30 Signs Your Energy Is On A Low Vibrational Frequency

You hate to see other people happy.

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Life is filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

It’s perfectly normal for a person’s mood to swing back and forth based on what’s going on in their life. But your vibrational frequency is a little different.

This is energy in motion used to dictate how you navigate life. Your vibration can impact how you manifest the things you want in your life.

What does it mean to have a low vibration?

When your vibrating energies are low, you will be filled with fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions. The negative energy you give off will limit your thoughts and beliefs, thereby rendering you useless.


If you have a high vibration, you are in a good mood, feeling positive, overcome with love, compassion, and a sense of peace. Staying at high frequencies can help you to feel good, even in challenging times.

A low vibration is brought on by a generally negative outlook on life. It can be connected to the people and places you associate yourself with, worrying, overthinking, indulging in unhappy thoughts, or negative self-talk.

It’s important to recognize when you are vibrating at a low frequency so you break bad habits that have an adverse impact on your life, stop being closed-minded, and do the work to raise your vibration.

30 Signs of Low Vibrational People

1. You're lost in life.

If you are stuck in one place and unsure about which direction to go, you may be vibrating at low energy. It’s hard to access your internal compass when negativity is blocking your vision.

2. You bury your feelings.

You find yourself feeling jealous and resentful often. These toxic, bitter feelings are a direct result of a low vibrational frequency.


3. You feel sick, but you are medically fine.

You’ve been back and forth to the doctor about the fatigue and exhaustion that plague you. There is nothing wrong, but you can’t seem to shake the tiredness. Your vibration is low.

4. You have no goals or aspirations.

Because you are lost, you have no achievements you are striving for. You know that you should have goals and aspirations, but you can’t seem to get focused and decide what you want.

5. You simply don’t care anymore.

Nothing about your life motivates you. Your self-care is suffering, your house is in shambles, and you no longer care what happens to you or anyone else.

6. Guilt is eating you alive.

You are dwelling on things that you’ve done wrong in the past. You actively seek things to feel guilty about subconsciously. It’s your way of punishing yourself and is a manifestation of your low vibration.


7. You have a problem for every solution.

There are no good answers to the questions that bother you constantly. Nothing is good enough. No plans will work out. In your mind, change is impossible.

8. You're full of yourself.

It’s all about you, even when it isn’t. Instead of considering how your words or actions will affect others, your primary focus is on yourself and your individual needs.

9. You're a complainer.

Nothing is good enough for you. You find fault in everything and everybody. Your pessimistic outlook blocks your ability to see the good in people and situations.

10. You have a lot of bad habits.

Over time, you have picked up several bad habits. You are fully aware that your vices and behaviors are unacceptable, yet you have no intention of addressing them. Instead, you pretend they don’t exist.


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11. You're argumentative.

Any time someone expresses their thoughts or opinions to you, an argument ensues. You have a nasty habit of picking unnecessary fights and can’t get along with anyone. The common denominator is you.

12. You're physically unfit.

What is going on inside you can easily translate to your outward appearance. If you find yourself unwilling or unable to participate in activities that benefit your health, your vibration is low.

13. You never give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

The first place your mind goes is to the gutter. You assume ill intent and fail to see the possibility that people are being genuine with you.


14. You're slow to forgive.

Forgiveness is foreign to you. You can hold a grudge until the end of time. But other people are not the only victims of your vitriol. The person you have the hardest time forgiving is yourself.

15. You're a taker who seeks attention.

Instead of participating in reciprocal relationships, you are an absolute taker. You constantly need people to do something for you or give you their resources.

16. Happy people irritate you.

The idea of someone happily living life to the fullest really gets under your skin. You cringe when other people smile or laugh out loud because, deep down, you know you can’t do the same.

17. You lack patience.

Your tolerance for anything that doesn’t serve you is ultra-low. You are impatient with others and quick to fly off the handle at the smallest perceived slight.


18. You ponder death.

If you find yourself believing that life is pointless and that you’d be better off dead, your vibration is the lowest of the low. This particular symptom needs immediate intervention from a trained psychologist.

19. You don’t believe in yourself.

Self-doubt is always present in your mind. You believe that other people are born with natural talents and abilities, but you can’t seem to find a single thing you are good at.

20. You're waiting for something to happen.

Instead of taking charge of your life, you sit and wait for the solution to just fall out of the sky. You don’t do anything to make it happen, you simply hope someone will come along and fix your life.

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21. You don’t like it when good things happen.

Everything is too good to be true in your book. If a friend meets a great guy or girl, you try to find negative traits to turn them off. If you land an opportunity, you wait for it to fall through.

22. You’re antisocial.

Nobody likes you. At least that’s what your low-vibrating mind tells you. You have a hard time making and keeping friends because it’s hard to accept that anyone could truly like you.

23. People tiptoe around you.

You make people uncomfortable. They never know when you will take offense or blow up, so they walk on eggshells to avoid your ire. You bring a gray cloud when you enter the room, and everyone notices.

24. You’re judgmental.

The fact that you don’t think highly of yourself doesn’t stop you from scrutinizing other people. No one is ever good enough. Your mind is closed and it is your way or the highway.


25. You think you’re the smartest person in the world.

You know everything and want to be right at all costs. People that vibrate highly accept that they should always be learning and growing. But low vibrational people have no interest in maturing.

26. You’re insecure.

A lot of your bad habits are birthed out of your own insecurities. You feel that you haven’t reached the highest of heights in your own life, so you take your lack of self-love out on others.

27. Rich people bother you.

You think people with money only care about money. For you, money is the root of all evil and anyone with money is only rich because life is unfair to the poor. You stay as far away from them as possible.


28. You love to gossip.

No one’s secrets are safe with you. Gossiping makes you feel empowered because you get an opportunity to knock another person down a notch or two.

29. You feel like life is just unfair.

You take no accountability for your station in life. You blame your failures on anything but you. Low vibrational people always feel like life handed them the wrong cards.

30. You're defensive.

Telling a person who is working with negative energy anything about themselves is a big mistake. They will lash out and the conversation will be unproductive. If you reject feedback, you are not vibrating highly.

What to Do if You Have a Low Vibration

If you have several of the signs of low vibration, all hope is not lost. There are things you can do to raise your vibration and manifest the life you want.


Meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, forgiveness, positive affirmations, and self-care — these are just a few ways you can get back on track and stop getting in your own way.

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