6 Steps To Get Your Husband More Involved In Your Marriage

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6 Steps to Get Your Husband More Involved In Your Marriage

For those times when it feels like he likes sports more than he likes you.

Ladies! Has your frustration returned now that Valentine’s Day is over and your husband is back to chillin’ on the couch watching countless hours of sports?

Do you ever wonder what is it about sports that men love so much?

If you are still befuddled by this question the next time you get in your car and go to the store, turn on your local sports radio station. You will hear grown men so excited and passionate about getting their point across about a sports moment that happened days before sometimes even years. These men will wait up to 30 minutes to make sure they do so.

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Men love sports because it’s fun, spontaneous, thrilling and exciting. Isn't that how you want your marriages to be? Oftentimes it’s the opposite, boring, and predictable.

So what do you have to do to win the Game of Love? Here is a 6-step game plan on how to get your husband's attention and get your marriage back on track:

1. Have a powerful slogan.

Every season, teams that excel have powerful slogans to remind them of the goal of winning. In 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers slogan for the playoffs was "Defend the Land".

So, as a family, you should come up with a slogan that defines who you are as a family and reminds each other why you are committed.

2. Constantly remind him of his importance to the team.

On any given team, the players that don’t get a lot of credit but are essential to winning and losing.

Your husband may be that guy. He may not be overly flashy or the life of the party. But, he gets the job done. You should remind him that his role is valuable and vital to your success as a couple.

3. To stay at the top takes work.

Your wedding with all the pomp and circumstance is like the ultimate championship game. Staying on top takes work, so you must challenge him not to get complacent.

Treat your time together like practice where you learn new things about each other and make it routine.

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4. Know when to call a time-out.

In any given game, you can feel the momentum shift to the other side. The coach will call a time-out in order for the team to rest, re-group, and reassess the game plan. 

You should also do that in your marriage, especially if you feel the momentum shifting and it’s inevitable that they will. If you see your husband starts to become disengaged, have no energy, or just plain angry, or you aren't happy, don’t be afraid to call a time-out. If you let things go, you may lose.

5. Treat sex like a game.

Sex to a man is like a conquest. Treat it like one. In the bedroom, men feel great when you enjoy sex just as much as he does. It makes him feel accomplished.

Over time, it gets harder and harder to set aside to enjoy this part of marriage. Do things like trash-talking (i.e. flirting), putting on your best outfit, and creating a build-up to the main event.

6. Treat the kids like the rookies.

Your kids are just like tiny adults. They are going to need to understand the family slogan in order to thrive and excel. As co-captains of the team, it’s the responsibility of both of you to give them the tools they will need to be successful.

Make sure you challenge them, give them a voice and most of all have fun.

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Keith Dent is a relationship, life coach at Strive2Succeed Coaching. He has appeared on sites like The Good Men Project, MamMia, and The Real Dad's Network, and is the author of the In The Paint: How to Win at the Game of Love.

This article was originally published at strivetwosucceed.wordpress.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.