How To Find Your Personal Tarot Card Of The Year & What It Means For You In 2022

What does your 2022 have in store?

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Personal tarot cards are meant to hold special meaning to the person it is assigned to. They are mainly meant to give you guidance and a feeling of being part of a larger whole.

Personal tarot cards are associated with your birthday, often called "birth cards," and help you understand the role you have to play in your life.

To learn more about what life holds for you in the particular 365 days ahead, you can also find your tarot year card, even if you don't know how to read tarot cards yourself.


How to Calculate Your Personal Tarot Card of the Year for 2022

Tarot reader Adrienne Amari posted a video on TikTok explaining how to calculate your 2022 tarot year card within the Major Arcana.

All you need in order to find it is your birth month, birth date, and the year you want to calculate it for — so for this year, 2022.



Step 1: Add the number correlating to your birth month (January = 1, February = 2, etc.) plus your birth date (the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and 2022.

For example: If your birthday is April 3 and you want to find your tarot year card for 2022, your calculation would look like this: 4+3+2022= 2029


Step 2: Add the individual numbers of your result from step one.

Using the same example, you would next add 2+0+2+9= 13.

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, so if your result is a number equal to 23 or higher, add the individual numbers again.

Step 3: Look below to find the tarot card that matches the number of your result, which is your tarot year card for 2022.

If your birthday is April 3, your number from step two is 13, which is corresponds to the Death tarot card.

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What Your 2022 Tarot Year Card Means: Predictions For The New Year

Number 1 = The Magician

The Magician card is all about talents and capabilities. The message of this card is to tap into your full potential rather than to hold back.


You need to believe in yourself and use your own magic inside. This card represents hope, saying, "You can do this!"

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Number 2 = The High Priestess

The High Priestess card is about stillness and passivity. The message of this card is to retreat and reflect. It wants you to trust your inner instincts to guide you through your situations.

You are being warned that things around you may not be what they appear to be.

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Number 3 = The Empress

The Empress card is mostly associated with maternal influence and radiates divine feminine energy.

The message of this card is for you to be softer with yourself and those around you. It asks for you to indulge more on your nurturing side.


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Number 4 = The Emperor

The Emperor card is about stability and security, especially in life. The card says you're on top of things.

The message of this card is that you are in charge of your life, setting up your own rules, boundaries, and demanding to be heard.

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Number 5 = The Hierophant

The Hierophant card represents tradition. It is also associated with religion, faith, flock-mentality, and the status quo.

The message of the card, however, mostly has to do with the seeking of truth. Whether that be by his guidance to the truth or you find your own truth depends on the orientation of the card when pulled.


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Number 6 = The Lovers

The Lovers card is about relationships, specifically the perfect union/attraction, and choices. Big shocker there. The main message of the card is that you have a major choice to make.

It could be a decision about an existing relationship, a temptation, or a choice of a potential partner. One catch, most of the time the card comes with a sacrifice.

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Number 7 = The Chariot

The Chariot card is all about overcoming obstacles and moving forward in a positive direction. The message of the card is basically you get what you give. That is, what we put into something is what we receive.


It means that good things are coming, but it only comes because of your hard work and diligence.

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Number 8 = Strength

Strength tarot card basically is self-explanatory. It means that you have all taht you need within you already. All you need is your heart and mind in order to prevail against any foe or odds.

This card predicts a triumph, a conclusion to a situation or problem you may have been having.

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Number 9 = The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card is about introspection and looking within for answers. It often suggests that you need inner reflection away from the current demands of your position.


This is to prepare yourself for a phase where you will need inner strength and higher wisdom.

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Number 10 = Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune tarot card is about chance, choice, and responsibility. The card usually introduces an element of change in your life.

The message of the card is that opportunity is headed your way, but what you do with it is up in the air. It could turn out really well or horribly wrong.

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Number 11 = Justice

Justice tarot card is about fairness and balance. It's about making the fairest decision.

The card holds you to your actions. Much like The Chariot tarot card, Justice gives back what you give to the world. Good or evil.


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Number 12 = The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tarot card is about surrender and sacrifice. The message is about taking stock of what you have and coming to the reality of the consequences choice has.

The card is mostly about making the right choice.

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Number 13 = Death

Don't freak out, it isn't saying you are going to die in 2022. Death tarot card is about transformations. More specifically, it's an ending to a transformation. That is, one chapter is ending so another can begin.

The message of the card is that you must allow for these transitions in order to grow into better versions of yourself.


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Number 14 = Temperance

Temperance tarot card is about balance and peace. It's about moderation in thought, feeling, and action, The card calls for you to use your ability to "practice the pause."

The message of the card is about finding the sweet spot of balance that allows you to live your best life as your most authentic self.

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Number 15 = The Devil

The Devil is at its core about facing the truth even if we don't want to. The card is saying that it's time for you to face what you already know is happening but refuse to believe it.

It is mostly associated with addiction or mental health issues, but it can represent dishonesty and immoral activity, like cheating and adultery. The card is saying, "You've made your bed, now sleep in it."


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Number 16 = The Tower

The Tower tarot card quite literally means that change is imminent and that it may not be expected or very pleasant. It is often interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, or on the upside, liberation.

The message of the card is that you are headed for a major life change that might feel out of control.

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Number 17 = The Star

The Star tarot card is about optimism and higher learning. The card suggests that you are having a phase of inspiration.


The message of the card is renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are being blessed by the universe at this moment.

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Number 18 = The Moon

The Moon tarot card is about illusion and deception. This card is saying to trust your gut. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

The message of the card is asking you to look beyond the illusions in your life and investigate when you feel that something is amiss.

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Number 19 = The Sun

The Sun tarot card is about good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony. It often men's a time for rejoicing.

The message of the card is that you are about to experience great success in your life and the universe agrees with it.


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Number 20 = Judgement

Judgement tarot card is about resurrection and awakening. The card can tell you if you have been judging harshly and need to step back and reflect on that, or it can kick-start your judgment. Meaning, it may be asking you to weigh in on a situation before getting involved.

The message of the card is to clear your mind so you can assess before jumping right in.

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Number 21 = The World

The World tarot card is usually a good sign. It basically means taht you are on the right path and can make the right decisions on your own. Where The Moon tarot card says to trust your gut, The World card is telling you that your gut can be trusted.


The message of the card is to let you know that it is up to you to create your own personal world as you wish it to be.

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Number 22 = The Fool

The Fool tarot card is about new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, adventure, and not knowing what to expect. The card explains that no matter how long or deeply you prepare for choices in life, there are areas taht are out of your control.

The message of the card is that you do not need to have it all figured out to move forward in life.

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