12 Ways Introverts Are The Most Confusing People You'll Ever Meet

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Introverts get a bad rap.

When someone finds out you're an introvert, a lot of times they automatically assume you don't like people or are being social or that you're painfully shy. And while those all may be somewhat true, there's a lot more to you than that.

While introverted personality traits typically include shyness and awkwardness, what's really hiding beneath the surface?

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Here are 12 ways introverts are the most confusing people you'll ever meet.

1. Being super private yet dying to share what’s on your mind with others

An introvert is usually a very private person and they don’t reveal many things about their personal life to others. But, deep down they really are just waiting for somebody to ask them questions pertaining to life.

2. Projecting a calm exterior while completely falling apart on the inside

You’re great at hiding your feelings from others. It’s hard for anyone to read what you’re thinking. You put on an act as if everything is just fine when really, your entire world is running haywire.

3. Wanting to stay home alone, yet wanting to go out and be the life of the party

You love having your alone time and personal space. So, a quiet Friday night at home is ultimately your idea of a perfect night.

But, you often dream of being out and about in crowds of people. When the opportunity arises to do that, you quickly snap out of la la land and retreat back into your shell.

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4. Being known as the fun, crazy one when you’re around close friends, but being known as the shy and quiet one when you’re around strangers

And really that’s because only a select few know your true, raw personality.

5. Wanting to hang out with your significant other or friend in the same room but not wanting to actually be social with them

You’ve had enough social interaction for the day and want some peace and quiet but still want them to be in your vicinity.

6. Being absolutely hysterical and clever while texting or messaging someone online but super awkward and skittish when meeting in real life

It's a curse to be so witty over the phone and not be able to form a coherent sentence in real life.

7. Having so many deep thoughts you want to share but never knowing how to say them out loud

Very few people can understand the thoughts in your head, because, TBH, sometimes you can’t even understand them yourself.

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8. Knowing the answer to a question the teacher asked but you wouldn’t be caught dead actually raising your hand

The thought of everyone looking at you while you speak is not only terrifying, it’s unthinkable.

9. Wanting to do everything solo so you don’t have to deal with people, but still not wanting to be lonely

You are perfectly content doing things on your own, but sometimes you get lonely. Loneliness will strike out of the blue. And although you choose to do things by yourself, sometimes all you crave is the company of another person.

10. Wanting to be consoled when you’re upset but wanting to be left alone at the same time

You like the idea that people are there for you in times of need, but want them to comfort you from afar.

11. Craving deep, profound connections with others, but always finding it difficult to actually open up to them

You’re someone who wants to make connections that are meaningful, but you can’t seem to give that part of yourself away to someone else.

12. You love being spontaneous but secretly have the need to plan everything out first

Being free-spirited may be in your blood, but you still have the desire to plan things out before making moves. That means staying in control while simultaneously allowing the universe to guide your way.

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