How Your Limiting Beliefs Are Stopping You From Manifesting More Money (& How To Fix It)

Stop letting them get in your way of living a full life.

How To Manifest Money & Abundance By Changing Limiting Beliefs Alexandra Kirr via Unsplash

Most of us have put money into a very special category.  

We sometimes imbue it with special properties that aren’t particularly helpful in creating the money we actually need in our lives. 

Within that category are all sorts of limiting beliefs about how money operates and how we manifest money.  

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We often think of it as Money,” - that very essential thing that is hard to come by and difficult to hold onto."

Even if we are law of attraction-savvy and are good at creating some things in our lives, like good health or satisfying relationships, which we generally think of as more important than money, we give money all sorts of special powers and limitations that put it into a class by itself when it comes to manifesting.

We have attached so many beliefs and limitations to the creation of something that is, in fact, just a form of energy like everything else.  

If we can take a step back and let go, even for a moment, of our preconceived ideas about money, it could feel that things, like good health and gratifying relationships would be more challenging to create than just some dollars in our wallet or bank account.


If we want to have an easy and reliable flow of money into our lives, we need to think about it more broadly.  

We need to put it within the broader category of abundance, while we also rethink what abundance actually means to us.

Abundance can feel like an easier word that doesn’t carry so much of the negative baggage that we have learned about money.  

That negative baggage can include beliefs such as: 

  • We don’t deserve it.
  • We’re not talented enough at what we do to create plenty of it.
  • It’s the root of all evil and not spiritual.
  • When we have lots of money, but we’re taking it away from others.
  • It’s burdensome when we have too much of it.
  • It’s only for people who have been born with certain advantages in life.
  • It’s only for people who are extremely clever at financial games.
  • It’s hard to hold onto and we need to hold on tight to what we have. 

Yet, even when we talk about manifesting abundance rather than money, we sometimes are also attaching that same negative baggage. 


Can you even feel yourself slightly wincing when you think about manifesting more “abundance”for yourself?

A new definition, one that leaves out the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, is in order.  

There is no good reason to continue to view abundance as difficult or even unattainable.

Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Does that definition give you even a slight feeling of relief? Thinking about being able to do what you need to do when you need to do it feels possible, even likely.  

We can even acknowledge many areas of our lives where we already have the ability to do what we need to do when we need to do it.


Could you come up with a list of aspects of your life where you totally have the ability to do what you need to do when you need to?  

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Let’s see here.  We need to sleep and we have a comfortable bed to sleep in just when we need it.  

We need to eat breakfast and there is generally food in our kitchen or at a breakfast spot.  We need to stay hydrated and we have access to plenty of water.

We need to get to work or to our workspace and we have the means to get there when we need to do it.  

We need to connect with a friend or family member and we have our amazing cell phone that allows us to get in touch with them immediately.  


We need information about a subject and we can find the answer within seconds by googling it.  

I hope that this is beginning to feel like, “Wait, I have a whole lot of abundance in my life already. I think I could appreciate all of that more than I do.”

So, yes, abundance can come in the form of money.  

Yet, there is actually nothing in this improved definition of abundance about money or any particular way that it needs to come. 

We’ve just been trained to think that money is the only true representation of abundance.  


When we think of abundance in that limited way, we are actually blocking off the other avenues through which abundance can come to us.  

We are unconsciously not perceiving those other things that give us the ability to do what we need to do when we need to do it as valuable or on the same plane as money.

And, that’s a limiting view that is denying us the freedom and ease that can be created by also having an easy flow of money in our lives.


When we allow every form of abundance in our lives to be equal, we allow that abundance to be delivered to us by the path of least resistance, whether it be money, gifts, or the creation of circumstances that allow us to do what we need to do when we need to do it.  

And the more we can relax into the feeling of lining up our energy with the flow of that broader definition of abundance, the faster and easier the process of manifesting abundance in every form we need will proceed.

The very powerful and interesting thing about this approach is that we actually only desire money because of the freedom and ease it gives us, which is really simply the ability to do what we need to do when we need to do it.

And, when we acknowledge and appreciate that freedom we already have in our lives, that thing called money can flow into our lives so much more easily.  


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Susan Shearer Young is a recognized Life Coach who focuses upon helping her clients to transform their lives by changing their “Inner Game,” that is, shifting their mindsets. You can reach her at or on her website.