25 Signs You're A 'Starseed' & Your Soul Is From Another Planet

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Have you ever felt as if you just don’t belong? Have you looked up in the night sky and felt a sense of deep connectivity?

Your attraction to the radiance of the stars and the universe may be more than just a preference. You may be a starseed.

What is a starseed?

A starseed is a term used to describe a child of the stars — a person who, like an old soul, has lived prior lives on Earth and possibly different planets and galaxies.

They incarnate on Earth to share their knowledge and light, and to participate in its evolution.

Starseeds feel a divine wisdom deep within due to their soul’s connection to the universe. They possess psychic abilities that can lay dormant until they need to access them.

Starseeds, also known as “star people” or “indigo children,” came from Native American spirituality. The concept spread to the mainstream after its introduction in the 1976 book "Gods of Aquarius" by Brad Steiger.

The book hypothesizes that some people came to Earth in the form of extraterrestrials through birth or as a walk-in to an existing human body.

Starseeds' purpose on Earth is to bring about positive change. Their powers are activated through a spiritual awakening in order to fix problems that exist in this world.

They are the spiritual extreme of old souls. They are empathetic, authentic and intuitive. But a starseed awakening doesn’t just happen. It is a decision to take the path few have traveled.

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Types of Starseeds

All starseeds are not the same. There are several different types of starseeds, carrying different traits and characteristics.

Pleiadian Starseeds

These extraterrestrials come from a star cluster called the Seven Sisters. They are known to be very smart, have advanced healing powers, and are empathetic and nurturing.

Pleiadians are characterized as having Nordic appearance, light skin, eyes and hair. They are usually female, are water signs, and are drawn to water animals. About 75 million occupy the Earth.

Sirian Starseeds

The Sirius Dog Star, AKA Alpha Canis, is the focal point of several legends and myths, and is believed to be the most important star in human evolution.

Starseeds originating from Sirius are peacekeepers and guardians of the world. Sirians are open-minded, calm and loyal. They are intense daydreamers who believe anything is possible.

Arcturian Starseeds

These people are part of the most advanced civilization in the universe. They come from Arcturus within the Bootes constellation, and are light years ahead of Earth’s evolution.

Arcturians are born leaders who possess strong personalities. They are charismatic, telepathic logical thinkers who are passionate about the work they do.

Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedans are just 2.5 million light years away from Earth in a spiral-shaped galaxy called Andromeda, often referred to as M31.

These starseeds are loving, gentle and telepathic. They have a pure child-like energy, are introverted and empathetic, but tend to guard their emotions due to prior traumas.

Orion Starseeds

Orion starseeds are the most well-documented in the universe. They hail from the Orion constellation. Mintaka is a planet that existed within the Orion belt but disappeared.

Orions are secretive knowledge seekers who are more in tune with logic than emotion. They are "Jacks of all trades" and most likely to be entrepreneurs.

They are lightworkers here to teach us the value of our own potential. Because they no longer have a home, they are more homesick than other starseeds.

Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children

These are the newest type of starseeds. These beings were born into the physical realm, and are fully aware of the gifts they possess and the mission they are on.

Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children are here to help rid the Earth of negativity like fear, greed and manipulation. They strive to replace those things with love, peace, integrity and abundance.

Lyran Starseeds

These are the oldest souls in the galaxy, and are considered an ancient civilization like the Egyptians and Romans are here on Earth. They are descendants of Vega, the brightest planet in the Lyra constellation.

Lyrans are naturally authoritative, wise and serious. They are grounded and passionate and love to have a good time. They are usually fire signs like Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.

Other Starseed Types

Lightworkers came to spread love and light. They have no malice in them and live for a higher purpose. These people are highly creative and intuitive but experienced trauma early in life.

Blue Ray Beings are mystical and mysterious. Their souls are super sensitive and they have a caring nature. Blue Rays set the stage for the rest of the starseeds to come to Earth and work together.

Venusian Starseeds are from Venus, believed to live in the fourth dimension. Their sole purpose is to teach us how to love.

Some lesser known starseeds are Polarian, Procyon, Avian, and Martian. Maldeks died out, but their planet had an endless supply of water.

Lemurians and Atlanteans are thought to be the very first starseeds that originated on planet Earth. Lemuria, or the Island of Mu, sank into the Indian Ocean long ago.

Atlantis was thought to be a civilization of legends. Both were populated by highly sophisticated beings who made technological and philosophical advances.

Reptilians, otherwise known as the Lizard People, Saurians or Draconians, are shape-shifters who want to take over the Earth for their own gain. Their enemies live in the light and make it their mission to combat the Reptilian darkness.

