positive and negative.

It is a good thing because those around them know that they can count on their special Leo to not change once times get rough. They are solid friends and will have your back until the end of time.

This trait becomes negative when it is time for Leos to change one of their toxic habits and they refuse to do the work required to be better or fail to recognize the ways that they are harming themselves and others.

Best crystals for Leo energy

1. Amethyst

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Amethyst is a good crystal for Leos because it allows them to balance their strong energy without eliminating their passion and drive that everyone admires.

Amethyst allows Leos to tap into the highest versions of themselves and release their best energy. This draws success and prosperity to them and gives them the self-control needed to maintain it.

2. Tiger’s eye

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Tiger’s eye works best for Leos when they do not understand the harm that they could potentially be causing themselves.

Tiger’s eye forces Leos to dive deep and gain a better understanding of who they are as individuals, what they need to improve upon, and how they can make those changes happen.

3. Rose quartz

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Rose quartz is perfect for Leos because it eases the deep hurt that they feel when others do not do right by them.

Once Leos are hurt by someone, they take it out on everyone else that they come in contact with after that. This can negatively affect their romantic relationships because they will not be willing to open up the same way that they once could.

Rose quartz will aid them in their healing journey so they’ll be able to love properly again.

4. Almandine garnet

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Almandine garnet is a good crystal for Leos to increase their willpower and resistance to all things that are negative.

This is another stone that protects their hearts and their love life. Their physical love is deeply covered by the protection of the Almandine garnet.

5. Pyrope garnet

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This crystal enhances Leos's gifts and inspiration. They can be used for Leos to find success and happiness in their career lives.

Leos are able to tap into the professional aspect of themselves. Using this crystal, Leos can do just about anything when it comes to their careers and professions.

This combination of the power from the crystal and the power that Leos are born with allows them to find fortune in whatever they decide to do.

6. Uvarovite garnet

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Uvarovite garnet promotes wealth and prosperity.

This stone is also calm and peaceful, so it caters to Leo’s anxious personality about what they are going to do in the future.

Leos know how they are going to get to where they are trying to go.

Leos have a strong desire to be the best at everything and want to have the grandest success stories.

The uvarovite garnet crystal keeps them calm as they are on their journey.

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