3 Warning Signs He's Not The Right Guy (EXPERT)


Ignore these signs and you could waste years.

There is a reason that people say "love is blind", but you don't have to be unaware of the signals that tell you that it's time to move on.

It's really wonderful to meet a man who is attractive, gracious, and makes you laugh, isn't it? You get that warm feeling when you are with him. Conversation is easy and he's polite and attentive. You think about him when you are apart, waiting to hear from him again. 

When he doesn't contact you for a few days you find yourself feeling uncertain and uneasy. You wonder what's going on. A day later he calls and tells you how much he misses you and asks you out for dinner Thursday night. That lovely feeling comes back as you realize that you were just allowing your inner fears and worries take over.

Dinner with him again is lovely and as he kisses you goodnight the thought that he can be your perfect partner flits through your mind. You go to bed thinking how life might be with him...making a home together, traveling, and sharing experiences. Of course, you are way ahead of yourself with pleasant thoughts...

Then it happens again. A week goes by and he still hasn't reached out to connect with you. After you call him and leave a message that familiar feeling of neglect begins to grow. You wonder if it's time to move on. You text him two days later and he responds asking you out the following night. 

As the pattern continues for the next three months that warm feeling becomes more and more elusive. You've been seeing him for three months and while your time together is enjoyable, something seems to be missing. You realize that you don't know how he feels about you.

You decide to ask him directly and he tells you how much he treasures his time with you. You tell him that you want to see more of him. His face is crestfallen as he tells you that he wants this more than anything but right now his job is so demanding that he can barely make time for you. He promises that when his work life slows down you'll be together.

You want a long term relationship but is he worth waiting for?

If you experience just one of these signs say goodbye, wish him well, and move on.

1. In three months you have gone out with him no more than once a week.

If he is really interested in you then you would be seeing him more often. Unless he is running for president, his inability to make time for you tells you he's not that interested. 

2. He only meets you for dinner.

If you want a long term relationship, it must include more than dinner. If you don't share other activities then know that he probably gets lonely and hates eating alone. It's OK to have a dinner buddy, but don't expect it to extend to breakfast.

3. His favorite subject is himself.

When you are together does he immediatly launch into a long story about his day? Does he ever ask how you are feeling, how you are doing? If he doesn't show genuine interest in your life then he might as well be dating his bathroom mirror.

You deserve to have a fulfilling relationship. If this is all you get after three months, then it's time to move on and find new ways to attract the perfect partner for you.

Love may be blind, but it doesn't mean that you have to ignore your inner thoughts and intuition.