Why TikTokers Are Channeling Alice In Wonderland To 'Shift' Their Reality

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alice in wonderland shifting method

Most people on TikTok or social media have heard about reality shifting, a concept that has become quite popular among young individuals on these platforms. Users often help others by breaking down reality shifting methods, like the raven method and the Julia method, among others.

While some of the reality shifting methods require scripting or affirmations, another common method relies heavily on visualization. Known as the Alice in Wonderland method, the technique also uses the introduction from the actual movie as a way to shift properly.

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What is the Alice in Wonderland method for shifting?

As mentioned, the Alice in Wonderland method is a reality-shifting method that uses a lot of visualization.

The method focuses heavily on the first few minutes of the 1951 animated movie "Alice in Wonderland," where the eponymous character, Alice, falls down a rabbit hole while chasing the white rabbit.

The difference between the movie and you is that you will be chasing an animal or person from your DR, or desired reality.

The Alice in Wonderland shifting method is great for people who like using visualization to shift rather than scripting alone. Plus, it's a fairly simple reality shifting technique!

Here's how to do the Alice in Wonderland shifting method in 6 steps.

1. Meditate.

As always with any reality-shifting method, it is important to be in the right mindset. So, before beginning the process, try meditating for 10-15 minutes to become calm and relaxed.

Once you have meditated sufficiently, lay down on your back in your bed, making sure you are comfortable.

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2. Begin visualizing the environment.

After meditation, begin to visualize yourself with your back against a tree, just as Alice does in the movie.

Go into as much detail as you can to envision this environment, including what else you see around you. Be sure to see yourself as being calm, relaxed, and just enjoying nature.

3. Recite affirmations.

As you visualize the world around you, recite affirmations of shifting until you begin to experience symptoms, including but not limited to: feeling like you are floating, feeling detached from your body, sweating, blurry vision, or experiencing the feeling of falling.

Affirmations can include anything similar to "I am now shifting" and "I am now in my desired reality," among other similar phrases.

4. Follow the character.

As you visualize, you should start to see a character appear from your desired reality. It can be anything from a DR person to a DR pet to a DR wild animal. The person or animal will realize you've seen them and will start walking. Follow them.

When they start running, just like the white rabbit in the movie, keep following them. Remember that you are still visualizing all of this while laying down. 

5. Enter your desired reality.

While running, your DR character will fall down a rabbit hole. Visualize yourself jumping into the hole to follow them.

In her video, TikToker mimimalfoyy suggests that as you visualize yourself falling, be sure you "feel yourself detach from your CR, current reality, more and more."

"Let go of everything from your CR that is holding you back, and think of the things in your DR you're looking forward to," she adds. You don't need to be falling for a long time, just enough for you to fully visualize everything.

Once you have finished falling, there should be a locked door where your DR character will be waiting for you with a key. Open the door and enter your DR at long last.

6. Go to sleep.

The final step is to go to sleep in your DR bedroom. Make sure you fall asleep in the same position as you are laying in your CR.

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