3 Ways To Be More Intimate By Increasing The Eroticism In Your Relationship

This will increase the chemistry in your marriage.

Last updated on Jun 27, 2024

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At the beginning of most relationships, both partners are physically charged. There is actually a specific neurochemistry that takes place in the first stages of relationships that drives us to be naturally aroused. The great news is that even though the neurochemistry in our brain changes when we are together for a while, there are things we can do and say that will create the chemistry of increased arousal. It's important for couples to never stop trying when it comes to their relationships. 


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Here are 3 ways to be more intimate by increasing the eroticism in your relationship:

1. Think about intimacy more, even if you usually don’t

Spend a minute or less every hour of your workday (or time when you and your partner are apart) thinking of what you can do with him or what he can do for you. That’s all it takes. Imagine your hottest self — what you're wearing, what you're saying, and what you're doing. Now believe that is how you always look. Self-confidence is insanely attractive, and even if you don't feel that confident, it's better to fake it until you make it. Remember, your brain is your most intimate organ, so use it!


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2. Take your focus off climaxing

Be sensual. Touch each other. Caress each other slowly without a goal of the big "O." As you slow down and experience touch as well as the other four senses with your partner, that can be very erotic. This can look like teasing your partner, using blindfolds, and not touching each other, but rather using your words instead. Intimacy like this now becomes more about play and elongated pleasure and less about "finishing."

3. Do nice things for each other

Go out of your way to please your partner outside the bedroom. Yes, what you do outside the bedroom contributes to the intimate energy between you. It's known that women need emotional intimacy before they want to have physical intimacy. Many people cannot go from cold to hot — they need to go from warm to hot. So, be intentionally kind and giving. This could look like saying "Thank you" to your spouse more, or writing little love letters on post-it notes and leaving them throughout the house. This last tip cannot be overemphasized. Loving kindness is a great aphrodisiac! Our bodies may change as we age, but our kindness to each other should never waver, especially in our relationships. Your potential is there for you to manifest. If you follow these three tips, it will do wonders for your relationship. Enjoy!

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Todd Creager is a marriage and intimacy therapist, author, and speaker. He has been seen on Dating Advice, Celebuzz!, Playboy Radio, and more.