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Q&A with writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel,on the juicy details on her new anthology, Women in Lust

I recently caught up with writer and cupcake temptress, Rachel Kramer Bussel to give me the juicy details on erotica and her lastet anthology, Women in Lust.

YS: Congrats on Women in Lust being your 40th anthology! So, why did you pick lust as a theme, especially women in lust?

RKB: Thank you. I like doing themed anthologies on spanking like Spanked and Bottoms Up or Best Bondage Erotica 2012 but I also really enjoy when the theme is loose enough to accommodate all kinds of stories, and that's definitely the case in Women in Lust. There are steamy romantic stories like "Ride a Cowboy" by Del Carmen and intensely kinky, naughty stories like "Beneath My Skin" by Shanna Germain. It's a wide theme but one I think almost anyone can relate to, no matter your sexual history, and in lots of ways lusting after someone can be even hotter than getting them (though by all means, in this book both things happen!). I like that it's a verb and a noun and my blog is called Lusty Lady, so it seemed a perfect fit.

YS: What kinds of stories can we expect to find in between the hot pages of the book?

RKB: Women in Lust has a little bit of everything. The opening story, "Naughty Thoughts," to me perfectly taps into what fantasies are all about, how they exist in our minds, and can be shared, and can be turned into something new once they are shared. (You can read some excerpts at http://womeninlust.wordpress.com). What I think ties these stories together is that the women are in charge…even when they're not, sexually, if they're submissive, but in charge in terms of owning their desires and pursuing them and picking who they want to play out their fantasies with. There's exhibitionism and outdoor sex and stranger sex and couples having adventures. I'm proud that there are a few "women of a certain age" in this book who are grappling with age and its varying effects on their libidos. So yes, I do think there's something for everyone. And what book of mine would be complete without some food porn, in the form of Donna George Storey's extremely delicious story "Comfort Food."

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