What Is Astral Projection & How To Have Your Own Out-Of-Body Experience

Astral projection is easier than you think.

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While many of us have heard of lucid dreaming, the psychic phenomenon bilocation, or even more terrifying experiences like sleep paralysis, a phenomenon that's even more mysterious is astral projection. It's so mysterious, in fact, that there is "no scientific evidence that astral projection as an objective phenomenon exists."

What is astral projection?

Astral projection, or Out-of-Body Experience (O.B.E.), has been described as a combination of a wakeful dream and a near-death experience. It's the feeling of your astral body separating from your physical self, and keeping your mind awake while your body sleeps.


Not everybody intentionally has an O.B.E. — they can also happen when someone is very ill or close to death. Astral projection is a bit like an art because you're in control of entering and leaving your out-of-body experience.

As bizarre as it may sound, astral projection has been around for a very long time. There are documented instances of ancient Egyptians and Greeks using astral projecting as a method to go beyond the physical realm.

These experiences are life-changing, and are proven true when people reveal things they learned during astral projection that they couldn't have known any other way.


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The truth is, astral projection can be reasonably easy to do. You might not get it on the first try and it can take some practice, but if you have an open attitude, make a conscious effort, and are determined to not give up, you will be successful.

Our conscious minds are limitless and thrive on exploration, and out-of-body experiences help us to do just that. But in order to have a good experience, there are useful practices to keep in mind, no matter what method you use.


How to Prepare for Astral Projection

1. Before you do anything, check your attitude.

If you're not feeling it and don't believe this is something real that you can do, don't waste your time.

If you're scared about the prospect of leaving your body, reschedule for another time when you've worked out your fears and concerns, and are feeling excited about an out-of-body experience.

Your subconscious mind will shut down any attempt to astral project if it senses you're afraid. To successfully astral project, you need a deep desire to have it happen.

2. Remember that timing is essential.

It's critical that you choose a time when you won't be disturbed. Most people recommend doing it when you're alone.


You want to get your brain in the right wave state, and it would be frustrating to get it there only to be interrupted. Think about how you would feel if you were astral projecting, and someone tried to wake you up while your soul or astral body was projecting.

Although you might think that nighttime is the best time to have an out-of-body experience, that's not necessarily true. Many believe that mornings are better, especially if you're slightly drowsy.

3. You need to be comfortable and relaxed.

Many people prefer lying on a bed or being on pillows on the floor — whatever is your go-to place of comfort. You'll want the room to be dark and quiet, so both sleep masks and headphones are recommended.

What are the methods of astral projection?

Though there are many methods, there are three main ones to consider. Once you master one or more of them, you'll have the confidence to try other methods.


Basic Astral Projection Method

Although there's no law saying that you can't astral project when you want, there's the belief that it's easier to reach the desired state of relaxation and elevated awareness around dawn.

Astral projection is a solo adventure, so if you usually sleep with a partner, go to another room. Make sure that the room is dark and quiet.

Step 1. Lie down and release any tension in your body.

If lying on your back is comfortable for you, do that. Close your eyes and listen to the silence. Get rid of any distracting or toxic thoughts.

Starting with your toes, tense and release each part of your body until you're feeling completely relaxed.


Step 2. Focus on your breathing by taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

Don't hold your breath — inhale and exhale with intent but not tension. If you're a fan of crystals, use a quartz crystal to help with heightening your vibrations.

Loosely hold the crystal on your third eye (which is slightly above the center of your eyebrows) with your eyes closed and breathing regulated. Visualize any color light you want.

When astral traveling, it's okay to hold the crystal in your hand, or put it on your chest or stomach. Because of the crystal's powers, it will act as extra protection against any negative energies.

Step 3. Begin the hypnagogic state or hypnotic state.

You want to approach sleep without entirely losing consciousness. Your goal is that area that's right between being awake and being asleep.


To get there, try focusing on an object in the room and stare at it until you know every detail perfectly. Close your eyes and continue to visualize your object.

After a bit, widen your focus and visualize things around your object until you imagine the entire room. Keeping your eyes shut, concentrate on looking at the darkness.

After a while, you may see various light patterns flicker across your eyes. Do not become alarmed. Ignore them and they'll disappear. Once they're gone, you'll know that you've entered a more heightened state of relaxation and will no longer be aware of your physical body.