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25 Signs You Are A Starseed

Here are some starseed signs that indicate you may originate from a star system and have a bigger purpose here on Earth than you know.

1. You feel different from everyone around you.

There is something about you that feels out of place. You have always been different and get the sense that you are a square peg trying to force your way into a round hole.

2. You welcome discussions about the supernatural and extraterrestrial.

Where other people find conversations about the supernatural or life on other planets strange, you welcome the discussions. You are open to new ideas and concepts and aren't limited to the same logic as others.

3. You let your intuition guide you.

There is nothing you trust more than your own gut. You pick up on invisible cues and red flags easily. Your internal compass never leads you astray.

4. You're always looking to learn more and seek out wisdom.

You are a student of life. If you don't know something, you are not the type to just move on. You have a built-in curiosity and collect infinite information and wisdom.

5. You're empathetic to a fault.

Your compassion for others is a double-edged sword. You put other people's needs before your own. Sometimes you allow people to take your kindness for weakness and use you to their advantage.

6. Animals and babies seem to be drawn to you.

Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, they are definitely drawn to you. Babies have a sixth sense about people and they can tell you are one of the good ones.

7. You have symptoms that can’t be explained by a medical professional.

You might suffer from issues that can't be attributed to a medical condition. This can be chronic back pain or headaches. Both have spiritual meanings connected to your chakras, so you might just be totally in tune with the universe.

8. You're connected with your spirituality.

While many try to explain the inexplicable using logic, you know that there are spiritual energies at work. You tap into messages from your guardian angels and the universe and use them to guide you.

9. You love to solve mysteries of the world.

Philosophy and metaphysics are your jam. You believe that there is an answer to all of the questions that plague humanity and don't mind digging deep to find it.

10. You're attracted to metaphysics and believe you can answer all of life’s questions.

Your love of mysteries can be attributed to your attraction to the metaphysical world. Your mind knows no boundaries and you seek knowledge outside of the normal limitations of the average person.

11. You have been told you're an old soul your entire life.

For as long as you can remember, you have been wise beyond your years. You have a connection with the elderly and seek whatever wisdom they can bless you with.

12. You let the little things go.

You have no time to focus on the petty things in life. If it doesn't have anything to do with the big picture, you know how to let it go.

13. You know you have a purpose but struggle to know what it is.

You can't put your finger on it, but you know there is something bigger you are supposed to give the world. You won't stop looking until you know exactly why you are here.

14. You have a problem with authority.

A natural leader, you have trouble taking a backseat to authoritative figures. You might find your footing in entrepreneurship or a line of business where you can run things.

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15. You look for natural remedies to your ailments.

You believe firmly in holistic medicines and natural cures. Before you even think to seek medical intervention, you look for ways the Earth's elements can heal you.

16. You have many acquaintances, but your circle of friends is small.

Most of your relationships are surface level. You don't let that many people into your inner circle. Those that get the honor of getting to know you must earn their position.

17. You love to help others.

If you have it to give, you will. You believe that to whom much is given, much is expected, and have no problem sharing your good fortune with others.

18. You keep seeing Angel Numbers everywhere you go.

Whether it is on a clock, a building, or a street sign, you continuously see Angel Numbers, which are repeating sequences of numbers. These are signs from the universe that you must pay attention to.

19. You feel stuck here, like this is not home.

That sense of not belonging is not just about being different. You feel homesick, as if you're meant to be somewhere else but can't put your finger on where that is.

20. You're drawn to advancements in technology.

Nothing gets by you. As an early adopter of technology, you are always on trend. You never have to worry about being left in the dark ages.

21. You're gifted at manifestation.

You are skilled at manifesting your desires. You routinely call what you want into existence using the Law of Attraction, and trust the universe to deliver.

22. Your dreams are lucid.

When you dream, it is hard to tell what is real and what isn't. These vivid images contain hints that you use in your waking life.

23. You're a magnet for problems and the people who have them.

There are people who have a problem for every solution and, unfortunately, those are your people. Like heat-seeking missiles, people with issues find you and hope you are the answer they are looking for.

24. You had a traumatic childhood.

You may have suffered from abuse, abandonment or poverty as a child. You carry those traumas with you and they tend to show up when you least expect it.

25. You have experienced a spiritual awakening.

At some point in your life, you have experienced a spiritual awakening. It might have shown up as an ego death or a Dark Night of the Soul, but when it happened, it was clear that you were in the midst of an epic transformation.

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