In spite of my continuing efforts, male sexuality still remains incorrectly focused on the inevitably disappointing and shortsighted goal of ejaculation (getting off). Yet, over three thousand years ago, the Chinese Taoists recognized that men were capable of something much greater than a conventional genital release. They understood the power of the deeper, richer and more pleasurable orgasmic process of lovemaking. Yes, by learning a few simple sexual techniques men can avoid ejaculating in favor of full-body, multiple orgasms, just like the most passionate women.

Until now, far too many men have made the erroneous assumption that ejaculation and orgasm are one and the same. This is unfortunate, but understandable since from our earliest sexual explorations, men have observed over and over that ejaculation and orgasm always happen together. What we haven’t been told is that ejaculation and orgasm are two distinct physical processes and that it is very useful to learn how to separate one from the other. Without this knowledge, and without a clear technique, most men are unable to feel the difference between the dynamic crescendo of orgasm and the disappointing crash of ejaculation.


For many men, all they need to know to get started is that it is possible to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and that it can be accomplished fairly readily with sex muscle control. Once a man gets control of his sex muscles, he can withhold his ejaculation and increase the staying power of his erection indefinitely (barring any physical problems). As he exercises and strengthens these internal sex muscles, he will find that he can experience his orgasm(s) gradually, a little at a time, without ever ejaculating. If he does decide to ejaculate, the pleasure is even more intense. However, experience tells me that once a man learns to substitute orgasm(s) for ejaculation, the habitual male sexual routine of ejaculating with every orgasm will be seen for what it is ---- shear lunacy.

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Most men are fascinated when they learn how to do this, and will begin practicing as soon as they’ve got the information. The only possible drawback can be too much enthusiasm too soon leading to some sore muscles, for a day or so. So, for the first week, it would be best if he exercises just five minutes twice a day. Sex muscle exercises need not be elaborate. They can be very simple and effective. The three main exercises are described on pages 196-197 in my book. You can order it from my website at: