15 Signs & Symptoms You've Shifted Realities (Or Are About To)

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These days, it is the norm for people to try to create the desired reality they have always dreamed of. And when the need to change your reality comes up, there are many shifting methods you can use.

Some ways people shift their realities are through meditation, the law of attraction, or manifestation. However, there are alternatives that come in the form of very specific shifting techniques.

Some of these techniques include the staircase method, the blanket method, the Alice in Wonderland method, and even quantum jumping, just to name a few. There are many easy ways to shift your reality; even if you are looking to shift for the first time, you can find one that works for you.

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But part of reality shifting is understanding what that means exactly, both for your current self and your desired self.

What is reality shifting?

Reality shifting is the act of breaking out of your physical constraints and having personal experiences in alternate universes.

This can be done while awake or asleep. It's like hypnotizing yourself and using your imagination to travel to places that exist outside of the real world.

The practice of reality shifting allows you to feel emotions as if they are happening in real life. It allows you to enhance your overall mood and gives your body and mind a break from everyday life.



Though people tend to lump the two together, reality shifting differs from quantum jumping. Quantum jumping is not only changing your reality, but changing the time your alternate world exists in.

Unlike reality shifting, quantum jumping requires a “portal” to move you into different time periods.

In quantum jumping, you can change characteristics about yourself such as appearance and nationality. Reality shifting uses affirmations, visualization, and/or scripting to create your desired reality, called a DR.

15 Signs Of Reality Shifting

The following signs indicate that you are either in the process of shifting or are getting close to shifting. If you notice any of these reality shifting symptoms, consider it the motivation you need to keep focused and concentrated. Also make sure you don't panic!

1. You see flickering white lights.

A telltale sign of reality shifting is seeing the lights around you flicker or switch between bright and dim. This is a sensory change letting you know that you are in the midst of a reality shift.

This is believed to be a signal from the body that you are entering a different state of being. Those that meditate may be familiar with this symptom.

2. Your body vibrates.

If your body starts vibrating, you just might be experiencing symptoms of reality shifting. You could start shaking uncontrollably and might hear a buzzing sound vibrating in your ears.

Sometimes the vibrations are accompanied by dizziness and nausea, and a sense that the room around you is spinning. But don’t worry; this is a signal that you are attempting to shift and it’s working.

3. You feel like you are floating or falling. 

Another symptom of reality shifting is a feeling that you are falling or floating away. Both create a sense that you have lost control of your body.

The floating feeling is one of weightlessness, as if you are a helium balloon with no string attached. The perception of falling is similar to hypnic jerks and happens as you are entering a relaxed state.

4. You feel dizzy and nauseous.

When you are starting to shift realities, you may begin to feel like you may blackout. That means that when you try methods of moving into alternate realities, you should be in a safe position.

You body is trying something new and may have an unexpected reaction to the change. It is unlikely that you will pass out, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Your heart is racing.

Moving into a new reality or existence can give you the best personal experience, but getting too excited can cause your body to react in unusual ways.

It is not uncommon for your heartbeat to speed up during the transition. Some have even reported heaviness in their chest.

Your heart beats faster or slower depending on what you are feeling and your breathing patterns. Relax and regulate your breathing to slow your heartbeat. If the problem continues for an extended period, check in with your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.

6. You have a splitting headache. 

The journey of transcending your current reality can have unwelcome temporary side effects. When reality shifting, your brain has kicked into high gear and the increased activity can cause headaches or migraines.

These are usually temporary issues that should go away, but if yours lasts for longer than you think it should, consider calling your doctor. Any time you get a feeling that something isn’t right, you should seek medical treatment.

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7. Your desired reality feels a little too real.

Have you ever had a dream so lucid and vivid, you didn’t know if you were asleep or awake? That’s one of the clearest signs that you are successful in your shift.

Your five senses are dialed in. You can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste everything just as you do when you are wide awake. When the lines blur between your current and desired reality, you know your reality is shifting.

8. Your current reality feels fake. 

Let’s say you are walking around in a fog all day. You can’t put your finger on it, but something is off. You no longer feel comfortable in your current reality.

This confused state also means that you have mixed your different realities together and no longer know which is which.

9. You are unusually tired.

Reality shifting can be tiring on the mind and the body. Instead of resting your body at night like you used to, you are shifting the activity to your brain.

The more often you shift, the more exhausted you become. Naturally, your body will need more sleep to make up for the missed downtime.

10. You feel numb.

Numbness in your body signals that you are trying to go into a new reality, and your body has “awakened” and noticed.

This, too, is sometimes described as floating, but in a different way. Because you’re numb, you can never actually feel anything. So, if you are walking, you never touch the ground; you hover just above it, seemingly floating.

11. You experience blurred vision. 

If you’re seeing things that aren’t there, you could be shifting into another reality. This can be an object, an animal, or a color.

Blurred vision is further proof and a typical symptom of the process. Your vision will clear up shortly, so if it’s a little foggy, do not be alarmed.

12. You are homesick.

What if you get to your desired reality and it’s not all you thought it would be? Homesickness is a cue that you are away from your real home.

Because you always keep your connections to the most familiar place, you want to go back to the home that you know.

13. You feel and smell things that aren't there. 

In your desired reality, anything is possible. Naturally, you are not only going to imagine seeing things that are not there; you may feel and smell them.

Because you decided what your new reality is, all the things that you touch and smell would probably be pleasant to you.

14. Your script is playing out.

In some reality shifting methods, scripts are written and used to guide the process. If everything you planned in your script is playing out, you know you are in your desired reality.

Having a script lets you control your own narrative. Seeing everything you imagined going exactly as you expected tells you that your reality has shifted.

15. Reality shifts occur right before or after you sleep. 

Reality shifts are usually easiest and most frequent just before go to sleep or immediately after you wake up.

In the relaxed state you are in just before falling to sleep or right after waking up, you are open and ready to dream. It is an ideal condition for meditation and manifestation.

How do you know when you are shifting?

Any of the symptoms listed could mean that you are shifting realities. But if you happen to get to your desired reality, you will know it.

Despite any unpleasant signs that you are having a reality shift, it is a positive new experience that is completely of your creation. It’s sure to be an amazing experience.

Can reality shifting make you feel sick?

Reality shifting can make you feel sick temporarily. Symptoms should be mild and pass in a reasonable time. However, if you don’t feel good, it is never a bad idea to call a doctor.

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