10 Signs You're Under A Psychic Attack & Someone Is Sending You Bad Energy

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Many people are affected by chronic conditions that may or may not have a medical diagnosis. Those can be things that impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

When you identify and treat symptoms, it changes your life. But there are some conditions that transcend the medical and mental health fields and are the result of a psychic attack.

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What is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack is negative energy intentionally sent in your direction to block your blessings and wreak havoc on your peace of mind.

These attacks come from a source of very low vibration with a goal of lowering your vibration. They can be sent from anywhere and you don’t have to be in close proximity to fall victim.

A psychic attack can be conscious or subconscious, and is expressly meant to inflict harm on you or your loved ones. 

According to TikToker Red Fairy Tarot, "The spiritual form of a psychic attack manifests in sleep paralysis, nightmares, and feeling a sudden shift in your mood towards a low vibration. Also, it can manifest in a series of bad luck caused by the evil eye, or black magic sent to you from someone envious."



"In its physical form," she continues, "a psychic attack could manifest itself in people that harass you and harm you. Mentally, spiritually and physically, bullies that are in a low vibration, just like negative spirits — these people feed off fear and your negative energy."

10 Signs of a Psychic Attack

There are many ways to determine whether or not you are under psychic attack. The ability to recognize the signs is absolutely necessary in stopping any negative energy directed at you.

1. It feels like you’re being watched.

The feeling that someone with ill intent is watching you can be terrifying. It is also one of the signs that a psychic attack has been unleashed onto you.

2. You have a feeling of heaviness.

If it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you may be under psychic attack. Negativity is a heavy load, and you may be carrying more than your fair share.

3. You hear voices.

Have you ever sworn you heard someone speaking and turn around only to find yourself alone?

You may not be just imagining things. The presence of voices seemingly in your head could be a hint you are under psychic attack.

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4. You're having scary thoughts, nightmares or visions.

If you have been having more nightmares than usual or are imagining scary things that pop into your head involuntarily, the problem might not be you. Someone might be attacking you psychically.

These nightmares or visions can be very vivid and, for some, will make them unable to fall asleep for fear of the terror that awaits them.

5. You feel unexplained pains.

Another sign of being under psychic attack is the recurrence of sharp pains that are unexplained by your doctor. If you are otherwise healthy and experiencing this, you could be under attack.

6. You're tired and fatigued.

If your energy is getting lower and lower by the moment without any logical explanation, you might be under psychic attack. What better way to inhibit your progress than to incapacitate you?



7. Your intuition is off.

If you’ve been feeling as if you are unable to tune into that internal compass that guides your decisions and actions, someone may be attacking you by blocking your intuition.

8. You're losing things.

You are usually great at knowing exactly where to find items of importance, but nowadays, you are losing things left and right. This is a clear sign that you are under psychic attack.

9. You're accident-prone.

Little things like stubbing a toe or breaking a glass are inconsequential on their own, but a continuous string of small inconveniences is no accident. It might mean you are under attack.

10. You're suddenly besieged with strange symptoms after receiving a gift.

One clear indication you are under psychic attack is the presence of symptoms that impact your physical, mental, or emotional health after receiving a surprise gift from someone.

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