The Psychic Phenomenon Where You Can Exist In Multiple Locations At Once

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Throughout life, there are many things that you will be unable to explain. These phenomena will have definitely occurred, but you will be unable to come up with a reasonable explanation for them that makes sense.

Some such happenings are the disappearing object phenomenon, which many of us no doubt have experienced, the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon that we tend to chalk up to coincidence, or the concept of mutual dreaming, which we are much less likely to have experienced.

One phenomenon you may not be aware of is bilocation, sometimes referred to as multilocation, which is the psychic ability for the physical body to appear in two places at once. The ability to bilocate has been referenced in many historical and religious texts.

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What is bilocation?

Bilocation is a mystical phenomenon where the material body miraculously seems to be in two specific places simultaneously. Because we know that being in multiple distinct places as once is physically impossible, the phenomenon is viewed as miraculous.

As TikToker Cal Melkez explains, “You can project your consciousness somewhere, but still be aware of your physical body.”



According to Melkez, in cases of bilocation, “Everyone starts from waking consciousness.” This is a state where you are completely aware of your physical self.

You start to meditate using your imagination and enter a deep trance that leaves you halfway between your conscious and subconscious. Once you reach that state, you can explore other astral dimensions.

Throughout history, many have claimed to be blessed with the gift of bilocation.

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Some of the most notable instances or those of Saint Anthony of Padua, Padre Pio of a community called San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy and one of the most prolific bilocators, and Pope Clement XIV. They all claim to have had been present in one location, while also physically represented in another.

Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras was apparently capable of bilocation. It was reported that he was at Metapontum in Italy and Tauromenium in Sicily at the same exact time, and the accounts were corroborated by friends. The two sites were miles apart, requiring a full day’s travel.

In both Hinduism and Buddhism, bilocation is one of the siddhis, magical powers bestowed on the enlightened. Hindu gurus like Neem Karoli Baba and Lahiri Mahasaya purported to have the mystical power to show up in different spaces in the same time frame.

Christianity also has many stories of bilocation including that of the apparition of Our Lady of the Pillar, a supposed appearance of Virgin Mary in Spain, while she was supposed to be alive and well, living in Jerusalem. That is just one of the Christian bilocation experiences that include that of Saint Drogo, Francis Xavier, Martin de Porres, and many more.

One of the more nefarious associations with bilocation include the 17th century belief that it was a result of witchcraft, with people coming to their victims in visions. This phenomenon was detailed in Matthew Hopkins' book, "The Discovery of Witches."

Bilocation has also been attributed to the occult.

A French teacher name Émilie Sagée was working at a boarding school in Latvia in 1845 when a sighting of a lookalike or doppelganger was reported frequently, even showing up in places where the teacher herself was. Many believe that the woman was part of the occult and appearing in both the real world and an alternate world.

This psychic ability is thought to be the result of supernatural power or energy, where one can visually and mentally project themselves into another environment. Another belief is that a higher power transports that person to the desired location.

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Is bilocation actually real?

As we all know, no one’s body can be found in two different physical locations concurrently, so the idea of bilocation garners a lot of skepticism.

Melkez added a second video on bilocation where he explained that people have trouble understanding it because they think the spirit has to actually leave the body.



He refers to bilocation as “astro-projection,” and daydreaming is a low-level form. When people bilocate, he says they “project [their] consciousness somewhere beyond the confines of their physical body.”

He describes this consciousness as a radio that we can dial to different frequencies to enter new realities. The waking consciousness is the "home" station, a place we are familiar with and tuned into most of the time. Turning the dial will make you aware that there are different realities out there for you to explore.

Scientifically, there is no proof that people can or cannot bilocate.

However, studies in neurology, experimental psychology, and cognitive neuroscience found that though mental bilocation is a complex subject, it is a genuine experience and happens frequently. This self-representation has three components: self-localization, self-identification, and reduplication of the first-person perspective.

So, whether you believe in bilocation or not, one thing is clear. It is an individual experience and those that have it believe wholeheartedly in their ability to materialize in any place they imagine.

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