10 Surprisingly Helpful Uses For Lube (Outside Of The Bedroom)

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Okay... maybe in the bedroom, too.

Not all lubes are created equal. There is a myriad of different brands with ingredients and flavors that are not always fabulous for your vagina.

As a women's health expert, my point of view is that women need water-based natural ingredients in their lubricants, like Yoni Bliss, the all-natural lube I created to moisturize and protect your vagina during sex. They're so much healthier for you — and your partner.

You might be surprised to learn that you can still put your lube to use even when you're not getting frisky. Yep, here's how to use lube in your everyday life for totally non-sexual activities.

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Here are 10 unusual ways that women like you are using lube:

1. Skin moisturizer.

Do you have dry skin? An eruption got you down? Lubes like Yoni Bliss can be helpful. Especially because the homeopathic ingredients included are specifically chosen to help with sensitivity and moisture retention. This means that your skin will be baby soft and you won't have to use any overly expensive skin creams!

2. Lip balm.

Cracked lips? Lube just might be the ticket to help heal those lips. We know a practitioner who has utilized it with a client after mouth cancer surgery. It was significantly helpful. People often use Vaseline to protect their lips from cracking, but lubricants can just as easily double as a lip balm, with all the same benefits as using a gloss or other lip protectant.

3. Comfort keeping.

Know someone who needs a breathing, feeding tube or catheter? These situations can be uncomfortable since the tube can be in place for a long time and cause chafing and sore skin. A little dab of lube in these circumstances can drastically improve your comfort in a pinch and keep friction-pain or chafing issues far at bay.

4. Shaving gel.

Have sensitive skin, or simply prefer to use a moisturizing gel to shave with and reduce shave irritation afterward? A lube with beneficial ingredients not only makes shaving feel better, but it can help heal the skin and prevent nicks, cuts, or tangled ingrown hairs that can become painful later on. 

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5. Hair balm.

Okay... maybe a little wacky, but in a pinch, why not? Not only can it smooth flyaways, it acts like a mousse or gel and can keep your hair right where it needs to be without difficulty.

6. Inside your man’s condom.

Want to increase sensitivity while using a condom? Put your water-based lubricant, like Yoni Bliss, inside as well as outside the condom. This will give your man a boost of pleasure, and ensure that a good time is had by all.

7. In the shower.

Water has a tendency to cleanse all things including your natural juices. And if you are wanting a little shower action, try bringing your lube with you into the shower.

8. Massage lotion.

Some lubricants can make your skin feel amazing with use. We, of course, think Yoni Bliss can. Try it.

9. When you're experimenting.

Okay, some sex acts just require a lot more lube than one woman can produce. And any marathon session may also require more juice than what you can keep up with. Use more lube.

10. For extra great sex.

I know some women feel like they have enough. And in those cases, I say yay for you! And, sometimes a little extra can be pretty dang fun, and maybe even better.

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Yoni Bliss is a homeopathic, water-based lubricating gel with ingredients that may help with sensitivity as well as promote an increase in natural lubrication with continued use. MIchele Brookhaus, women's health expert, is the playful homeopath who created it.

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