3 Make-Foreplay-Last-Longer Tips For Him (That He'll Actually LOVE)

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3 Foreplay Tips For Him (That He'll Actually LOVE)

Men like it fast. Women like it slow. How to appeal to both.

How’s that for a generalization? 

More accurate might be that men, for the most part, have a pretty direct route to orgasm. And coaxing, not so difficult, despite all of the tips out there about how to handle penises. For women, this can also be true... sometimes. But it’s not true all of the time, nor is it preferable all of the time.

Women (or the feminine) perhaps have a wider range of turn-ons, depending on the time of month (yes we are our hormones, and that’s a good thing), our stressors, and quite frankly, just our mood. What gets us there one moment, may not the next. And that’s okay!  

In fact, if we would just embrace that fact as a first step, it would give us all enough space to just breathe for a minute!

One breath in... one long breath out.

One breath in... one long breath out.

Feel better now?

And here’s the thing about men. They generally like sex just as much as we do. And in order for them to have sex with us, most are willing to do what it takes to make us happy. Because if we are happy, believe me, they are happy!

And for us women, foreplay makes sex good in oh so many ways. You can get your man will fall in love with it too! Here are 3 foreplay tips for him:

1. Slow down.


Pay attention to DESIRE. Nicole Daedone, the author of Slow Sex, talks about slowing down and focusing.

We so often do not pay attention to the sensations that we actually feel in our body. We live so often in our emotions and our thoughts about what sex supposed to be like, that we don’t even pay attention to what’s happening in our bodies.  

Slowing down helps us to do that. And what man doesn’t want his woman in her body, feeling the sensations that he is offering?

2. Undress each other.   


Undressing each other automatically slows things down. It allows him to see you and anticipate seeing more.  

Tatia Pilleva’s short film about strangers undressing each other may be a reminder of your first awkwardness undressing each other, but it’s still sexy, again and again and again.

3. Utilize breast play.


Breasts are connected directly to the yoni. A little more attention can go a long way to prep those other regions. And since a nipple-gasm is a possibility, ask her if she’s game. And if she’s one of those gals who’s connected that way (and many are), she’ll answer with a resounding "YES!!"

Most of us know that good sex, satisfying sex, sex that makes us want to come back for more is really about the whole experience. It’s not cursory, slapdash or superficial.

Satisfaction comes embodied in the focus of another. The intimacy of fondling, caressing, noticing the other brings rewards beyond measure. And if well done perhaps another romp in the hay!