10 Signs You're A 'Lightworker' & Can Heal Others

You've got the light.

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What is a Lightworker? How do you know if you are one?

It's possible that you're a healer or empath who has enough positive energy to help those around them.

What is a Lightworker?

The definition of a lightworker is "A person driven and motivated to do work which makes the world a better place, improves people's lives, and/or elevates people to a higher level of consciousness."

While the term "lightworker" may conjure images of reiki masters or hands-on healers, in truth, they exist in every profession and walk of life — the parent who nurtures his child’s confidence and self-awareness, the physician who goes the extra mile to understand her patients, and even the barista who hands you your latte along with a big smile.


In each of these interactions, high-frequency energy is the "light" that’s being exchanged.

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Of course, there are many other types of energy exchange. The guy who flies into a rage in traffic or the woman who unloads her personal frustrations on an innocent receptionist are also transmitting energy, but it’s of a much slower and denser quality.


What makes someone a lightworker is the quality of the energy they broadcast most frequently.

It’s all about energy. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. This includes things in the outer world that you can perceive with your five senses, like your computer, your car, and your physical body.

And it also includes the things your senses can’t perceive, such as your thoughts, feelings, desires, expectations, and beliefs. You're a walking, talking energy tower that is in every moment transmitting and receiving energy.

When the frequency you are personally emitting is one of prosperity, generosity, healing, love, and joy, you automatically raise the vibration of all you come into contact with. And when you’re committed to doing this deliberately, it’s a sure sign that you’re a lightworker.


Types of Lightworkers

There are several different types of lightworkers you can be. This all depends on the type of energy you bring into the world and the purpose you have within you.

Some lightworker types include:

  • Healers: Lightworkers tasked with the purpose to help humanity, animals, and the planet heal in one form or another
  • Lightkeepers: Lightworkers tasked with spreading peace and love in the world
  • Gatekeepers: Lightworkers in charge of guarding and working on the different energy portals of the planet
  • Transmuters: Lightworkers who can transform dense energy into light energy, in a matter of minutes
  • Messengers: Lightworkers tasked with retrieving messages from the spirit world
  • Wayshowers: Lightworkers who are living examples of the change they wish to see
  • Blueprint Holders: Lightworkers who come to the world with a plan in their heads on how to "reprogram" the planet

10 Signs Of A Lightworker

1. You heal others.

Healing is a prominent theme in lightwork, even if you aren't in the healing subtype. This will usually manifest in the way you relate to others and how they reciprocate that empathy.

A good question to ask yourself is, "Have you ever intentionally directed your love, caring, kindness, or attention toward another plant, animal, or human being?" If yes, you're a lightworker.


You may often feel the need to use physical touch to help "heal" since healing is linked to physical touch. So if people feel relieved and calmer after hugging you, for example, this could be an example of your healing aspect at work.

2. You're spiritual.

Lightworkers put their faith in spirituality and higher powers. They follow what the universe tells them to do and often look to it for guidance.

They are deeply aware of the interconnectedness between humanity and nature. Lightworkers also follow spiritual practices to help aid in their life purpose.

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3. Self-growth is important to you.

You see the world needs help and want to help tackle that problem, but your priority in life is self-growth. Because if you're not growing, you cannot help the planet grow as well. You're constantly striving to improve yourself.


You want to be able to fully understand yourself and why you do the things you do and care about the things you care about. By modeling this type of fearless reflection and introspection of the self, you're encouraging others to do the same, therefore indirectly helping the world.

4. You have an old soul.

Having an old soul often signals that you have walked the earth before, which many lightworkers have done in order to continue their work.

Lightworkers exhibit maturity levels uncommon for people their age and are often above the mark. They exude calmness and self-awareness, as well as deep confidence and wisdom in their own experiences.

5. You've experienced trauma.

This isn't a requirement, but some lightworkers must undergo traumatic events to unlock their gifts to help the world. These people are often tasked with the purpose of spreading peace and love.


They are the ones who have seen the darkness in the world and have vowed to eradicate it in any way they can, even if it's just with their presence. It also gives lightworkers the unmatched ability for empathy and self-healing abilities.

6. You're extremely intuitive.

You have strong gut instincts and you listen to them. Not only is your intuition strong but it is consistently right. This manifests in different ways and helps you to efficiently and accurately read people and determine what they need.

7. You're a loner.

Being a lightworker often means you feel like you have a higher purpose in life than those around you. This can cause difficulty when making friends, and you may end up being a loner in life. But this doesn't bother you as you get fulfillment by helping the world.

8. You thrive in nature.

You feel closer to nature than you do to other people. You draw strength from the planet. It's where you feel most at peace and where you go to recharge. If you feel drawn to the forest or the sea, you could be a lightworker.


9. You manifest easily.

Manifesting to you is second nature. It's easy because your soul and heart are open to the universe, and vice versa. You communicate well with the higher powers that be. You are able to pick up different techniques quickly and you use these abilities to help others.

10. You're sensitive.

Lightworkers are almost like empaths. They can feel what you need and will help you achieve that. This likely means that people are drawn to you because they feel like they are being heard. However, be careful — this characteristic can be easily misused and leave you feeling drained.

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Here are 3 steps to open yourself up as a lightworker to receive, broadcast, and attract even more high-frequency experiences in your life.


How to Open Yourself Up as a Lightworker

1. Decide in advance of each situation or interaction what frequency of light you want to shine.

If you want to strengthen the high-flying, good-feeling aspects of a familial, platonic, or intimate relationship, don’t wait until you’re on the brink of an argument to decide that you want a peaceful experience together.

Instead, take a step back to remember and appreciate the most positive aspects of your significant other, friend or family member, of the relationship as a whole, and of yourself.

What lighthearted or loving qualities do you most enjoy expressing with this person or people? Is it your playfulness? Your sensuality? Your care and devotion? By identifying ahead of time the qualities you want to bring to your next interaction, you activate and intensify that frequency of light within you.


2. Make sure you’re pouring from a full cup.

You can’t give to others what you are deficient in within yourself. To share your brightest light with the world, you have to fill yourself up with it first.

Anytime you find your energy waning, instead of pushing through it, give yourself a moment to close your eyes, breathe, and find a better-feeling thought. Doing things that nourish and replenish you will recharge your energy and rekindle your internal light.

3. Make feeling good your top priority.

Remember, your emotions are your guide to the level of frequency you are out-putting in every moment. The better you feel, the higher your frequency, and the lighter you are able to give and receive.

Make a commitment to keeping your own emotions flying high. Give yourself permission to opt out of conversations or relationships that bring you down. Walk away from potential arguments before they start.


Take advantage of every possible opportunity to appreciate, bask, and flow love to those around you. Notice how expanding your consciousness to express more light simultaneously expands your ability to receive.

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Christy Whitman is an energy healer, transformational leader, celebrity coach, and New York Times bestselling author of 'The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.'