How To Use 'The Train Method' Before Falling Asleep To Wake Up In Your Desired Reality

All aboard to the desired reality you've been wishing for.

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Reality shifting is a fascinating concept that has many jumping to social media to find different methods and practices to try out. There are tons of methods to try from scripting methods to visualization to meditation.

Popular methods include the Julia Method, the Pillow Method, and the Elevator Method, and there are even methods based on childhood films like "Alice In Wonderland," all of which have their own unique spin on shifting realities.


Another reality shifting method is the Train method.

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What is the Train Method for reality shifting?

The Train Method for reality shifting is a technique used to enter desired alternate realities. It typically involves creating a detailed script or visualization of the desired reality, incorporating all of your senses and emotions.


The individual undergoing reality shifting usually practices this script or visualization repeatedly, often before bed or during a relaxed state, to increase the chances of successfully shifting realities.



The train shifting method involves you visualizing that you are on a train headed to your desired reality. The Train Method relies heavily on visualization instead of scripting. So if you are more of a visual learner than a writer, this method is perfect for you.

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Here’s how to do the train shifting method in 5 steps.

1. Relax.

To shift realities, your body and mind have to relax in order for any true method to work. You should lie down in a quiet space that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to focus. Try taking deep breaths or lighting a candle.

2. Clear your mind of negativity.

When shifting realities you don't want any negative thoughts lingering. Get rid of anything negative you may be feeling or thinking.

If you start this method with negativity in your mind, the "train" could end up going in the wrong direction. So, think happy thoughts and use positive affirmations like "I will shift to my DR."

3. Imagine that you are on a train.

Once you are relaxed and thinking positively, you can switch to imagining that you are on a train that is heading to your desired reality. Sometimes you can start the visualization as if you are waiting for the train, and then getting on the train, but it's not necessary.




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4. Keep your eyes closed.

If you open your eyes before your train arrives at your destination, the shift won't happen. Be sure to keep your eyes closed until your train reaches your desired reality.

Throughout the ride, imagine you are passing places you have been to or have never been to. Make the ride exciting and positive.


5. Open your eyes.

The last step is to open your eyes once your train has stopped at your desired reality. Imagine pulling into your desired reality and the conductor announcing your arrival.

Gather all of your things and step out onto the platform of your DR. Then, open your eyes. If it doesn't work the first time, try again!

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