To Hook Up or Not Hook Up


No strings attached fun can be messy but we've all done it right?

With more and more sites adding to the No Strings Attached culture it's easy to understand why hook up's are becoming more and more common. No matter what your moral feelings are it's happening. People just love sex.

However when hooking up there are a few things you need to remember—

Hook Up's Don't Always Equal Groundbreaking Sex

It's not all TV sets and movie moments. The media shows hook up's in glamorous locations with amazing sex. However, you are not a famous actor, and your sex scene is not being filmed in perfect lighting; if you are going to hook up, then keep your expectations low.

Stay Quiet

Staying quiet has two different parts.

1. Stay quiet when you sneak out in the morning. If he has housemates, you don't want to risk waking them up and getting stuck in an awkward situation.

2. Stay quiet about the hook up: your friends don't need to know everything, especially if they are mutual friends.

The Good Bye Kiss

Ladies, just before you leave in the morning seal it with a kiss. You are probably about to leave his life forever so why not part with a thank you kiss?

Don't Apologize

There's no need to feel guilty for hooking up! Accept that hooking up is what you needed at that moment in time and move on.

Friends Lover or Ex

Stay away. They are off limits — you'll thank us for this piece of advice in the future.

Play It Safe

You are out to have a good time, not make a life changing event. Play safe and if in doubt check out Condom Carrying Women.