People On TikTok Are Using These 2 Words To Shift Their Reality

It's the reality-shifting method beginners have been yearning for.

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Reality shifting is a fun trend that has been popularized on TikTok, even though it's a concept that has existed for quite some time!

Reality shifting is the process of moving your consciousness from your current reality (known as your CR) to your desired reality (known as your DR).

There are several methods to shift your reality, ranging from beginner to expert. But if you're ready to shift your reality, there's one reality shifting method that is perfect for beginners: the Julia method.


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What is the Julia Method?

The Julia method is just another way to shift your reality, especially if you're a beginner at the practice. The whole concept has a lot to do with stating identity affirmations; in this case, you don't need to sleep to shift.


Another reason it's good for beginners is because it doesn't rely heavily on visualizing your DR as many reality-shifting techniques do.

One TikTok made by Melody Pond, a video that has over 19,000 likes, is helping to spread the Julia method reality shifting practice within the TikTok community.

In her video, Melody explains what the Julia method is and how to do it yourself.



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The Julia method starts off with you saying, "I am. I am. I am." According to Pond, "This helps kind of make your left brain go night-night in order for you to have full control over the right side of your brain."

The Julia method is also referred to as the "I am" method due to its use of identity affirmations used in the process of shifting.

Here's how to do the Julia method in 5 steps.

1. Put on theta waves or subliminals.

To begin the process, put on theta waves or subliminals when attempting to shift. This is to help your body relax and open your mind.

You should listen to theta waves for about 5-10 minutes while meditating to help you get into the prime state for shifting. The theta waves or subliminals should be set at a frequency range of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz.


2. Say two simple words.

Say the phrase "I am" on a continuous cycle or loop while you meditate in any position that feels comfortable to you. A comfortable position is very important!

Pond explains in her video that the point of repeating this phrase is for your body and mind to get bored "so it makes the shifting process easier."

3. Start counting.

Once you feel comfortable, you can switch from saying "I am" to counting all the way to 100... slowly. You can also count to 300 if you feel it necessary.

At this point, you should start feeling shifting symptoms like a tingling sensation or seeing white lights.

4. Insert affirmations.

There are multiple ways you can insert affirmations while counting to 100 or 300.


Pond explains that you can insert these affirmations between "every number, every 5 numbers, or every 10 numbers."

5. Say 'I am' affirmations.

Once you are done counting, you should begin stating "I am" affirmations, also known as identity affirmations. Make sure you are doing this as your desired reality (DR) self.

Pond gives examples of putting herself into her DR of being in the scout regimen. "Connect yourself to your desired reality. Say 'I am' as them," she advises. Then, you should be able to open your eyes as your DR.


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