The Real Secret To Making Men Fall For You

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You can land the man of your dreams — you just need the confidence to do it!

Knowing how to make a man fall in love with you is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal of dating (along with handcuffs, of course). It can mean the difference between landing the man of your dreams and needing to be set-up by everyone you (and your mother) have ever met. It's such a powerful weapon that many women erroneously think it's difficult to obtain; thus, they go about the whole thing the wrong way. But, in actuality, knowing how to make a man fall in love with you isn't about giving off some sort primal scent (no matter what those specialized perfume companies will tell you). It's not about being blonde, having huge boobs or loving ESPN either. Instead, knowing how to make a man fall in love with you really comes down to having one thing: confidence.

Confidence: A Two Way Street

To illustrate why having confidence is a vital part of knowing how to make a man fall in love with you, think about this; what kinds of things do you look for in your male counterpart? You probably look for the typical grocery list of essential things: kind, funny, and smart (butter, milk, and eggs). But it's likely that you look for confidence because confidence — any way you look at it — is a very attractive quality.

Unconfident Uma: A Demonstration

To demonstrate exactly why having confidence is vital to knowing how to make a man fall in love with you, let's look at Unconfident Uma.

Unconfident Uma sees herself as an average Jane — in her eyes, she's not really funny, she's only sort of smart and, when it comes to intimacy, she's not really sexually active. In other words, she just lays there. Unconfident Uma wishes her eyes were blue instead of green, that her hair wasn't so frizzy, and that she was just a few pounds lighter. Unconfident Uma takes her lack of confidence and brings it into her dating life. She's been dating Generous Jim for four weeks now and things have been going pretty well. But, when she notices that he smiles at their waitress, she accuses him of wanting to sleep with her. When he doesn't text her back for an hour, she texts him five times and calls his mother — twice. When he wants to go out with his friends, she asks him why he can't just have fun with her instead. She does things like this until Generous Jim is generous no more: he tells her he needs some time apart, but he really intends to leave forever.

The Lesson Learned

Obviously, the above is why knowing how to make a man fall in love with you is — in part — knowing what not to do even when your insecurities sit on your shoulder like a cartoon devil and whisper, "Call him, text him, ask him repeatedly if he still loves you." You will have much greater success at getting a man to fall for you if you play things cool and keep things casual. Being clingy, needy or wanting too much too soon (wanting to talk about the future on the second date, for instance) tends to scare men off and defeat your odds of landing them even before you give yourself much of a chance. Bringing too much drama to a relationship, being overly jealous or requiring endless assurances that he is that into you are also repelling. So the moral of the story is this: a huge part of knowing how to make a man fall for you is having the self-confidence to believe that you may be lucky to have him, but he'd actually be luckier to have you.

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