7 Ways To Create A Strong Lasting Relationship

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A relationship is a work in progress.

If you are already in a relationship, here are some key points to keep in mind to keep your relationship strong. If you are not in a relationship yet, keep these in mind to better help you in the next one. The sooner you start implementing these into your life, the stronger your relationship will be.

  1. Communication is always one of the most important things that needs to be addressed in any relationship. People who know how to communicate effectively have a better chance at a healthy relationship than those who do not communicate well. People who do not effectively communicate their thoughts and feelings not only have a hard time telling their partners how much they care about them, but they also have a harder time conveying their issues to the other person as well.

Remember to tell your partner how you feel about them—often! Practice communicating the good things, so that when something negative arises you will have an easier time talking about it.

  1. Spend quality time together. I know that you have probably heard this many times before, but it's important. People who don't spend quality time together can end up growing apart from each other. They have feelings of insecurity that could cause them to seek elsewhere for the attention that they are not receiving in their current relationship.
  2. Empower each other. Empowering each other is important and I think this is something that doesn't get discussed as often as it should. Helping each other grow as individuals, whether it is a hobby, work, education or something else, can benefit both parties. Although one person is gaining a personal growth, as a couple they can grow stronger if it's done together.
  3. Play with each other! It's OK to act like a child once in a while. Go play like a couple of carefree children every now and then. If that means you have to go outside and run around in the sprinklers, play in the rain or have a good old fashioned tickle fight, then do it! Have fun being in love. There is a time to be grown and serious and a time to remember to act like a kid and play.
  4. Remember that you are both individuals in a relationship. Hear me out before you start rolling your eyes or thinking that I don't know what I'm talking about. Becoming a couple does not mean that you are no longer an individual. Spending every waking moment together might seem like a great idea at first, but trust me, after time goes on you will start to wonder what happened to your life.

You will questions where all of your friends went, you may wonder why you never went back to school—whatever the case may be for you, make sure that your individuality stays intact. That means both parties need to be individuals. You should still be able to go out and see your friends, learn something new and make decisions for yourself.

  1. That brings me up to another topic on individuality. A young lady told me the other day that she is old fashion because she asks her boyfriend for his permission before she does things. She said that her friends don't agree with her but that she thinks it's just because they are childish.

I don't call this old fashion unless we are talking about really old fashion, as in the time where women didn't have any rights. If a person could make their own decisions before they got in to a relationship, they should be able to make their own decisions while they are in that relationship. There is a difference between asking for permission and discussing things over with your partner.

  1. Stop the abuse. Unfortunately, this last topic needs to be placed in here as well. We have listed off several things that you need to promote in your relationship. We also need to discuss something that needs to be shut down immediately. If there is any type of abuse—physical, mental, emotional or sexual, please seek help immediately.

A sad truth is that a lot of people will stay in a toxic, or simply dangerous, relationship because they think that maybe they can do something to save it. No matter how many of these you incorporate into your lives, if you are in an unhealthy relationship, chances are that things will not change without help. Stay safe and enjoy your road to a healthy and strong relationship!

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