Ashley Madison: Does Cheating Show In Your Face?


Your face is the roadmap of your life experiences.

You look at your face dozens of times a day, mostly critically, looking for blemishes, looking for what is wrong, poking and prodding disapprovingly. What if you knew that your face is actually the story of your life? Your face is the road map of your life experiences, it is the story of where you have been and who you have been. Your face even shows the impact that others have had on your life, recently and back into your childhood.

In SoleFaces, we understand that your face is the story of your choices, habits and behaviors. Your face is the truest indication of your limiting habits and behaviors that are showing up in your life now. Your face uncovers why you continue to do the things that you do, the things that keep you stuck.

Is it possible that your face reveals an Ashley Madison cheating mindset? Could you tell by looking at your partner whether they are cheating on you or not? Women, it seems, can tell with some accuracy whether a male is faithful simply by looking at his face, but men seem to lack the same ability when checking out women.

So much is revealed about your behavior in the shape of your face; the light and the dark; the behavioral characteristics that provide clues to a predisposition to cheating.

The charismatic face has a triangular face shape and other identifying features include dimples on the cheeks or a cleft on the chin. On the light side a charismatic face is bright, clear and enlightened; charismatic faces have a deep belief that they are a bright shining light and very aware. On the dark side the charismatic face can be explosive and volatile. This charismatic face shape has complicated reasons for cheating. On the one hand they believe that the world is a dangerous place, they are afraid, and so look for someone who can take care of them; on the other hand they are just so completely self-centered and selfish that they don’t really understand the impact that their infidelity will have on their partner.

The compassionate face has a round face shape and other identifying features include a full mouth, full cheeks and general fleshiness of the face. On the light side the compassionate face is reflective, still and flowing; compassionate faces have a strong belief that they are deep people who are confident. On the dark side they can be destructive and just too much, with no boundaries. The compassionate face will cheat because they feel they are not accepted for who they are and they feel judged – by their partner, by family, by friends, by the world. Their infidelity will have an “I’ll show you!” energy. They also have a bit of a victim mentality, a feeling that life is unfair, that they are taken advantage of and this will play into their decision to cheat.

The inspirational face has a heavy rectangular face shape and other identifying features include strong, heavy bones such as the brow bone and a well-defined jaw. On the light side the inspirational face feels powerful and free; they are focused on building strong relationships and being of service to the world. On the dark side inspirational faces can be disconnected and unavailable in their closest relationships, which causes them to feel powerless. Inspirational faces will cheat because they feel unsafe in their relationships and in the world in general. Their protection mode could be to run away from those closest to them – sometimes into the bed of a person who they hardly know and who will not expect anything of them.

The intellectual face has a fine rectangular face shape and other identifying features are a porcelain skin and high cheekbones. On the light side the intellectual face is curious and connected; they are interesting people who are inclusive and accepting of others. On the dark side intellectual faces can be mean, unkind, stingy and arrogant. These lovers feel that people, including those close to them, are out to get them and that they will be exploited. They withhold their love to protect themselves from being taken advantage of and this translates into stinginess and unkindness. This lack of empathy and feeling leads them to cheat.    

The intuitive face has an oval face shape and other identifying features are deep set or narrow eyes and a well-defined philtrum (the parallel lines on the upper lip between the nose and mouth). On the light side the intuitive face is all about fun and understanding the fullness of life; staying optimistic, a glass half full person. The dark side of the oval face is almost the complete antithesis; they can be negative, contemptuous, complaining and dismissive. Someone with this face always feels wrong, that they don’t fit in, they have a belief that ‘I don’t matter’ and this leads them to sabotage even the best and most loving relationship. Cheating gives them the opportunity to fit in, even if it is completely inappropriate and this intuitive face shape has the least conscious knowing of why they cheat. Personal sabotage is their dark, sub-conscious motivation.

The spiritual face has a square face shape and other identifying features are large-ish ears and a rounded or domed forehead.  On the light side the spiritual face is strong steady and wise and they are usually focused on intangibles and have a strong belief system. This intractable belief system can let them down because on the dark side the spiritual face can be on-guard, suspicious, conspiracy theorist. Betrayal is a huge factor for the square, spiritual face. They have this incredible feeling of superiority about their beliefs, which strangely can also make them feel bitter, paranoid and distrusting. Their motivation for infidelity is that they expect their partner to let them down so they might as well do it first.

Your life journey is reflected in your face and regardless of your face shape - whether you have a charismatic, compassionate, inspirational, intellectual, intuitive or spiritual face – everyday you are faced with choices, to live on the light side or the dark side. That is after all how you grow, choosing light is the way you experience your personal growth, your expansion, your soul evolution. 

Your face consists of both yin and yang areas and these indicate your inward and outward focus; your face proportion shows your mental, physical and emotional pre-disposition and how this is impacting your life. There are specific places on your face that show events that occurred at certain ages e.g. your hairline will show traumatic events that happened to you as a teenager; your ears will indicate childhood trauma. A deeper understanding of the story your face is telling can be found in the book The Tao and SoleFaces written by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D. 

Dr. Debra is a spiritual philosophy teacher with a doctorate in metaphysical science. All of her work, SolePath, SoleNumbers, SoleFaces and SoleHealing are based on the foundation of the Tao. She is an ordained minister and a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and the Canadian Institute of Metaphysical Ministers.