5 Signs You're Afflicted With The 'Evil Eye'

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Everyone has been given the "evil eye," as it's known, by someone at some point in their life.

You may have dismissed it as a harmless glare from someone who wasn’t too fond of you. But you might be overlooking the power of the evil eye.

In some cultures, it is believed that the evil eye is capable of causing injury, death, and misfortune. In Islamic religion, the evil eye is thought to transmit negative energy from one person to another due to jealousy or misdirected admiration.

Pregnant women, children, and animals are especially at risk for the bad luck associated with a person giving them the evil eye.

The evil eye, like many curses and hexes, can leave you with the feeling that something is off in your life. You might experience a string of bad luck or feel sick for no medical reason.

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The evil eye can come your way for the smallest of reasons. Maybe you shared an accomplishment on social media or got married and shared your happiness.

People who are full of envy and hatred are not in the same positive space you are in and take offense at what they perceive as you throwing your blessings in their face.

But how do you know if you have been afflicted with the evil eye? TikToker Professor B shared a few of the signs you've been afflicted with the evil eye and it's now affecting your life.



5 Signs You’ve Been Afflicted with the Evil Eye

1. You feel lazy.

One of the symptoms of the evil eye is feeling lazy or lackadaisical. You are suddenly very exhausted and don’t know why. This can also show up a excessing yawning.

Yawning is a result of being tired or mental and emotionally drained, despite getting adequate rest. This is a sign that someone has sent a lack of motivation and a spirit of procrastination your way.

2. You have physical symptoms.

There are several ways that the evil eye can impact your body.

It can show up as itching on the skin due to inflammation. Boils on the body when no infection is present is another signal you are experiencing the evil eye.

Another physical condition you might notice is unexplained bruising on the body, despite not recalling any injuries. Dark circles could form under your eyes, denoting negative energy around you.

Headaches are a common symptom that those who have a belief in the evil eye note. If you have excluded all medical explanations like dehydration, lack of sleep or nutrition and stress, the evil eye might be the culprit.

Shortness of breath can be attributed to the evil eye as well. Barring any diagnosis like heart attack, stroke, overexertion or injury, someone may be sending bad luck in your direction.

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3. You can’t stop burping and sneezing.

You know that you’re not sick at all. It’s not allergy season, but you continuously sneeze and are unable to stop. You may be experiencing the side effects of the evil eye.

Burping without cause is another way of knowing the evil eye is at play. It is a sense that something is inside you and needs to come out, so you burp to relieve the pressure.

4. You're unable to focus.

When the evil eye is shot toward you, it can keep you from being able to concentrate or think clearly. A sense of confusion will cloud your mind and you will be mentally drained.

This can also present as anxiety or depression due to the negativity now floating around in your head. This is especially true if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself after being completely fine.

5. You're fearful and angry.

Fear and anger are two of the most destructive ways that the evil eye shows up. You are scared you are sick, afraid you might die, or worried about the future and what it means for you.

You are easily upset and can’t seem to let go of the disdain you feel. These unproductive thoughts and emotions are paralyzing you and impeding your progress in life.

If you have been afflicted with the evil eye and are suffering from the symptoms above, there are a few ways to ward off the evil eye.

If you believe you are afflicted with the evil eye, the first thing to do is to take a bath. In Islamic culture, this is believed to be a way of washing away the bad vibes.

Cold showers can alleviate some of the physical issues like itchy skin and lethargy. As an added bonus, they can boost energy, increase blood circulation, bolster weight loss, and reduce any soreness.

Hot showers expand your airways, loosen mucus and congestion, and unblock your sinuses. They can also help with stress and anxiety and assist with relaxation.

Other things you can do include taking a break from social media, meditation, and prayer. But the most effective way to counteract the evil eye is to manifest your own destiny and fortune.

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