18 Powerful Crystals & Stones That Protect Empaths

Protect your energy.

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The right crystal can provide you protection, but knowing what type of stone to use (and what it looks like) is hard to do.

An empath is someone who feels things deeply, so they should familiarize themselves with the various meanings and purposes that certain gemstones have. Because, luckily, there are specific protection crystals and stones meant to dispel negative energies.

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Certain cultures advocate the use of stones to guard against people who drain energy fast. Since empaths are people who feel for others, they need to take breaks and set time to recharge themselves so as not to feel overwhelmed.

They are highly sensitive, intuitive, and absorb both positive and negative energies from others. The need to care for people and their surroundings comes naturally to them; however, it can be draining emotionally.

A clear mind in a difficult situation is better than a cluttered one. ​And protective stones can help to separate personal feelings and balance emotions. Wearing the correct crystal can make empaths feel safe from physical or emotional harm when energy vampires are around.


What are protection stones?

Protection stones are gems or crystals used for protection against bad energy. Protection stones have abilities that keep the wearer mentally, emotionally, and spiritually safe.

These stones repel negative or unwanted energies around you and remove any negative emotions within you. They also attract positive energy.

Protection stones have metaphysical properties that emit certain levels of vibrations, making you more attuned to elements that make a balanced, peaceful, and safe environment. There are several powerful crystals you can use for this purpose.

18 Best Protection Crystals & Stones For Empaths

1. Black Tourmaline

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Known for its powerful protection against negative energy, black tourmaline links to the electrical force around one’s aura. It stops lower-vibe energy and psychic debris from attaching and transmutes it into positive.

This stone is good for empaths that attract negative people, and empaths who feel ungrounded or lack positive mindsets.

How to use black tourmaline for protection: Keep a piece in your pocket during work or at social events.

2. Hematite

protection crystals and stones hematitePhoto: Anastasia Bulanova/Shutterstock


Also known as the stone for the mind, hematite acts as a shield that deflects unwanted energies and vibrations. It’s one of the strongest stones for grounding and helps empaths from becoming emotionally overwhelmed.

Hematite is good for those who feel like their days are dark and want to remain centered, or want to avoid those who drain them easily.

How to use hematite for protection: Wear the stone as jewelry to gain its protective energy.

3. Malachite

protection crystals and stones malachitePhoto: Minakryn Ruslan/Shutterstock


Having the power to clear and release stagnant energy, malachite (the stone of transformation) allows one to be themselves. It unbalances the heart chakra from being overwhelmed and returns balance while strengthening a sense of compassion.

It can be toxic in its natural form, so fair warning that needs to be cleaned regularly. You can also invest in a tumbled piece of malachite when purchasing the stone.

How to use malachite for protection: Carry it in your pocket when you have to be around people for a long period of time.

4. Amethyst

protection crystals and stones amethystPhoto: Christy Liem/Shutterstock


A stone for spirituality, contentment and meditation, amethyst has a high vibration that protects one’s energy field. It's great for clearing your aura to remain calm, and boosts psychic ability and sharpens empathic intuition by opening the third eye.

Using amethyst while meditating also helps to gain a higher state of consciousness.

How to use amethyst for protection: Keep a cluster of amethyst in your home to block any negative energies that come your way.

5. Lapis Lazuli

protection crystals and stones lapis lazuliPhoto: Oliver Mohr/Shutterstock


Helping to trust one’s intuition about others, Lapis Lazuli is the stone of friendship, truth, and awareness that attracts people naturally who need help.

It teaches you to respond with information appropriately and improves your ability to protect, repair and strengthen the auric field, while also providing auric maintenance.

This stone is best for complete protection while speaking spiritual truths.

How to use Lapis Lazuli for protection: Wear it around the throat chakra.

6. Fluorite

protection crystals and stones fluoritePhoto: olpo/Shutterstock


Coming in an array of colors, fluorite balances several chakras, including the heart, throat, and third eye. It heightens psychic and intuitive abilities while neutralizing harmful energies.

Its structure makes grounding energy easy and helps keep healthy boundaries while helping to overcome any intense situations.

How to use fluorite for protection: Place it in your home to absorb and neutralize negative energy.

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7. Black Obsidian

protection crystals and stones black obsidianPhoto: vvoe/Shutterstock.com


With fiery protective energy, black obsidian keeps unwanted negative energies away by providing a barrier from outside influences and emotionally needy people. The stone helps you see the truth in the situation while keeping neutral, and brings imbalances to the surface to be released.

Black obsidian helps to ground those who feel heavy from negative energy, experience shock or trauma, or sense those talking negatively about themselves.

How to use black obsidian for protection: Wear jewelry or keep it in your pocket when going into an energy-depleting social event.

8. Lepidolite

protection crystals and stones lepidolitePhoto: vvoe/Shutterstock


Reducing absorbed stress, fear and anxiety, lepidolite is the stone of transition and peace, and helps to bring a calming influence. Acting as a filter, it keeps outside influences away so you are less affected by others' negativity.

It also aids in supporting emotional imbalances and restores those imbalances caused by outside emotions.

