Ancient Egyptian Zodiac Signs & Their Meanings

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ancient egyptian zodiac signs

People have looked to the skies for spiritual guidance and divination since at least the third millennium BCE. Western astrology began in Mesopotamia during the Hellenistic-Egyptian period and spread through the Roman Empire, then returned to Persia and the Islamic empires.

In 332 BCE, Egypt was occupied by Alexander the Great. It was during this time that Babylonian astrology was mixed with the Egyptian tradition of Decanic astrology, creating Horoscopic astrology. It incorporated the Egyptian concept of dividing the zodiac into 36 decans. Egyptian astrology is typically referred to as Hellenistic astrology and is the basis for modern Western astrology today. 

Ancient Egyptian zodiac signs

The Egyptian zodiac contains 12 signs like Western astrology, but each sign is applied to certain days of the month.

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The Egyptians named their signs after Gods and Goddesses, excluding Nile. Let’s take a look at the Egyptian signs and their meanings; however, any reference to signs in Western astrology is simply a comparison and does not mean the Egyptian sign coincides with any particular sign mentioned.


January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7 and November 18-2



The Nile was the lifeblood of ancient Egypt and the only sign in the zodiac that is not named after a God or Goddess. Qualities associated with this sign include logic and practicality and they are generally peaceful individuals, somewhat like the sign of Libra. They typically have a powerful sense of observation and are sometimes intuitive. While they can be passionate and influenced by their passions, they nevertheless tend to act wisely.


January 8-21 and February 1-11



This is one of the most powerful Egyptian symbols according to ancient Egyptian astrology as Amon-Ra was the King of the Gods. Those born under this sign are typically confident, polite and optimistic, somewhat like a Leo. They are strong and positive leaders who typically make informed and smart decisions.


January 22-31 and September 8th-22



This is the female deity who was considered the Mother of the World and was responsible for protecting mankind, similar to Cancer who is sometimes called the ‘Mother of the World' in Western astrology. If you were born under this sign you were considered compassionate, sensitive, loyal, generous and affectionate to others. They tend to be protective and loving parents as well as extremely goal-oriented.


February 12-29 and August 20-31



Geb was considered the Egyptian God of the Earth whose laughter was believed to create earthquakes. Those born under this sign are sensitive, faithful and open. At times they may come across as overly emotional like Western water signs, but this quality in Geb attracts others to them. They are known for their persistence and ability to stick with things.


March 1-10 and November 27-December 18



Osiris is named after the God of the Underworld and resurrection. In Western astrology, this is the role of Pluto or Scorpio. Those born under this sign make strong leaders and always mean what they say, good or bad. They are intelligent and independent yet vulnerable. These individuals are determined and almost always reach their desired goals. At times they can come across as aggressive or selfish.


March 11-31, October 18-29 and December 19-31



This is the Egyptian Goddess of Nature and these individuals work well with teams, somewhat like Capricorn in Western astrology. Honesty and straightforwardness are typical of this person and they generally have a good sense of humor. They have a romantic bent and love to socialize.

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April 1-19 and November 8-17



Thoth is the God of learning and wisdom much like Gemini or Sagittarius in Western astrology and they love to learn and are often inventive. People born under this sign have the gifts of courage, wisdom, energy and romance and are constantly trying to improve their lot in life.


April 20-May 17 and August 12-19



Horus was the Egyptian God of the sky. These people are courageous, optimistic and ambitious, much like Aries. As leaders they motivate, inspire and tend to get along well with others. They are known for their work skills and are hardworking.


May 8-27 and June 29-July 13



Anubis was considered the God of mummification and guardian of the Underworld. They have introverted personalities like some Virgos or Aquarians. They are confident, creative and very curious, and while introverted, they are typically confident.


May 28-June 18 and September 28-October 2



Seth is the God of chaos and violence and those born under this sign are bold and often perfectionists. They love to be the center of attention much like Leo and are bold and into perfection. They excel at communication and live for challenges.


July 14-28th, September 23-27 and October 3-17



Bastet is considered female and is the Goddess of cats, pleasure and fertility. These people look for balance and avoid conflict and rely on their intuitive skills like Pisces. They are sensitive by nature and loyal and devoted partners.


July 29-August 11 and October 30-November 7



Sekhmet was the goddess of war in Egyptian mythology. Like Gemini, these individuals can have several sides to their personality. On one hand, they are disciplined. And on the other hand, they are easygoing and into freedom. They have a strong sense of justice and are sometimes perfectionists.

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