15 Signs Your Third Eye Is Already Open

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You’ve no doubt heard your "third eye" mentioned at some point in your life, and may or may not have found looking into it a priority.

The third eye is your center of awareness, consciousness, and intuitive abilities. It sits in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows.

The third eye gives you psychic abilities. When activated, you can transcend your earthly desires and distractions and rise to a higher plane of existence.

Spiritually, the third eye is a symbol of a state of enlightenment. It is often associated with chakras and auras, religious visions, clairvoyance, and out-of-body experiences.

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Now that we know exactly why someone would want to open their third eye, it may be that your third eye is already open! Here's how to tell.

15 Signs Your Third Eye Is Already Open

1. You feel pressure between your eyebrows.

The third eye chakra is right between your eyebrows in a space called the "pineal gland." When you activate your third eye, energy flows into it and causes pressure in that area.

2. You have a headache.

Headaches are one of the most common signs that your third eye is open. It is located by the crown chakra and the energy flowing from the pineal gland can cause headaches.

3. Your intuition is heightened.

Your intuition is improving and getting more accurate. You have been passing up people and circumstances where the energy just doesn’t sit well with you.

Your gut feelings and the vibes you pick up are on point.

4. You're having vivid dreams.

Lately, your dreams are super vivid, and some are even lucid. You are starting to notice messages within them that correlate with your life.

This is your third eye accessing your subconscious so you can heal.

5. You're more conscious of what goes into your body.

Your body has begun to reject things that are not good for it. You might have a sudden aversion to meat and decide to go vegan. Or perhaps sugary foods turn your stomach.

Your spirit guides are drawing you to a healthy lifestyle.

6. You're becoming more empathetic.

Along with your third eye awakening, you begin to understand that we are interconnected, and everyone is working within their own abilities and experiences.

You no longer react to or judge others. Instead, you seek to understand.

7. You're noticing synchronicities instead of coincidences.

When your third eye opens, things that you may have previously considered coincidental have more meaning. Angel Numbers start to appear, you might see the same person over and over, or experience déjà vu.

This is not happenstance, but clear communication from the universe.

8. You’ve developed a sensitivity to light and sound.

Bright lights and loud music are starting to irritate you. You hear things you never noticed before and the influx of stimulation is a lot to deal with.

Your senses are in tune with both the physical and spiritual realm.

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9. You're fearless.

Now that you are aware that there is life above and beyond the physical existence, you no longer have the fears that accompany the material realm. The awareness of the presence of multiple realities allows you to see the bigger picture and gives you a sense of freedom.

10. Your life is transforming.

You notice that your life is ever-changing. Your outer world is a projecting your inner self, which causes it to begin to mirror your internal perspective.

As your third eye opens, you become receptive to new ideas and are unafraid of change.

11. You're becoming telepathic and clairvoyant.

The most exciting sign that your third eye is already open is your increasing telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. You understand what people are thinking before they act. You are suddenly able to send telepathic messages.

You also start seeing visions of things that will happen before they occur. Clairvoyance can also show up as a warning sign, urging you to be cautious about a person, a place, a situation or a circumstance.

12. You're looking for a purpose.

Now that you have connected with the source, you are no longer satisfied with just living. You know what your calling or your higher purpose is.

You are finally certain that your life is moving in the right direction.

13. Your creativity is at an all-time high.

We have two brains: the creative brain and the logical brain. Logical thinking is favored more than creative thinking in our society. Because of this, less importance is put on creativity.

The opening of the third eye helps you get back in touch with your creativity.

14. You experience astral projection.

There are multiple realities and being able to have an out-of-body experience where you go to the astral plane is a sure sign that your third eye is wide open. Astral projection can be dangerous, so make sure you are participating in a safe way.

15. You experience an ego death.

When your third eye opens, you become hyper-aware of times when your ego is versus your true self. You start doing the things that make you happy and pass on things that you might have previously done to feed your ego.

Opening your third eye opens you up to new perceptions of the world helps you see truths within yourself.

You can access your subconscious and become fully aware of what parts of you need to be healed. Change is scary, but what’s scarier is staying the same and expecting a different result.

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