How to use lepidolite for protection: Place it under your pillow for relief while sleeping.

9. Smoky Quartz

protection crystals and stones smoky quartzPhoto: Roy Palmer/Shutterstock


A stone of cooperation, smoky quartz is best for people who absorb lower energies. It transmutes unlimited amounts of negative energy and connects to the root chakra. It encourages one to let go of feelings, thoughts, and emotions that don’t help one’s best interest.

How to use smoky quartz for protection: Place it around the house to dispel negative energy.

10. Clear Quartz

protection crystals and stones clear quartzPhoto: KrimKate / Shutterstock


Used to release, absorb, store and regulate energy, clear quartz resonates with all chakras and focuses on the crown and third eye. Also known as the “master healer,” the stone amplifies one’s energy and thoughts and brings inner balance.

Clear quartz increases awareness, improves perceptions, and dispels feelings of negativity while encouraging positive feelings and thoughts.

How to use clear quartz for protection: Place it around your house when you want to expand your energy field and protect your aura.

11. Citrine

protection crystals and stones citrinePhoto: Roy Palmer/Shutterstock.com


Also called the success stone, citrine contains natural healing and balancing energy. It connects warmth, comfort and power, and encourages personal will along with the realization of hopes, dreams, and free thinking.

Energy is activated and directs creativity, intelligent decisiveness, and personal power to enhance the body, along with protection from unwanted blocked energies. Citrine can also be used to attract luck.

How to use citrine for protection: To boost your energy while going about your day, wear it around your neck or place it around your house. It helps to take away feelings of extreme exhaustion and stress while keeping calm.

12. Rose Quartz

protection crystals and stones rose quartzPhoto: Tycson1/Shutterstock


A stone of universal love, rose quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love, and purifies the heart to open its levels of love, friendship, deep inner healing, and peace.

Its healing properties wash out toxic energies and emotions that are trapped, and dispels fear and suspicion that poison a person’s outlook. The stone brings healing while stimulating the heart chakra and brings both into balance.

How to use rose quartz for protection: While meditating, hold it close to your heart to bring love and compassion in, and let it clear your mind while you sit with your emotions.

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13. Labradorite

protection crystals and stones labradoritePhoto: Julia Faranchuk/Shutterstock

By protecting against energy from others, labradorite lifts insecurities about life while providing strength. The stone also boosts psychic abilities and sharpens intuition, stimulates one’s imagination, and relaxes minds that become overactive.

Labradorite brings in luck and invites transformation by removing bad habits, thoughts, and feelings preventing you from reaching your full potential.


How to use labradorite for protection: While meditating, keep it near you to clear your aura and to seal in good energy from escaping.

14. Moonstone

protection crystals and stones moonstonePhoto: J. Palys/Shutterstock

Attracting good fortune, moonstone amplifies inner growth and strength. It calms and soothes stress for those who deal with emotional instability while stabilizing the mind. Moonstone also opens the heart and sacral chakra to increase psychic abilities and stimulate inner growth.


How to use moonstone for protection: Keep it near your bed to normalize a sleep cycle, as it uses the moon to heal and support normal rhythms.

15. Fire Agate

protection crystals and stones fire agatePhoto: Minakryn Ruslan/Shutterstock

Known as a stone of the spiritual flame of absolute perfection, fire agate creates an impermeable shield and sends unwarranted negative energy back to its source. It uses calming energy to ground and aids in building a protective shield around one’s body to deflect outside harm.


Its vibration brings a flow of spiritual energy that goes through the entire being and aids in psychic protection, boosts creativity and sexuality, and works with the lower three chakras below the heart.

How to use fire agate for protection: To feel safe and secure, keep it in your pocket or wear it around your neck throughout the day. It resonates with a spiritual blaze that soothes and calms the body.

16. Purple Jade

protection crystals and stones purple jadePhoto: Mark Brandon/Shutterstock


Used for grounding and protection, purple jade opens the crown and third eye chakra. It helps distinguish one’s energy from others and keeps open access to mental and spiritual clarity. Purple jade is a stone of discernment and it grounds one to the earth.

How to use purple jade for protection: Keep it in your pocket during the day for protection from outside emotions while engaging with others.

17. Lodestone

protection crystals and stones lodestonePhoto: vvoe/Shutterstock


A magnetite stone, lodestone retains the natural magnetic energy within oneself. It balances the polarities within the EMF and auric field, and helps to strengthen, stabilize and balance the energy field. It helps with any of the psychic overloads that were taken in too much.

How to use lodestone for protection: While meditating, keep it near you to re-energize after being drained or to re-balance.

18. Sugilite

protection crystals and stones sugilitePhoto: Gozzoli/Shutterstock


Aligning with the body, sugilite allows you to work with an energetic shield of protection. It helps balance the electromagnetic field while enhancing the third eye and crown chakra.

The stone assists with keeping up the shield to keep energy-draining emotions from the body, along with making one impervious to negative influences.

How to use sugilite for protection: Hold it close to you to keep away intrusive emotions that prevent entity attachment.

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