Experts Expose Secrets About Co-Parenting Couples

Experts Expose Secrets About Co-Parenting Couples [EXPERT]
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The number one thing couples with kids argue about isn't sex ...

YourTango surveyed 101 mental health professionals to find out all the dirt about couples who have children. From what they fight about more than anything else to how they rekindle the romance after the baby is born, this survey reveals all the juicy details you've always wanted to know — but have been afraid to ask — about love after kids. 

So, what do couples with kids argue about most? We provided the following answer choices: parenting/discipline, money, sex, feeling neglected, domestic responsibilities and "other." "Money" came in first place with 30%. "Parenting/discipline" came in second with 22% and "domestic responsibilities" clocked in third place with just 18% of the total vote.

If you think you'd be so much happier living an uber-adult life without children and occasionally visiting your nieces and nephews, you're all wrong. We asked the experts to agree or disagree with the following statement: "Couples without kids are happier than couples with kids." Resoundingly, they disagree. In fact, 80% of them believe it's bogus to assert that childless couples are happier than their parenting counterparts. 

And sure, we've all heard that couples with kids rarely, if ever, get physically intimate with one another after the babies are born. So, we asked the experts, "Which of the following is the most effective way for couples with kids to revive their sex life after having kids: date nights, scheduled sex, watching porn together, taking a vacation together, going to therapy together or 'other?'" The big winner was "date nights," with a whopping 53% of the vote. Parents, get out your day planners and plan a romantic evening or two!

Finally, we wanted to know whether parents get happier or less happy as their kids grow up. After all, you might suspect that when the kids go off to college, the parents will be left with nothing in common anymore. Not so! 80% of experts polled agree that couples only get happier as their children age. 

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