How To Use 'The Elevator Method' To Shift Into Your Desired Reality

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Reality shifting is a concept popularized by TikTok, where people "shift" or move their consciousness from their current reality to a different or parallel reality.

Once you've gone down the reality shifting rabbit hole on YouTube or TikTok, you may find yourself wondering about the different techniques you can use to shift. While there are methods like the raven method or staircase method, the elevator method is another great one to try.

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What is the elevator method for reality shifting?

The elevator method is a popular shifting technique used to help people shift from their current reality to their desired reality. The method consists of visualizing yourself getting into an elevator and stopping on the floor of your desired reality or the reality you have decided to shift to.

There are several variations of the method; however, it always involves an elevator and a door. There are versions where you count a lot or go down a flight of 50 stairs. There are also versions where a person from your desired reality (DR) walks you through the process.

This method relies heavily on visualization skills and energy levels, so if that is something up your alley, take this method for a spin.

Here’s how to do the elevator method in 6 steps.

Note that this is the most recommended way to do this method, but there are variations.

1. Get comfortable and lay down.

When laying down, you can be in any position. But the most recommended is the starfish position, with no limbs touching each other. The most important thing to do is make sure you are comfortable.

2. Raise your vibration.

Whether it's listening to subliminals or listening to soothing music, you want to make sure you are in the correct state of mind.

You can also meditate for 10-15 minutes, focusing on positive thoughts and letting go of anything negative that may pass through your head.

3. Visualize an elevator.

Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and visualize yourself walking into an elevator and going up. As you go up, your energy gets higher.

Some shifting experts say you can imagine each floor or level as a different reality. Then, you will stop at a floor when your energy gets high enough to shift (which is the DR you wish to shift to).

You will know when your energy is high because the elevator will land on that specific floor. Some people recommend counting each floor you pass, but it's not necessary for this method to work.


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4. Find an open door.

The door represents your desired reality. Keeping your eyes closed, imagine your desired reality, and imagine yourself walking through the door.

You should see your desired self sleeping. This is you in your desired reality.

5. Lay down in the same position.

Imagine yourself lying down in the exact same position as your DR body is in. You can repeat affirmations in your head like, "I am shifting," or, "I am ready to shift." This passes your energy into your desired self.

Do this until you fall asleep.

6. Wake up in your desired reality.

The final step is to wake up. You should be waking up to your desired reality if the method worked.

Of course, each person is different and certain methods may not work, especially the first time. Be patient, stay focused and positive, and you'll soon find yourself in the reality you imagined.

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