How To Manifest Your Hopes & Dreams Without Hurting Anyone Else

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What do you think about, wish for, and dream of, from the deepest place of your heart?

Are your desires loving and well-wishing for yourself and others?

On rare occasions have you thought about a person suffering defeat or possibly falling ill? The last question may seem crazy, but many people live in a world that believes for one to succeed, another must fail. 

All over the world we can see power struggles taking place. It might be in an election, war, workplace or even within families. It’s human nature to have likes and dislikes and compare the two. The real problem occurs when we can’t look objectively at our choices.

If you ever find yourself making excuses or justifying your behavior, chances are, you have stepped out of alignment with your truth.

When this happens, it will feel like you are moving through life in a cloud of chaos and distractions. The farther from your truth that you drift, the heavier your burdens become.

You may wonder if thinking bad thoughts about another hurts anyone?

Chances are you don’t do this often, or at all. It’s when you are spending significant time and energy thinking negatively about a person or people, that problems occur. The harm comes to the person stuck in the painful and low vibrational wishing another ill will.

Will the result be karmic or the law of attraction at work? It doesn’t matter, if you are thinking unhealthy thoughts, you will be served unhealthy life situations. 

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Eight ways to shift your mindset and manifest responsibly

1. Learn to trust the Universe and all she provides. 

The key to this is knowing you will be provided for. How it will show up, is a mystery. This might require some unlearning if you were raised with the idea of hard work and sacrifice being the only path to success. 

Living with awareness allows us to recognize that when we honor our truth, the world balances out. There is no need to compare. There is no need to steal. There is no need to do anything that is not aligned with love, and an open heart.

Our individual truth provides clarity of our purpose and is aligned with joy.

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2. Do what you love to do. 

Chances are you’re really good at it. See where it leads you. Don’t listen to other’s fears as to why you shouldn’t follow your dreams.

3. Honor the rhythm and mystery of life.

This is the breath of the creator. The Universe has a method of delivering opportunity and blessings into our world in unexpected nonlinear ways. Looking back at our journey, we can see how everything unfolded perfectly.

4. Let go of what no longer fits in your life. 

Offering up space for goodness to be received, is required when living in the flow of abundance.

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5. Live with gratitude. 

Notice all that flows into your life. Recognize your connection to all. Each of us contributes and receives in the divine matrix of abundance.

6. Allow others to live in a way where they thrive. 

Letting go and not controlling others in your life is huge. It can be scary to take a leap of faith and live in a way that allows everyone to thrive. Recognizing it is impossible to control the world will bring great peace to you.

7. Celebrate others’ joy and success.

Give thanks, even when it is for others' success. Celebrate when your loved ones accomplish a goal or reach a milestone. 

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8. Let go of fear. 

When thoughts of lack creep into your mind, switch it up. Do something to change your energy and thoughts. Sometimes this requires a change of who you are spending time with. 

Occasionally, when I work with clients, they have a fear of success because they feel unworthy, or sometimes they are afraid they are taking an opportunity from another. 

You are worthy of success. When you live bravely in alignment with your heart, opportunities will always come to you.

Your success will cause a ripple of change, opening new doors for all others in alignment with their heart. We really do support each other and create the collective mindset together.

There is a way to live and manifest with grace and awareness. When you apply those ways, your life will shift in ways you would have never imagined or dreamed.

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Polly Wirum is a spiritual coach and psychic. She teaches clients how to discover their truth through astrological readings, intuitive life coaching, and psychic course offerings.

This article was originally published at Polly's website. Reprinted with permission from the author.