Obsidian Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

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Obsidian Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

Obsidian is an energy stone admired and used for its protective properties and metaphysical benefits.

Obsidian is used to protect its wearer.

How Obsidian is formed is symbolic of its metaphysical properties, meaning, and use in energy medicine.

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This lustrous rock can be found in nature, but it's easily accessible in stores.

Intense, mysterious, and psychically potent, the Obsidian crystal captivates as much as it can perplex the curious collector.

Here's an overview of Obsidian, including its metaphysical properties, meaning, and uses:

Obsidian meaning

Obsidian is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio and the Life Path Number 1.

The word Obsidian means 'volcanic glass'.

Obsidian is formed after molten lava cools quickly and it looks like volcanic glass.

Obsidian uses

The Obsidian definition also links itself to the root chakra.

Whether that system is the rotating planets or your interweaving lights and darks, Obsidian is a centering force that stabilizes and balances the system.

This rock works by strengthening the root chakra.

Obsidian is used to encourage personal, inner power and to root out fear.

Some use Obsidian to ward off anxieties and other toxic negativities in the environment.

Obsidian is also used to shield your sleep and protect its wearer from anything that stands in the way of their deepest desires.

Obsidian metaphysical properties

Are your other magical stones losing their power? Incorporate Obsidian into your collection and you’ll find their lost potential restored and their activity deeper and more potent than before.

Transformative, this enigmatic crystal transforms nearby stones by resonating or magnifying their healing energy.

Just as this stone can enhance the healing properties of other magical rocks, Obsidian can enhance your healing properties as well.

Do you have anyone in your life who needs your help? Or, do you need to help yourself? Either way, carry this obsidian with you as your trusted guardian.

You’ll find the strength and patience to nourish others or yourself to satisfaction and health.

The obsidian crystal also grounds you to the earth and stabilizes you.

This makes this radiant rock excellent for gathering dispersed energies, restoring yourself to wholeness. Spread too thin? Hold the crystal.

Go ahead and feel its warm and lacquered skin. You’ll find your root chakra restored to harmony.

Like a muscle, the energy center that anchors you securely to the earth—your spiritual nourishment—will strengthen thanks to this rock’s grounding properties.

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Obsidian is used for protection, security, and shielding from negative energy.

We have long associated Obsidian with protection, security, and shielding.

This is why our paleo ancestors adorned their homes with this precious material. For this reason, we recommend this guardian force for your home or office.

This rock works like a sponge for absorbing electromagnetic radiation.

This makes Obsidian a powerful and essential addition to the modern home, cleansing its chakras of any negativity that could collect inside of you.

Ancient use of Obsidian

Finally, Obsidian is a stone of spirit.

From the Aztecs to the ancient Sumerians, ancient and grounded cultures have used Obsidian to stargaze and obtain prophecies from planets. We all know how stingy planets can be for diving in the future!

Moreover, this stone has long been an important addition to spiritual journeys.

In the midst of rituals and awakenings, this stone protects and guards the psyche against malevolent negativities.

Obsidian protects the user from toxins in the environment.

The person who wears an Obsidian stone deflects the draining energy of needy people such as energy vampires.

Obsidian taps into your dark element.

The alchemical layering of light and dark forms the human soul, but does not conflate darkness with the Judeo-Christian notion of evil.

Just as the planets rotating have a dark side, so do you.

Just as it is absurd to assume the moon's dark side is affiliated with malevolence and viciousness, it is likewise misguided to regard your darkness as an inherent evil.

Nevertheless, negativity can collect inside you in the same way as toxins, accumulating over time, can coagulate and form over time into a rapacious ball of disease.

Some energy workers believe that the Obsidian crystal can guard against this.

Like medicine, the stone can clear out negativity from the psyche and show you the path to clarity and love.

Ever since our Paleolithic forbears gingerly combed through lacquered stones for their magical properties, Obsidian was cherished for its penetrating and glossy sheen.

Perhaps our ancestors gleaned this rock’s mysterious force from its ferocious lineage: volcanoes were often feared as much as they were glorified for their power and girth.

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