How To Move Crystals By Manipulating Energy, As Seen On TikTok

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how to move crystals

Attention all Star Wars fans, we may have just found the closest thing to using The Force. No surprise we found it on TikTok.

We all know that energy can't be created or destroyed, but can it be moved?

One of the big trends to hit #WitchTok is moving crystals with energy manipulation. Crystals are popular for healing and other spiritual purposes, while energy manipulation is the ability to generate, control, and manipulate various forms of energy. This trend has users posting videos of themselves manipulating their energy to move these spiritual items paired with fun music. Literally, the crystal moves on camera without being touched.

Sus? Maybe, but it sure is fun to try!​

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Is moving crystals through energy manipulation real?

As of right now, there is no solid source with concrete proof to validate if this trend is real. On the other hand, there are also no sources calling it a hoax.

The one thing that has some inkling of it being real is that some users say this trend is about Chi (Qi) energy, which is an established belief in the eastern hemisphere.



Chi (Qi) energy is a traditional Chinese culture that is believed to be a force forming part of any living entity. The word itself literally means vapor, air, or breath, and is often translated as vital force.

The scientific concept that could prove this works is if people are actually using static electricity to move the crystal instead of manipulating energy.

To move a crystal, people trying this trend do so by rubbing their hands and the crystal together for a period of time. This can cause static electricity to form and thus move the crystal. Static electricity has been proven to be able to move lightweight objects, but it isn't energy manipulation. And crystals are probably too heavy.

Now that people are making spiritual practices more mainstream, we may have an answer in the near future. For now though, whose to say what's real or not?

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How to Move Crystals by Manipulating Energy

Step 1

To get started you'll need to rub your hands together for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 2

Once finished, you'll grab a crystal and rub it between your hands for another 20-30 seconds. It's recommended that you start with a smaller one and work your way up.

Step 3

Finally, you'll lay the crystals flat on your hand and then use your other hand to "push the energy."



Even if it's not scientifically proven yet, it's still fun to try. So go ahead and test your mental and spiritual abilities.

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