Malachite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

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Malachite Meaning & Metaphysical Properties

With many different metaphysical meanings and uses and properties, malachite, the light and dark green-swirled gemstone that represents abundance, good luck, self-confidence, and transformation. 

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Because of its green color, malachite has ties to nature and energy. 

Acting as a grounded reminder of the life we’ve been given, the malachite gem promotes physical and emotional well-being. 

The natural environment around us strives for fertility and malachite does just that. 

Here's the meaning and metaphysical properties of malachite:

Malachite is tied to the heart chakra.

Malachite symbolizes wealth and prosperity. 

Malachite has also been linked to jealousy and ill-heartedness. 

Any imbalance in your heart will point to anger, grief, inability to commit, or self-hatred. 

As a spiritual symbol, malachite seems to enhance clarity within relationships. 

Malachite has protective powers and aims to support in times of change. 

The meaning of malachite is strength and confidence to remove anyone or thing that is interfering with your happiness. 

It’s a representation of the kind of life we should lead — one that is full of contentment and peace among troubles. 

Although malachite has many meanings, they are all rooted in growth. 

Whether it’s in a spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical sense, malachite symbolizes improvement. 

Even the negative attributes of jealousy and hatred can be improved upon. 

Malachite shows us that we will come to know both the good and the bad of the world. 

It represents the calamity and power needed to handle both aspects of life. 

There are also some viable uses to malachite that further magnify its significance

Metaphysical properties of malachite

Over the years, malachite has been used to cure many physical ailments. 

While there has been no scientific evidence that it works, the intent is still there. 

Commonly referred to as the “Midwife Stone,” malachite aids in female problems such as relieving menstrual cramps and easing the pain of childbirth. 

As it aligns with one of its meanings, malachite is also said to increase fertility. 

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Since it’s a very natural stone, it can help boost the immune system and fight off diseases such as malaria. 

In addition, it may help with asthma, stomach problems, and rheumatic pain

It is also believed that with its connection to the heart chakra, malachite can aid in heart disease. 

Emotionally, this stone is known to guide us in the right direction

Malachite encourages us to express our feelings and maintain positive relationships in our lives. 

It may also help battle depression and anxiety because of its healing properties. 

There is a distinct association between malachite and finding balance, as it helps us to better understand and accept the ups and downs of life. 

With an emphasis on removing any kind of blockage, malachite opens us up to new opportunities and areas for growth. 

It helps us put our visions into reality by acting as a reminder of the strength we possess. 

Spiritually, malachite is tied to our subconscious and may influence the dreams we have. 

As a result, it also fosters vivid memories and puts them into action within our conscious mind and way of life. 

Because of malachite’s various representations and metaphysical properties, it is often used in ways that better harness its energy. 

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Malachite uses

One of the most common ways that malachite is used is through meditation. 

It will help the meditator reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, allowing positive thoughts to come to mind. 

Since malachite is known for removing a blockage when used for meditation it promotes being washed away of negativity.

This could be negativity that surrounds the person themself or the people around them. 

Placing the malachite gem across your heart, with deep breathing, will remove any ill-feelings. 

The malachite stone will also do well within the house to remind its inhabitants of the importance of growth. 

For example, putting this stone in a child’s room will foster physical, mental, and emotional growth within them as they begin to have new experiences. 

Likewise, if you are starting a new project within the house, the significance of malachite can be seen by its given courage and wisdom to succeed. 

Some people like to keep malachite in their office space as a reminder of wealth and good fortune. 

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Perhaps you’ll find it best to absorb the meanings and healing properties of malachite in areas of your life that need improvement. 

Has a friend betrayed you and caused emotional turmoil?

Maybe you should consider putting a malachite gem near a photo of the two of you. 

This will inspire forgiveness and a solution to the problem while rendering clarity on the situation at hand. 

By being aware of the ways in which malachite can serve you, you can grasp the best placement and use for it.  

It’s clear that there are many different representations and metaphysical properties to malachite. 

This well-rounded gemstone is unlike any other and provides balanced energy within our lives. 

It is first and foremost grounded in nature, making way for all-natural things to come into fruition. 

That said, it aids in transformation and helps us see the importance of good and bad. 

Connected to the heart chakra, it removes any negativity, even the ones it possesses — envy and jealousy. 

With power and strength, malachite makes itself known. 

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