10 Spiritual Crystals And Their Meanings

Shiny shiny on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

10 Spiritual Crystals And Their Meanings getty

Crystals are special because they take centuries to develop. Not only do they hold spiritual meaning, but they are also fun and fashionable to wear.

Each gemstone carries with it special properties and some say they also have power, an energy that is spiritually healing.

Spiritual crystals are something that not everyone believes in, but who doesn't love a sparkling gem?

What do these precious stones mean?

From the standpoint of spirituality, the color, density, and elements each carry determines their value and use.


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While they do wonders for some, they have no meaning to others, aside from it just being a trend in modern-day society.

Each spiritual crystal has a unique meaning to it, which makes them different from one another.


While there are most likely hundreds of spiritual crystals to choose from, there's only one of you.

Only you can decide what has the proper meaning behind it for it to fit into your life accordingly.

On that note, here are 10 best crystals and the spiritual meaning of each:

1. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Amethyst

With the first crystal on this list, there's a lot to learn about it.

What an Amethyst represents is limiting drunkenness and overindulgence in vices, such as weed and alcohol, as per the drunkness.

The thing with Amethyst is that it's linked to healing and meditation, which could be beneficial for the soul.

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2. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Garnet

When you come across a Garnet, it's believed that it means that it'll be a cure for your depression.

From personal experience, I'd need some Garnets in my life.

Anyway, a Garnet is also associated with pomegranates due to its color, and has the definition of "seedlike."

What this represents is with love and eternity, which tend to go hand in hand with one another.

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3. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Emerald

While Emeralds have several different meanings to it, some of them include possessing good luck, rebirth, and has calming senses to it.

To have good luck means that only good things come your way, which I also feel ties back to Karma.


With rebirth means to become anew again, and to cleanse your soul of any wrongdoings.

This might take a while, and don't expect a miracle.

On a final note, being calm means to be relaxed and not stressed out, so when you come in sight with an Emerald, it's time to get rid of your stressors.

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4. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Rose Quartz

With a Rose Quartz, it's a healing crystal.

What it represents includes love and peace.

Rose Quartz is also beneficial in a time of grief in the sense that it's a calming crystal.

With peace comes the ease of the mind, and people getting along with one another, despite any differences that they might have with one another.


Peace could be synonymous with relaxation, so I'll give you that. In terms of love, the Rose Quartz doesn't care who you love, as long as you love others that are different than yourself. Besides, love wins all of the time.

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5. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Clear Quartz

A popular healing crystal, Clear Quartz is meant to get rid of all negativity that comes your way, as for it absorbs the energy that comes it's way.

I wouldn't say that it sorts it out for you, but it absorbs it so you don't have to.

When you see a Clear Quartz, it means that it'll bring you psychic abilities.


So you'll be able to connect to and relate to weird phenomena easily, as well as channel your inner telepathic skills (generally speaking, so calm your horses for me) as if you were honing those in, to begin with.

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6. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Ruby

When you see a Ruby, it means that in your life, you'll have happiness and passion.

Happiness is the state of being content, but if something goes wrong, you'll no longer be happy if that makes any sense.

With passion comes dedication, and a genuine interest in the thing or things that surround you either frequently or not so frequently.


A Ruby is also going to be protective of any negative energy that comes your way, so take it as a sign that you're meant to be in positive situations.

While it doesn't actively absorb energy, it'll protect you.

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7. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Sapphire

The spiritual meaning of a Sapphire is that it's going to protect you in all aspects of life while providing you with the necessary wisdom that you didn't know that you needed.

With wisdom comes learning things that could benefit you down the road, so pay attention to what you're learning.

A Sapphire also represents power, strength, kindness, and good judgment. With power comes the ability to be strong, and with strength is the ability to get through the rough times.


With good judgment comes, the ability to decipher right from wrong, and with kindness comes the act of being nice to others.

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8. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Tiger's Eye

A Tiger's Eye means that you'll be protected from curses in life while helping you to remove any fear and anxiety that you may have in your life.

A curse in life means that you'll be doomed in a certain area forever, but a Tiger's Eye shields you from that so that you can get on with your life.

With fear comes being scared, usually of the unknown, and with anxiety comes extra worrying, which could also be of the unknown.


Anxiety usually pairs with depression, and while I'm not here to talk about that, if you get rid of one, you might as well be shielded from the other.

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9. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Moonstone

With a Moonstone comes along new beginnings. A standard Moonstone represents personal growth and strength, which are two important qualities to possess.


When you're able to be strong as a person, you tend to not let the small things get to you.

With strength comes the ability to get through difficult moments in which you can learn and grow from.

Personal growth also entails exploring certain phases of your life that you might not have expected to endure.

Both strength and growth involve self-improvement and learning, and as I say, there's always room for improvement, whether it's big or small.

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10. Crystals and their spiritual meaning: Citrine

In its purest form, Citrine represents grit, manifestation, and imagination.


With grit comes the ability to get stuff done while making it all look easy.

Sometimes with grit, you'll need to use your imagination, since getting hard stuff done is quite the challenge, and your imagination can help you with being creative.

In terms of manifestation, you'll gain so much clarity as to what's what.

Just take a note that you're being directed on the right path.

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