5 Unique Traits Of Those On The Aries-Taurus Cusp Of Power

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The “cusp” in astrology means being born between two pivotal points that involve two neighboring signs. Though you can only have one Sun sign, you may find that you're more influenced by the traits of the neighboring sign than others who fall more toward the middle of each sign.

For example, someone born on the cusp of Aries-Taurus cusp, or the Cusp of Power, will be between 26 degrees of Aries and 3 degrees of Taurus. Aries season starts around March 21st and lasts through April 19th, which is when Taurus season begins.

Aries-Taurus cusp dates

Those with birthdays falling on the cusp are born between April 15th and April 22nd.

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If your birthday falls under this cusp, you are a pioneer, courageous, romantic, generous, and unique. There is an immense power between the signs of Aries and Taurus. Anyone born under this cusp will be known for their need to persevere.

While they have many positive traits, they could also be possessive, hold grudges, and be fixed in their ways. They do not hold back, are not afraid of challenges, and are prepared to take control when necessary.

The native born under this cusp should learn to take pride in their talents early on so they can flourish and develop more self-love as they get older.

Aries-Taurus cusp traits

1. Pioneering

It is not a secret that Aries and Taurus are both pioneering and industrious signs. Being born under this cusp shows someone that is the first at creating or initiating. Their ideas are vibrant and unique.

Understanding how to become more confident in their abilities and taking the initiative to show others may be a challenge early on, but can help them become more self-assured as they age. Once they appreciate their talent, they can become groundbreaking leaders in any industry they work in.

2. Courageous

Mars-ruled Aries is fearless. Those born under this cusp display the same intensity associated with both signs. They do not back down and will always fight for their dreams.

While Aries might want to rush to get things done, Taurus knows that slow and steady wins the race. Those born under this cusp are patient, and detail-oriented, and will not be as impulsive. Because they know their limits, they will rather play it safe and wait.

Nevertheless, their courageous side is ignited when they need to protect the ones they love. If they also need to show others in school or work that they are indeed the ones for the job, the native will prove they are strong enough to weather any challenge.

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3. Romantic

Venus brings a strong intensity to those born under this sign. Mars and Venus collide to gift the native with dynamic energy that makes others fall for their charm. There is an allure and mystery that makes people obsessed with the native born under this sign, especially when they have Mars or Venus in Taurus. Aries knows how to conquer at war while Taurus knows how to win at love.

4. Generous

The native born under this cusp is known for their giving and caring nature. They want the best for the people in their lives and will do anything to protect them. Family, friends, and their romantic partners could be their weaknesses since they can be very devoted and may do what it takes to keep them happy.

They are known for their benevolent side because Venus is not afraid to share and give to others. They are generous with their love and possessions only with the people that they trust.

5. Unique

Being born under this fascinating cusp shows someone talented, charming, and intelligent. The native has so much energy and creative drive. Others will appreciate their natural talent. Venus’ influence makes them stand out.

The natives will be drawn to the arts and will always be curious and compelled to experiment with their styles. A result of their need to show their individuality through their creativity is that others may emulate them. Venus loves beauty while Mars can be innovative. A blend of these two forces will have someone that will command a room through their intellect and magnetism.

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.