6 Subtle Ways Astrology Warns You You're About To Experience A Midlife Crisis

When these transits happen, you're in for a big life change.

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While the beginning of your 30s is known to bring about big life changes, in big part due to what's known as your Saturn Return, it's not the only time astrology planets play a part in life transformation.

Once you experience your Saturn Return around ages 28-31, there is a shift in your path. Saturn returns to its original place in your natal chart, completing a cycle that allows you to push forward.


As you continue to age, however, more transits might have you questioning your place in life, your goals, and where you desire to leave your mark, culminating in what's colloquially known as a midlife crisis.

Six astrology midlife crisis transits

Certain planets are known for presenting extra challenges in life, and some of these planets make notable transits during the ages many people begin to experience a midlife crisis.

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Saturn is a catalyst, while Uranus brings nervous energy. These planets cause us to feel unsettled, trying to find ourselves and our place in the world now that we have reached a crucial point.

Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter will make you question and evaluate our accomplishments. Sometimes, you could face doubt.

Nevertheless, while these transits can shake up your daily life, they also serve to remind you that we have survived, fought, and earned your place in the spotlight.

1. Uranus opposite natal Uranus

This transit happens in your early 40s.

Uranus will have you questioning your inner voice. You could feel pushed to make decisions that once would frighten you. You want to rebel and take control of your destiny.


During this time, it's important to be patient and logical regarding your choices. Impulsiveness is not the answer now. Remembering your accomplishments can help you stay grounded.

However, if you decide to further expand or improve, this is the energy that can help motivate you and break you away from the monotony.

2. Jupiter Return

Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the place it was in our natal chart. The Jupiter Return that occurs around ages 48 and 60 will allow you to evaluate your ideology.

Jupiter brings optimism, bravery, and courage. If Uranus does the pushing, Jupiter will continue to encourage you and give you a sense of hope. You will want to solidify your true philosophy or begin a new one that is molded in your way. You are not afraid to go after what you want when this transit happens. 


3. Saturn opposite natal Saturn

Saturn's transits guide us to becoming more responsible.

When Saturn is opposite your natal Saturn, you will see the output of the work you put in after your Saturn Return. This transit happens around ages 42-44.

The relationship the native has with Saturn eases a bit because we have more confidence compared to our earlier years. You continue to carve out your journey and goals as Saturn helps you create boundaries and stronger structures.

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4. Nodal Return

When the nodes return to your natal nodal signs, which happens in your mid-30s and mid-50s, it could feel like a powerful time and an overwhelming period. You begin to see things clearer and have more courage.


The house where the nodal return is happening is greatly impacted since Eclipses also occur.  Eclipses reflect a new chapter, a closing of old subjects, and a new direction or beginning, and the nodes are linked to your destiny and purpose. When there are transiting planets activating them, especially the Moon, you might desire to make changes or you will experience the unexpected.

The transit could feel heavy since this is an eighteen-month period riddled with changes and more changes that guide you to discover our higher purpose.

5. Neptune square natal Neptune

Neptune transits can cloud our direction. Neptune squares to your natal Neptune occur around your early 40s.

You could second guess yourself. During this time, patience is necessary because Neptune could make you impulsive, especially if you are frustrated. Seeking guidance from mentors can help you stay in the right direction so you are not propelled to make decisions you could regret later on.


6. Chiron Return

It takes Chiron around 50 years to return to its natal position in our charts. The wounded healer wants you to see the results of your labors.

For decades and over many Chiron transits through your chart, you have learned, cried, evolved, and powered through. Now, as Chiron reaches the culmination of its transit, it wants you to evaluate how much strength you have gained, where you have done the most healing, and how you can continue to expand, even if it means providing your knowledge to others.

7. Pluto square natal Pluto

Pluto is all about destruction and renewal. This transit can happen around your late 30s or early 60s depending on your birth year.


During this time, you experience a metamorphosis when Pluto squares your natal Pluto. This transit, like the others, will help you feel more comfortable with yourself and who you have become after it is complete.

Similar to Uranus, it could feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you. You could feel lonely and afraid but are forced to propel forward.

Pluto is uncomfortable but we become renewed versions and examples of rising phoenixes, ready to once again take control and command once we come out victorious.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.