12 Types Of Lightworkers Who Devote Their Entire Lives To Healing Humanity

Lightworkers were sent here to make humanity better, but they are not all created equal.

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Every person was sent to the planet for a specific purpose. Some of us bring dark energy and negative karma, while others have unique gifts that lift them to a high vibrational plane. These elevated souls are here to make the world around them a better place.

One type of person whose life’s work consists of helping others, leaving everything they encounter better than they found it and raising the consciousness of people around them, is the Lightworker.


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The term "Lightworker" was coined by author Michael Mirdad in the early 1980s but was popularized in 1997 by author Doreen Virtue in a book called "The Lightworker's Way."

Lightworkers, also known as indigo or crystal children, have a deep desire to help others. They are committed to serving the needs of humanity. But even among Lightworkers, there are several different types with special attributes that give them powers beyond the physical world.


Lightworkers spend their entire lives exhibiting kindness, compassion, and generosity to other people. Their empathetic nature is a gift to everyone they know.

But all of them are not the same, and each of the 12 types of Lightworkers has its own particular qualities.

12 Different Types of Lightworkers

1. Grid Workers

These are the Lightworkers that maintain the grids and gateways of planet Earth. They are spatial empaths who can recognize dark energy immediately and use their love and compassion to offset them.

Grid Workers act as a medium for sacred light to come into the planet via their hearts. This is an advanced form of lightworking where a team works in coordination to open interdimensional gates, letting love and light in.


2. Transmuters

Transmuters release their vibrant light in order to transmute any negative energy. They are highly evolved and have volunteered to come from an ancestry filled with negative karma.

Transmuters work along their ancestral lines to rid it of past family karma. They neutralize negativity and restore balance in the world.

3. Lightkeepers

The sole job of Lightkeepers is to keep a high vibrational frequency and a presence of love. They shine their light to inspire and give home, especially in trying times.

Lightkeepers help humanity to evolve by becoming spiritual guides, influencers, motivational speakers. They have a natural ability to empower, uplift, and motivate others.


4. Healers

Healers are super-sensitive empaths with the ability to heal themselves and anyone who happens to come into contact with them. They are highly intuitive and have unique gifts that help them provide healing.

They are clairvoyant and have psychic abilities that are most powerful when Healers start to rely on their own internal guidance systems and heal themselves first.

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5. Seers

Also clairvoyant, Seers have their third eye open and use their psychic abilities to see the future. They can see many timelines that are invisible to other people, so they struggle with connecting.

Seers are also great manifesters, even when they don’t intend to be. It is important that they watch where they direct their attention because what they focus on, they bring to fruition.

6. Divine Blueprint Holders

All Lightworkers have their own divine blueprint, a template the guides them to their fully awakened self. Divine Blueprint Holders are experts at converting codes from the blueprint to achieve ultimate awakening.


These Lightworkers use sacred geometry and Akashic records to gain deep understanding of the awakening codes. Their actions and way of speaking are intentional, meant to manifest their divine blueprint here on Earth.

7. Astral Travelers

Astral Travelers are adept at lucid dreaming and astral travel. The have the ability to have out-of-body experiences, and to know their purpose and use it to help humanity evolve.

Astral Travelers know how to travel to other dimensions via dreaming. They are carriers of universal creative energy and generate innovations. These Lightworkers are responsible for many art and technology inventions.

8. Messengers

Messengers are communicators who rely on divine guidance, and share important information with others by way of teaching, writing, or blogging. They are transparent about their own journeys through the awakening process and guide others.


These guides have an innate talent for getting the word out. Their efforts are directed to places where their light can make the biggest impact by sending messages of enlightenment, spirituality, peace and love to the world.

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9. Manifestors

Manifestors are the creators of the divine blueprint, experts at using their energy to attract whatever they want. Their end game is to open our collective consciousness using meditation and visualization techniques.

It is important that Manifestors work from their hearts and use their skills for the good of everyone and not for their own personal gains. They must do the inner work to maintain the highest vibration possible and remain in a flow state.


10. Wayshowers

Wayshowers influence good in others by practicing what they preach. They walk the walk and talk the talk, living their life authentically and carrying love and light wherever they go.

These Lightworkers are vulnerable, genuine, empathetic, compassionate, and are committed to being the highest version of themselves in order to inspire others to do the same.

11. Unifiers

Unifiers are the connectors of the world. They bring people together by finding commonalities within differing philosophies. Unifiers break things down in easy-to-understand ways, promoting connectivity and inclusion.


They do this by taking small pieces from each philosophy and helping people to see ways they are interconnected, and that they are much more alike than they are different.

12. Ascension Guides

These people are adventurers always looking for new ways of doing things. They believe there is a world of possibilities if we just think outside the box and consider inter-dimensional ways of broadening the vision of the future.

Ascension Guides don’t take anything at face value. They urge people to move past stereotypes, internal biases, and the hidden meaning behind things. Ascension Guides are visionaries who learn from their own experiences and use them to guide others toward enlightenment.

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