You're now entering into a state of vibrations. Some people report that these vibrations come in on different frequencies as your soul prepares to leave your body. It's crucial that you don't get scared. If your subconscious senses fear, you won't be able to leave your body.


Step 4. Use your mind to move your soul from your body.

Think back to the room you were envisioning a few moments ago. Now, in your mind only, move your body to stand up. Feel yourself sitting up, looking around, getting off the bed, and walking across the room without moving your physical body.

If you feel as though you're looking at your body from across the room, your conscious self is a separate entity from your physical body.

When the thought appears that you want to go back to your body, you'll immediately be sent back. Once you've re-entered your body, physically move your fingers and toes, and slowly let yourself regain full consciousness.

Your soul is always connected to your body with an invisible force, also called a silver cord. So, there should be no fear that you won't be able to get back to your body.


Once you've had a successful out-of-body experience, you can try expanding the area in which you travel. When you want to go further, don't look back at your body; look ahead, leave the room and go to another room.

Each time you astral project, go to locations that are unknown to you, and be sure to make notes on the details, especially regarding things you've never noticed before.

After the session, verify the details. This will help prove that you were successful in astral projecting and help build your confidence.

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Waking Back to Bed Method

For this method, you'll want to set the alarm to go off six hours after you go to bed. This is because the most extended and most constant R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) period tends to be six hours after you go to sleep.


R.E. M. is the stage of sleep in which you're closest to being awake and alert, and that's precisely the state you're trying to achieve with an out-of-body experience. The R.E.M. stage is helpful but not required if you don't get there before waking up.

Step 1. Wake up when the alarm rings and get up.

Go to the bathroom or get a drink of water — do something that doesn't take a lot of thought or energy.

Step 2. After about ten minutes, go back to bed.

As you're lying there, close your eyes and say, "I'm going to be awake and aware as my body falls asleep," or, "My body is going to sleep, but my mind is staying alert."

If you're wearing headphones, listen to some Binaural Beats, which is when you hear two tones with slightly different frequencies in each ear, and your brain processes a beat at the difference of the frequencies.


Binaural Beats are considered auditory illusions and are thought of as a deeper meditative state. They have many health benefits, and help aid in astral projecting by reducing anxiety, increasing focus and concentration, and increasing relaxation.

Step 3. Induce the body asleep/mind awake state by using visualizations and affirmations.

These can include phrases such as:

  • "My mind is ready for astral projection."
  • "I am leaving my body."
  • "I am relaxed and at peace."
  • "I am prepared for astral travel."
  • "I am sure that I can achieve astral projection."

Step 4. Visualize in detail a physical activity you know well.

Let's say you groom your cat every day. Think about how your cat's fur and the brush feels, the sound of your cat's purr, the room, and how their coat looks after proper brushing.


Fall asleep with a sense of excitement, but don't fall completely asleep. Look for the hypnagogic sensations. Any sound or visual image is a sign that it's working. You may hear a terrifyingly loud noise, but remain calm. The noise isn't in your ears but your mind.

When the noise stops, you're ready to take the next step.

Step 5. Create the sensation that you're rolling out of bed onto the floor, but only your energy body will roll.

You'll find yourself floating. Stay aware and engaged, so your consciousness will know that you chose to be out of your body.

The first time you get to this point, you may get so excited that you achieved your goal of astral projection that you will end the experience and find yourself back in your body.


The Rope Method

This one may take a few sessions of practice, and it's recommended to try this particular method after having a full night of sleep. This way, you won't fall asleep during the process.

Step 1. Follow initial instructions from the Basic Astral Projection method.

Everything is the same as the first method and starts at the part where you're feeling all the vibrations. Your eyes are still closed, you're relaxed, and feeling as if you're an expert of out-of-body-experiences.

Step 2. Picture a long rope hanging above your head.

Without moving your physical body or opening your eyes, visualize reaching up towards the rope. You grab the rope, bring your hand back into your physical body, slowing down the vibrations, and ending the session.

Step 3. Once you're wide awake and attentive, start again.

Do all the steps leading up to when you grabbed the rope, but this time, instead of stopping at one hand, imagine your other hand grabbing the line and pulling yourself up as if you were climbing the rope.


Focus on climbing the rope and don't stop until you feel your entire self as an entirely separate entity from your body. You'll realize that you're now hovering over your body and that you're free to roam where you want to.

These are just a few ways to astral project, but they're good starting points. The more you practice, the better you'll get. Astral projection is something achievable, and could be the thing that helps you explore the world.

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