When It Comes To Your Man, Looks Don't Always Matter

When It Comes To Your Man, Looks Don't Always Matter [EXPERT]

Love can be more than meets the eye.

It is extremely important it is to choose the right person to marry. It will save you years of loneliness, it will save you thousands in lawyers' fees spent on divorce, it will bring you to financial independence together and it will feel so nice to have a strong, caring and loving man next to you. 7 Fool-Proof Ways To Prevent Your Man From Cheating

No doubt, by now, you already have a picture of the man you want. You described everything: his generosity, his high intellect, his handsome appearance and his muscles...

But handsome? Like Prince Charming from Shrek? Hmmm, might you have to cross this one out.

One of my friends was looking for a wife, made an order for a petite blonde with green eyes, since he was always attracted to the girls like this. As a bonus he got good boobs too. On the negative side, he's got a capricious pretentious doll who could not communicate and then eventually started cheating on him. Needless to say, they divorced but he learned his lesson. His girlfriend, now, is a master of communication and really knows how he ticks; I have never seen him happier. 50 Cute Ways To Show Your Man You Love Him (So He Never Has To Wonder)

Aren't we doing the same superstitious thing, too? When we go to a nightclub, start partying with our girls and notice that handsome guy who dances so smoothly annd who is generously offering you drink after drink. It does not matter that you saw him last time ordering drinks to that brunette fairy. 3 Tips For Finding The Love Of Your Life

So, you really want to take him home because he is tall and handsome. But he probably likes to party too much, values above all the opinion of his friends, mild alcoholic and spends afternoons playing computer games. And no, that is not for you. Forget about the looks, go with your heart.

I know one couple where the male is an absolute gold, go-getter and amazing but overweight. So he went on a detox with his then girlfriend and, now wife, is now losing at least 2 kilos every week. He looks amazing and I think she will end up having pretty handsome husband by the end of this year.

Don't be fooled by the appearance, pretty boys are just not worth it. However if he is everything that you dreamt of plus handsome, then consider yourself fortunate.

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