How TikTok’s ‘Reality Shifting’ Trend Works & Why People Are Quantum Jumping Parallel Timelines

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quantum jumping

The newest thing on TikTok are people posting about changing their realities on purpose.

Yep, these users are saying they are "quantum jumping" along with other similar phrases such as "timeline jumping" or going to "parallel universes," as well as using "the multiverse theory."

It sounds a lot like something out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with so many people talking about doing it themselves through a form of manifestation... well, it makes you think that maybe it is real, doesn't it? Who doesn't want to time travel?

What is quantum jumping?

If you google "quantum jumping" you'll get a very scientific answer of it being an abrupt transition of the "quantum system" which is an atom, molecule, atomic nucleus, etc from one energy level to another.

This doesn't tell us much about the newest phenomenon to cross TikTok, but no need to fear, those TikTokers are here to help us out.

The trend is basically being able to shift between timelines to make your reality what you wish it to be. It's like if a sci-fi movie and manifestation had a baby, and it's called shifting.

Shifting is using quantum jumping in a different way to intentionally change your timeline or reality. In other words, it's the act of moving your consciousness to a whole other reality that you've envisioned.

To do this jump or shift in time, you need to use a portal, also known as doing portal work."

One TikToker who goes by the handle kadyroxs posted a video explaining how to do this.



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She explains that things like water and doorways act as natural portals for intentional timeline skipping.

"The easiest way to skip timelines is to use a portal." This TikTok User likes to use water, so she does quantum jumping during her showers, "Sometimes I'll script or envision in my mind the timeline I know I deserve to be in."

She continues, "As I'm in the water, I'm shedding the old timeline, and as the water stops I envision myself stepping out into the timeline I belong in."

To shift timelines, she says, follow these three steps:

1. Focus an intent.

2. Feel the energy.

3. Enter the portal.

Many say nature and natural acts are the best places to "jump." You can participate in shifting realities with any water whether it be a body of water, like a pool or the ocean.

Kadyroxs agrees, "I feel my heart slows down when I'm in water and it allows my mind to command my body better."

Another TikToker said they use crying as a way to switch to a parallel universe via their own natural water source. "It's crying out the old story," they say.

You can change a lot when shifting or timeline jumping.

When you shift or jump, you have the ability to change your appearance, your class, and even your nationality. This is because they are what is called "material traits," meaning they're changeable.

One YouTuber, Kristeau, states that every time you breathe you can be shifting because every action we take opens up a different reality where we didn't do that action. The feeling is individual to each person.

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Many have asked what quantum jumping or timeline shifting feels like and if it's safe. Jumping timelines is pretty much safe to do, but you may feel queasy after experiencing a "big" jump.

Kadyroxs says on the topic, "It depends on the person and the shift. For small ones, not really. But for the bigger ones, I could feel sick for days."

Can you die? No, not really. Even if you did "die" in one reality, you would just open your eyes to your current reality.

Kristeau says, "Your current reality is your main reality and if you haven't died in that one then you won't "die" in another."

People say they have proof reality or timeline shifting works.

One commenter on kadyroxs TikTok said that she actually had proof of changing a timeline.

She says, "I totally have a different mother. Same face, different person. Like severely different."

Another user says her friend show her a picture of her dad and it wasn't the same man she remembered.

Some people even believe the Mandela effect is evidence of the multiverse theory and proves timeline jumping exists.

What is the Multiple Timeline Theory?

Timeline theory has been going around since the 60s when it was formulated by Hugh Everett but only become greatly known in the 70s when Bryce Seligman DeWitt popularized it dubbing it "many worlds."

One TikToker, Meena, posted a video to help explain what the theory really is, "Every time you make a decision your life essential splits in half. In one timeline, you choose the decision you made in this reality, and then in another timeline, you pick the other thing."



She uses the example of either having a smoothie or pizza for breakfast and if you choose the smoothie, then your reality is moving forward having chosen the smoothie, but now there's a you living in another timeline where you choose pizza.

To answer a question someone posed her about having a vivid memory from their childhood and having their parents say it never happened, Meena suggests that the memory "is something that you are pulling from another timeline without realizing it."

She goes on to say, "These timelines are all running parallel and to completion."

While some may be concern, there's no reason to think shifting should go against your religion.

It's a concept independent from any religion, so it's impossible for the act to go against it. When you shift the only thing that's going on is that you are becoming more aware that other realities exist.

You aren't forsaking your god or becoming a heretic because you are opening your mind.

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Here are three common misconceptions about quantum jumping or shifting.

1. You won't shift on your first try.

As a blanket statement, that is false. Your mind is strong when you let it do what it's supposed to do.

Kristeau says, "Whatever your subconscious believes will manifest. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

2. You need to use a specific method to shift timelines.

Actually, the "method" is just there to help you visualize and concentrate. The method doesn't shift you, you do.

3. You can't shift if you have doubts.

There isn't a single person alive who doesn't have doubts.

You only jump timelines or shift your reality if it's something you want to do. Doubts have nothing to do with it.

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